Anti-Christ Birthed During The Spring Solar Eclipse!

Anti-ChristEver since the First Battle Of Armageddon, on Halloween 2013, the Devil has been on Earth in biological form.  Ousted from Hell by the diabolical Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo. That battle thwarted his attempt to father his Earthly son The Anti-Christ.  The prophesied child of darkness would be the most powerful force of darkness on Earth.  Even more so than his father due to Angelic forces limiting the Devil on Earth while his son gets a free pass due to not being a pure demon.  Over the nearly past year, and a half the Devil has been dodging not only Angels but various members of the paranormal community hoping to kill or capture him.  There’s even a group of brave warriors calling themselves the Satan Slayers.  Unfortunately, all of us in the supernatural community dropped the ball, and the Anti-Christ was fathered, and born in the North Atlantic Faroe Islands during the March 20th, 2015 Spring Solar Eclipse.  Yes, you heard that right!  The Devil impregnated a woman, and she supernaturally gave birth during the barely three-minute solar eclipse!

The ritual to Father the Little Prince of darkness is quite a production and is designed to Supernatural Solar Eclipsekeep the consummation site hidden from Angelic forces, overcome various protection spells on Earth that prevent such an unholy birth, and also imbue the Anti-Christ child with extra special powers.  More or less the Emperor Of Hell created his own Devil’s Triangle and directed the tip at a key point amid the visible solar eclipse. Solar Eclipses are wondrous cloaks of darkness for the forces of evil.  Not only are the holy rays of the sun blocked but it’s energies are filtered through the not so holy Moon. During a total solar eclipse, this results in the visible corona ring of light being concentrated unholy light.

Earth ChakrasThe three vertices of the Devil’s personal power triangle are special supernatural energy points on Earth.  The first bottom vertex of the triangle is located near the Killarney National Park in Killarney, Ireland.  It’s the secret cloaked Capital Of Good Luck On Earth.  The home of the proud little Leprechaun people. The second bottom vertex of the triangle was the Earth’s Fourth Chakra, the Heart Chakra, located at Glastonbury-Shaftesbury, England.  The top vertex of the triangle is on the Isle Of Mann.  Home of the largest concentration of Fairies, minor nature deities, on Earth.  The power generated by this dark triangle was then directed to the Faroe Islands not only due to its ideal location in the solar eclipse visible zone but also due to the coincidence of the Earth wandering Third Eye Chakra being located there at that specific time.

King-Of-Hell-DevilThe Devil had no need to alter the Heart or Third Eye Chakra of the Earth since they are neutral due to the Earth being home to both the forces of good, and evil.  All the Earth’s Chakra’s are some of the most powerful paranormal places on Earth and can be used by anyone with the right knowledge to exploit them.  When it came to the Killarney Lucky Leprechaun Energy Center, and the Fairies Of Mann things had to be twisted to the dark side.   On the evening of July 9th, 2014 the Devil provoked a fight between two rival fairy factions on the Isle Of Mann causing the widespread discharge of highly concentrated photokinetic energy bursts and fairy dust showers.  At the Witching Hour on July 10th, this caused a slow-growing dark energy vortex to open from the Underworld.  It was undetectable by the Fairies who noticed a considerable drain in their powers since last year as it grew larger.  Only now has the demonic vortex been shut down.

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Over the past years Clurichauns, aka dark Leprechauns, have been slowly but surely infiltrating the center of the Leprechaun village where Lucky Lake resides.  Lucky Lake is the largest natural wishing well on Earth containing tons of lucky gold coins under it’s hallowed waters.  These Clurichauns had apparently been cursing the gold with their bad luck bit by bit so the Leprechauns wouldn’t notice.  During the eclipse at the right moment, an army of Clurichauns entered the vulnerable village, and cast a demonic spell to make the entire village the momentary Capital of dark luck.  After the eclipse past the Leprechauns repelled the dirty little devils!

The Solar Eclipse itself was amid the perfect Tetrad Blood Moon storm of the past year along with being on the Spring Equinox which is a time of supposed balance on Earth.  However, the Devil tipped the scales toward evil.  The dark Anti-Christ consummation ceremony took place at an outdoor Devil worshiping temple on the Faroe Islands in the middle of the eclipse.  It was presided over by a variety of dark demonic Priests, Witches, Warlocks, and Wizards lead by the up, and coming genius Sorcerer Brimstone. A one time apprentice of the notorious Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo who is now the King Of Hell.

