Can I Become A Vampire?

Yes anyone has the potential to become a vampire.  However there are pros, and cons to taking the plunge into the paranormal eternal darkness. On the positive side you will have become immortal, never age, or get sick. Those with less than desirable appearances will indeed appear beautiful. Enhanced strength, speed, senses, and intelligence will be yours. You’ll also have some measure of telepathic, and hypnotic powers along with being able to temporarily or sometimes permanently acquire talents through the drinking of others blood. Whether they be talented humans, or paranormal beings with magical powers. Due to your super intelligence, and longevity, acquiring wealth will be easy so you will live in the lap of luxury, and travel the world having many adventures. You’ll also have the loyalty, and protection of your father or mother vampire who will transform you along with all the vampire brothers, and sisters they’ve brought across as well.

On the negative side the demonic DNA that will take over your body will also have deep influence on your mind. Some humans are of such a strong will that they can over come that influence when becoming a vampire. However the majority turn into evil and dangerous individuals. If you turn evil you will have no morals, and will care not for humans, including your current family, and friends. You may end up committing various atrocities over the centuries that you will regret when you finally meet your maker in the great beyond. Certainly if the vampire who transforms you is good then you have a head start. The demonic DNA he or she would transfer to you wouldn’t be as potent on your personality. You will also never get to gaze at or bask in the sunlight ever again. You’ll be in constant danger of paranormal warriors, including the notorious vampire slayers, trying to eradicate you, and you will be weakened by religious artifacts, and stakes to the heart. Also you will be on the radar of a variety of supernatural beings more powerful than you. And of course there’s the fact that you will need to drink blood in order to survive. Although it will taste sweet to you, and you won’t find it disgusting.

This is not a decision you want to make lightly. You need to weigh all the pros, and cons. Even if you decide to go for it, there’s the fact that vampires are choosy about who they bring across. They have to see a certain something within them that gets their interest, and motivates them to want you as an eternal companion.

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  2. If someone was a teen whe they were brought across as a Vampire, would they stay that age for eternity? How strong would someone be if brought across by Queen Gula or King Dagan?

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