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Sasquatch & Yeti - Paranormal Cousins

Sasquatch spots a magically induced diurnal Werewolf fast approaching and prepares for battle.Sasquatch, otherwise known as Bigfoot, is a bipedal hominid cryptid native to the dense isolated forests of the Northern United States and Southern Canada.   They're approximately 8-10 feet tall while weighing anywhere from 700-900 pounds.  It has a Neanderthal type appearance except covered in medium length fur that is brown or sometimes black-brown in color.  Yellow eyes that glow in the dark like a cat and sharp fingernails.  Only the face, hand palms, and feet are free of fur.   It emits an offensive odor when it encounters anything it has a fear of, including humans of non-Native American descent.  It is a timid creature despite it's size and seeks to hide within it's lush forested home.  Often seeking shelter in caves and holes it digs in the Earth.   As a herbivore it's diet consists of a variety of woodland plants including their favorite staple foods of pine cones and pine needles which is why they are usually found deep in coniferous forests.

The Bigfoot is one of the most indestructible immortal cryptids to exist on Earth, and even the most evil of entities avoids them at all costs.  They possesses super strength, speed, agility, and their razor sharp claw like finger nails can maul the hell out of Werewolves, and Vampires.  In fact it's finger nails have the same effect as silver on a Werewolf.  In addition Sasquatch blood can knock out a vampire instantly, and cause it's death within hours.  Sasquatch also require very little sleep.  They may in fact only sleep for two to three hours a night.

Despite the speculation of the Cryptozoology community we believe it to be evolved from Homo Habilis over a short period of time about a million years ago or more.  This evolution was not natural but rather technological in nature.  Evidence indicates extraterrestrial DNA manipulation, which may have included the introduction of supernatural elements as well,  for reasons we don't yet know. The species was moved to North America because it was best suited to their genes and it was an environment isolated from the rest of the hominid species. The extraterrestrials obviously had a grand experiment in mind. Perhaps they wanted to guide evolution into a direction of their choosing. Maybe even create a super race of beings to battle the forces of paranormal evil on Earth and beyond.  Unfortunately that didn't happen most likely due to the Bigfoot's lack of sex drive which may have been caused by the immortality they posses. The aliens apparently abandoned their experiment and the small number of Sasquatch lived on with a rare birth occurring every thousand years or so. There are very few among us but they are many hundreds of thousands of years old. A few may even be a million or more years of age. Definitely some of the oldest beings that exist on this Earth at present.

Despite their non-magical creation they're rarity and immortality make their fur valuable in certain magical rituals, spells, and potions.  They are believed to be immune to all magics for reasons not yet known.  Native Americans are the only humans who had a special bond with the usually gentle beasts who were revered by the natives.  The Bigfoot often protected the Indians by warding off evil in all it's forms including Werewolves.  Despite it's timid demeanor a Sasquatch can be deadly when angered and it will defend it's territory or a friend to the death.  The Natives communicated with the Bigfoot via sign language as the Bigfoot language is a variety of grunting sounds.  The Sasquatch also lets loose a distinctive indescribable howl to call to others of it's kind, and warn them of impending dangers.  They are quite intelligent and can understand a great many things.  This includes being very empathetic to other creatures including humans.

Bigfoot also have genetic cousins that appear to be the final stage of the alien experimentation.  They are an even rarer speciesThe terrifying Yeti aka Abominable Snowman spot human prey. known as Yeti or the Abominable Snowman.  In the ancient past they were indistinguishable from the Big Foot except for a higher level of aggression, and devious intelligence.  They also tended to like the colder winter weather where as the Sasquatch tended to move far enough south in the winter to remain in temperate weather.  When doing so they tend to travel beneath power lines, and through sewers in an effort to avoid humans.  Over the course of hundreds of thousands of years the aggressive and more intelligent Yeti Sasquatch began to develop a thicker coat of fur that eventually turned white as they moved further and further north to the Artic Circle.  Eventually they exclusively resided in areas with Artic weather and loathed warm weather.  They generally only move south in the winter under the cover of blizzards.   Unlike Bigfoot the Yeti are carnivores and have even been known to eat humans.  Otherwise they mainly prey on Polar Bears.  Read More About The Abominable Snowman Here.

If you run into a Sasquatch please don't provoke it or startle it in anyway.  Merely back away slowly and don't make eye contact.  Then leave the area immediately.  Usually we leave them alone but occasionally you get an evil Bigfoot that needs to be dealt with.  If you spot a Yeti then run for your life because he will surely devour you!

Ancient Extraterrestial Trail Followed By Bigfoot, And Native Americans.

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