Originally the Devil planned for Shala, Queen Of Halloween, to be the Anti-Christ’s mother due to her being a powerful Angel-Demon Hybrid.  Luckily those plans failed.  Especially considering they went against prophesy that states the Anti-Christ should be half human.  The mother was thought most likely to be a dark demonic witch.  We now for the first time reveal the general identity of the Anti-Christ babies mother. In keeping with the fact that Jesus Christ was the son of the Omniverse God in human form, the Devil choose someone similair.  A daughter of God in human form.

Sometime over the past year, the Devil kidnapped a woman who was apart of Jesus Christ’s lineage.  Yes, Jesus secretly had children. The woman was brainwashed into believing the Devil was a saintly fellow, and then on the eclipse within the power of the Devil’s Triangle in the aura of the Earth’s Third Eye Chakra the spirit of Goddess Gaia Mother Earth was cast into this woman.  The Earth’s spirit flowed freely into this specially chosen woman.  Goddess Gaia was adopted as the daughter of the Omniverse God, father of Jesus Christ, many millions of years ago.  She was originally a spontaneous creation of the collective consciousness of the Earth’s complex biosphere.  So the Anti-Christ is technically a Demi-Demongod.  A previously unknown being.  The demonic child was supernaturally conceived, developed, and born all within the eclipse.  The mother, whose name is being withheld to protect her family, was absorbed by the Earth’s Third Eye Chakra, and disappeared!  The rapidly growing Anti-Christ child is now being raised by his father, and several demonic nanny’s.  This Hell spawn could be on the world stage within 10-20 years ready to spearhead the final Battle Of Armageddon for the forces of evil!  Any current world leaders being touted as the Anti-Christ are merely the Devil’s minions paving the way for his unholy crown Prince of Darkness.

The Devil Informs The World Of His New Son’s Birth By Having Their Images Appear Across Global Skies!

Coming Soon more information of the April 4th, 2015 Tetrad Blood Moon Anti-Christening Ceremony!

Faroe Islands Eclipse Footage


Angelic Cat Saves Boy From Devil Dog Hound Of Hell

Devil Demon Dog Hell HoundA young Bakersfield, California boy was saved from a savage dog attack by the heroic family cat.  However upon further paranormal investigations we find that the dog was actually possessed by a low level demon.  Such animal possessions are generally perpetuated by new demons practicing for eventual human possession.  Unfortunately all animals are open to demonic influence but usually animals cared for by humans have some protection courtesy of the caretakers human soul.  Just as humans can become vulnerable to possession so can their animals if the human owner in question is in a weakened mental state, or is actually evil themselves.

A local Enochian Witch named Gertrude, who communes with Angels, verified that an Angel had randomly been in the general vicinity when it sensed a child was in danger.  As it flew upon the scene in non-corporeal form, the Angel made the split second decision to possess the family cat, and pounce upon the vicious demonic dog in the process of mauling the innocent child.  Seconds later the Angel left the cat while the demon remained within the dog for fear of being directly exposed to the Angel.  The boy suffered minor injuries requiring some stitches.  Clearly under the circumstance things could have been a lot worse.

The demonic dog was taken away by animal control who quickly realized something wasn’t right with the animal.  Perhaps it was the glowing red eyes that gave the demon away.  Luckily one of the dog catchers was a devout Christian who immediately utilized the crucifix around their neck to wrangle the malevolent mutt into custody.  Within hours of being caged at a local animal control facility, two men in black who identified themselves as Federal investigators from an unidentified agency, whisked the dog away to parts unknown. We believe them to be agents of the top secret PDA (US Paranormal Defense Agency).  There’s no word on the current status of the dog but most likely he is being studied by government Cryptozoologists.


Tragedy Strikes Siberian Camp Of The Gods

The Devil’s Army Strikes A Blow Against The Earthly Gods!

Second Battle ArmageddonWhen it comes to Armageddon it’s estimated that the Earthly Gods and Goddesses have the greatest number of physical foot soldiers on the ground. That being in the form of Demigods, and Demigoddesses which are the result of the Gods descending from their higher dimensional existence to father offspring. Certainly they don’t have the same Angelic interference as Demons do which is why most of their foot soldier’s are deeply possessed humans, vampires, and other demonic based supernatural creatures.  It seems the Devil, currently trapped on Earth in a biological form, decided to take a hands on approach to waging war on the Gods who he sees as enemies equal to the Angels.  Even he has not been able to locate the Demigod training camps around the world due to powerful anti-demonic cloaking spells powered by literally thousands of Gods.  However a recent alliance between the notoriously malevolent Slender Man, and Satan, that resulted in the failed coup of Christmas 2013, has finally yielded a win for the Demons.

