The Mysterious Club 13 & The Work Witch Halloween Song

The video above features the Halloween theme songs that are sweeping the supernatural nation! Apparently, it’s the most requested song in exclusive underground nightclubs and rocking raves around Halloween that only cater to those within the true paranormal community. Hallowed havens for supernatural beings to hang out without worry of being captured or slain by close-minded humans! Such a nightclub actually opened on Halloween 2013 here in our town of Woodland Springs, Colorado. It’s called Club 13.  All of us at Mystic Investigations were invited to the grand opening but were unable to attend until a few weeks later since we are beyond busy around Halloween due to exponential increases in paranormal activity!

Club 13 is often a stop over for paranormal beings, and practitioners of magic traveling through our town.  In addition, it’s a common late-night meeting place for the local supernatural community.  Since it’s a private club the Supernatural Secrecy Pact doesn’t have to be observed allowing for stupendous magic shows, displays of psychokinetic powers, and metaphysical abilities beyond that of mere mortals! The enchanted establishment is run by Beauregard Ducane, a former international man of mystical mystery who finally decided to put down roots in our town teeming with paranormal activity.

There are hints he’s supernatural but he’s never revealed his true nature.  Although those with various psychic abilities fear him if he gives them his trademark stare of disapproval. Such wrong doers tend to leave the establishment at that point if they know what’s good for them! Mystic Investigations own psychic Julia Hathaway has sensed a powerful darkness within him that he keeps at bay.  He’s rarely impressed by anyone unless they have exceptional power, or are bewitchingly beautiful.  Our own Demi-Mermaid Witch Rebecca Abernathy is one of the few people who brings a smile to his [sta_anchor id=”bigfoot” /]usually somber face.

Certainly, if Beauregard Ducane’s almost sinister stare doesn’t do the trick then his Bouncer Mr. Altec, a seven-foot-plus tall heavy-set hulk of a man, will certainly get the job done. Mr. Altec has displayed his amazing superhuman strength which is the result of being a rare Demi-Sasquatch.  Yes as disturbing as it may sound his father is a Bigfoot, and his mother is human.  Until we met him, we had no idea such an inter-species mating was possible but it’s not surprising since the Sasquatch are an extraterrestrial tinkering with a human ancestor.  Altec is embarrassed by his Bigfoot heritage and is rumored to have most of his insanely hairy body waxed on a daily basis.  Not only is he the perfect bouncer due to his supernatural strength but he also carries the Sasquatch immunity to magic.  This comes in handy when dealing with wayward witches, and warlocks. However, the Club does have a protection spell that prevents harm from coming to anyone unless directed by Ducane or Altec. Read More About Club 13…

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