What Factors Classify A Haunted House?

Any of the following factors classify a house as haunted when a professional handyman is unable to find a physical cause:

  • Visual specters, and light bursts of varying types.
  • Unusual noises which might include voices, and human like sounds coming out of thin air.
  • Wretched stinks. Usually sulfur smelling in nature.  Although gentle ghosts may produce aromas that match the scent they had when alive.  Most likely the perfume they wore.
  • An unusual decrease in temperature isolated in a small area.
  • Feeling the touch of something when nothing appears to be there.
  • Objects moving on their own.
  • Ectoplasm residue seeping from walls, ceilings, and floors.

If you’re unsure about the haunted state of your home then contact a paranormal professional or ghost hunter to certify the authenticity of your haunted house.

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