The Ill Fated Russian Sleep Experiment

Sleep Deprivation Experiment Demonstrates Humans Are In Essence Animal-God Hybrids

Humanity, or any intelligent species in the Proto-Godhood stage of their evolution, faces grave dangers.  Dangers of not only destroying themselves collectively with their own technological creations but also the psychological struggles that individuals face within their own animal-god hybrid minds along with unknowing physical struggles.  Within the Proto-God stage humans still have a biological animal body, and brain with animal instincts yet their sapient consciousness is soaring to infinite heights within their limitless imaginations.  Metaphysical minds that yearn to be free in the higher dimensions of reality while at the same time being anchored to this reality in a 3-D animal form.  The animal that simultaneously yearns to exist only on this Earth, and return to being in tune with nature.  This creates sub-conscious inner conflicts where the animal is battling the god within us.  This phenomenon may in fact be the underlying cause of many mental disorders humans suffer from.

A Monstrous Transformation Of A Supernatural Sort!

De-Evolved Human Animal

Normally our coping mechanism is to enter REM sleep, and partake of the mentally & physically healing sub-conscious dream cycle.  As our animal bodies regenerate so does our Godlike consciousness heal amid the complex creative imagery of our Dreaming minds.  Our sub-consciousness goes a step further by temporarily freeing it’s true form, the Metaphysical Astral Energy Body, or Soul, into the higher dimensional Astral Dream Plane.  With the soul away the human animal body can heal the damage caused by the immense paranormal pressure of our Astral Soul upon it.  At the end of good nights sleep full of delightful dreams the animal, and God within us become one in balance with each other.  When deprived of sleep the animal will rage forth as the God consciousness fades to the background.  The experiment detailed in the video at the top of this article clearly shows what happens with extreme sleep deprivation.  We de-evolve into violent insane animals who are still self-aware with intelligence yet beholden only to their animal instincts.  Instincts that can manifest as acts of evil in our civilized society.  In the animal world it is simply survival.  Just imagine if we were able to put various animal consciousnesses into a human brain where they had access to our intelligence.  Imagine how violently evil, and crazy they would seem!  Especially a Killer Bee possessing a person!
Many intelligent species in our Universe destroy themselves before ever attaining the quintessential Utopian society, and becoming living Gods via technological evolution.  Hopefully, humanity can make it though our equivalent of evolutionary adolescence, and ascend to Godhood in the higher dimensions.  We were meant to become free spirits of pure metaphysical energy and thought who can go anywhere, do anything, and manifest in any form we so choose.  So please get a good eight hours of sleep every night, and let your imagination soar free!

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Angelic Cat Saves Boy From Devil Dog Hound Of Hell

A young Bakersfield, California boy was saved from a savage dog attack by the heroic family cat.  However, upon further paranormal investigations we find that the dog was actually possessed by a low level demon.  Such animal possessions are generally perpetuated by new demons practicing for eventual human possession.  Unfortunately, all animals are open to demonic influence but usually animals cared for by humans have some protection courtesy of the caretakers human soul.  Just as humans can become vulnerable to possession so can their animals if the human owner in question is in a weakened mental state, or is actually evil themselves.

The Hell Hound

Devil Demon Dog Hell Hound

A local Enochian Witch named Gertrude, who communes with Angels, verified that an Angel had randomly been in the general vicinity when it sensed a child was in danger.  As it flew upon the scene in non-corporeal form, the Angel made the split second decision to possess the family cat, and pounce upon the vicious demonic dog in the process of mauling the innocent child.  Seconds later the Angel left the cat while the demon remained within the dog for fear of being directly exposed to the Angel.  The boy suffered minor injuries requiring some stitches.  Clearly, under the circumstance, things could have been a lot worse.

The demonic dog was taken away by animal control who quickly realized something wasn’t right with the animal.  Perhaps it was the glowing red eyes that gave the demon away.  Luckily one of the dog catchers was a devout Christian who immediately utilized the crucifix around their neck to wrangle the malevolent mutt into custody.  Within hours of being caged at a local animal control facility, two men in black who identified themselves as Federal investigators from an unidentified agency, whisked the dog away to parts unknown. We believe them to be agents of the top-secret PDA (US Paranormal Defense Agency).  There’s no word on the current status of the dog but most likely he is being studied by government Cryptozoologists.


Government & Media Covered Up Killer Meat Eating Frogs

The Deadly Killer Frog Of Hell

The ferocious meat-eating frogs reported in the media in 2007 as African Clawed Frogs were not the real species that terrorized the good folks in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Although they were right about the frogs being released from a top-secret research facility that is a private government contractor. These nefarious scientists were splicing the DNA of supernatural beings with African Clawed Frogs to create a new deadly paranormal species. These killer carnivorous frogs have been known to attack large animals, including humans, in swarms of 100 or more. They latch on to bodies with their razor-sharp shark-like teeth totally engulfing a person. From that point, they chomp away until nothing is left but bone. Our estimates indicate they can devour an average size adult male in thirty minutes or less.  Our insider sources tell us that the US Paranormal Defense Agency (PDA) used disinformation, and their influence in the mainstream media to keep this paranormal incident secret.

This supernatural amphibian genie has been let out of the bottle, and there’s no going back. Despite the clean-up efforts of the US Paranormal Defense Agency, the frogs still exist in the Golden Gate Park area. However, their numbers are far smaller and more manageable by secret supernatural authorities. These frightening frogs have also been spotted across North, Central, and South America. Attacks on humans and pets are actively suppressed to prevent public panic. If you spot any frog beware! Don’t assume it’s the standard harmless variety. Even one frog isn’t worth the risk when you have no clue what its intent is. Please run in the other direction as fast as your feet can carry you because it could mean the difference between life, and death!  Don’t become a mindless fatality of the Killer Frogs!

Golden Gate Pond Drained In An Attempt To Contain Carnivorous Frogs

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