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The Supernatural Apocalypse Clock

The Apocalypse Clock is the supernatural equivalent of the infamous Doomsday Clock. The Doomsday Clock calculates the likelihood of human made global catastrophes. Especially nuclear war. Midnight is the hour of destruction. As of 2020 it was 100 seconds until Midnight! Our Apocalypse Clock calculates all risks to humankind. This includes all apocalyptic scenarios such […]

Zombie Apocalypse Readiness Action Portal

Zombie Apocalypse Grey Alert. Higher than average hordes of heinous zombies detected around the world! There is an increased probability of a Zombie Apocalypse! This is due to The Double Blood Moons Of The Halloween Season! Zombie Hunters & Paranormal Professionals are the field to prevent escalation to walking dead epidemics. All Zombie Alert Conditions […]

ARMAGEDDON: The Final Supernatural Showdown!

Armageddon is the war to end all wars.  The war to decide what supernatural entities will lay claim to Earth, and humanity for that matter.  See our Paranormal Question & Answer Blog to see a broader explanation of what is along with who will battle for ultimate power. The Battles In The War Of Armageddon There will be many secret supernatural […]

List Of Apocalypses

An Apocalypse is a global disaster that more or less ends the world as we know it.  Human civilization is virtually wiped out along with a great deal of humanity itself. It’s a forced descent back to the dark ages as we deal with the terrifying aftermath of any given apocalypse.  The grand daddy of […]