Is Miracle On 34th Street Based On A True Story?

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Every Saint Nicholas Day Santa Claus must endure The Saint Nicholas Trials which go on for three days. Despite his 1700+ years track record of good deeds on Earth, Heaven requires him to lose his magnificent memory and paranormal powers for those days. He is then presented with a challenge to prove his worth in order to keep his Demi-Angel status. In 2023, we learned that some of the trials take place in the past via time travel. They are a natural part of the timeline that already exists via Archangel management and the cooperation of Father Time. They serve to not only provide unique circumstances but also hide Santa from the forces of darkness. 2022 was a close call as the powerless human Saint Nicholas was nearly abducted by the diabolical Anti-Claus! It’s not surprising that they chose a temporal trial this year.  These time travel trials are also used to increase the time frame past the official three days he is meant to remain in his powerless state. Some trials simply can’t be completed within the normal allotted time.

A Unique Trial Of Demi-Angel Worthiness

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For this trial, Santa Claus was purposely allowed to keep some of his memories shrouded in a vague haze. Just enough for him to believe he’s Santa without any real proof. He awakened within a New York City alley in 1945 on Thanksgiving Day. Saint Nicholas ended up replacing a reprehensible drunken Santa at a department store. Unfortunately, his positive actions led to him being committed to a mental institution due to his adamant claims that he was Santa Claus. At some point, there is a low-key court hearing to prove if he should remain institutionalized or freed. Saint Nick and his lawyer marvelously argued the case in a way that left things rather ambiguous. After all, he couldn’t truly prove he was Santa without his full memory and Angelic abilities. Not to mention, he would be forbidden to do so under The Supernatural Secrecy Pact. Eventually, he was freed, as he was evaluated as not being a threat to society or himself.

The Real Santa Inspired Miracle On 34th Street!

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Ultimately, Santa helped a great many people and instilled The Spirit Of Christmas in those who had never before had it flowing through their hearts. We now know this was the inspiration for the 1947 movie Miracle On 34th Street! The identity of Santa’s lawyer was never known until The Reality Recognition Guild figured it out. The attorney was Santa Claus’s son, Nicholas Jr. He is currently still a child, aging at an extremely slow rate, but someday he will be an adult and take over Christmas from Santa. It seems he will also have to undergo annual trials to maintain his half Demi-Angel status. Adult Nick, Jr., will be sent back in time hundreds of years from now with a completely new memory set of being a lawyer in the 1940’s. Both Santa and Nick had no idea they were even related, but they did feel a special bond. The bond that made him believe in his Father Santa Claus and defend him the fullest in a court of law!

The tremendous trial lasted from Thanksgiving through Christmas. It’s said to be the fourth-longest trial. The longest one actually lasted years on another time-travel adventure. As the Santa Claus of 1945 was making his gift deliveries he sensed his sainted soul below and landed to see if it was his time-traveling self. Clearly, he was no stranger to his Chronokinteic abilities or past Claus Trials. A part of him really hoped it was his twin brother, The Anti-Claus, finally redeemed in the Lord’s light. However, by the time he landed, our Santa Claus was already transported back to the present with his full memories and powers restored at the Witching Hour of December 9th. Naturally, after a good night’s sleep, he watched Miracle On 34th Street as he ate his breakfast!⛄️ [You Can Watch The Original 1947 Film Online Here…(1994 Version)[Ad]🎅

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