The Slender Man is an extremely unique being from another dimension exiled here by his own people.  Slender has lived here for countless centuries trapped in this Earthly prison with nothing to do but torment, and murder humans for fun.   Slender has always been the ultimate loner who never even utters a word due to having no mouth.  Although he speaks telepathically.  It’s unknown why he formed an alliance with the Devil who is notoriously charismatic, and convincing in his arguments.  Perhaps the Slender Man sees the demons as a possible tool to escape our planet he is mystically tied to.  Unfortunately for the Gods Slender was able to locate, and infiltrate one of top training camps on Earth located in a valley within the desolate region of Russian Siberia.  Despite it’s location Camp Semideum was supernaturally a lush sub-tropical paradise.  Camp Semideum was one of the few interfaith cooperation camps sponsored by the largest Earthly God alliance presided over by the Greek God Zeus.  Demigods learning to hone their skills there included Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Celtic, and many others.

At the stroke of Midnight on February 21, 2014 the Devil himself crashed the first annual International Paranormal Investigators Conference which was holding a special late night session on it’s final day in Paris, France.  He announced,  despite Hell being currently ruled by the Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo, he still had many allies there along with just about every Demon on Earth still worshiping him.  He boasted how he had just personally led a Platoon of demons, and warlocks into the camp for a surprise attack at a key moment after the Slender Man weakened the minds of many Demigods there.  The entire encampment was destroyed with great injury, and loss of life that included not only Demigods of varying percentages but also other mythical creatures along with practitioners of magic dedicated to the Gods cause.  It’s also reported that two unknown Gods, and a Goddesses were present in physical form but they appeared to be no match for the Arch-Demon Devil even in his weakened human like form.  One God was eradicated while the other God, and Goddess managed to escape with an unknown number of survivors.

The camp was engulfed in unholy flames as the Devil strolled away laughing maniacally with his troops in tow while commenting that this was far more fun than causing the Denver Broncos to lose the Super Bowl.  Demon causalities, and injuries weren’t as steep as the Demigods who fought valiantly against the forces of darkness. The Slender Man was seen teleporting away in the distance amid the Hell fires.  Camp Semideum is no more, and Olympian Priests have said Zeus is extremely angered by this unprovoked attack of cowardice.  He has challenged the Devil to a duel to the death.  It’s unknown if the Devil has responded to the challenge.  Zeus has also placed a bounty on The Slender Man’s head stating that, “This unholy freak of nature has hidden throughout the centuries like a snake in the grasses of Greece.  Now it’s time to put the abomination to rest at the foot of Olympus for the sake of humankind, and their benevolent Gods of protection.” Various other priests, mystics, physics, and seers have conveyed the outrage of all the Gods over this heinous act.

We first learned of this tragedy when the Devil forced everyone at the Paranormal Investigators Conference to view the disgusting video of the massacre on a Jumbotron.  All exits were mystically sealed.  Some at the conference, including a few Demigods present, attempted to attack the Devil but he swatted them away with a demonic telekinetic power.  Mystic Investigations very own Drake Alexander, a 5th generation vampire, charged the Devil in a rage getting a punch in but he was thrown through a brick wall.  The Devil scoffed,”Drake my child this hurts me more than it hurts you for my blood runs through your veins!”  Naturally the rest of our team followed in kind with Rebecca Abernathy, a Demi-mermaid white witch, leading the way in vain as nobody was a match for the Archdemon.  However Mystic Investigations President Xavier Remington, wielding a mystical sword discovered in 2012, was able to spill the Devils blood.  The Devil then bellowed forth,”You made me bleed my own blood on myself silly human!”  He telekinetically tossed Xavier aside as he continued his crazy cackling while attempting to pick the sword up.  Unfortunately for him it caused his hand to burn with a black steam rising.   Before disappearing in a burst of red fireworks, and black smoke he yelled,”Ah yes my misguided children I forgive your transgressions against me. You will all be bowing before me, and my future son, as your Dark Lords before the bloodiest of the Blood Moons of the coming Tetrad!”  Thankfully nobody was seriously injured.  The conference continued despite some being seriously shaken by the Satanic pretense.  The lucky ones in the lower echelon of the paranormal community who don’t really believe in the full spectrum of supernatural beings just thought the entire thing was some special effects theatrical event.

Our hearts, and prayers go out to those who lost their lives, and loved ones in this most tragic of battles which is now being classified as the Second Battle Of Armageddon.    The first battle took place in Kazakhstan on Halloween 2013.  It’s prophesied there will be countless battles in the greater war of Armageddon that will see a final showdown between the various factions of good, and evil including Angels, Demons, Jinn, Gods, and much more!