The Legend Of The Horror Movie Hacker

Halloween Night KillerThe video above is a frightening prank where horror movie goers are spooked by a man posing as a machete wielding killer.  What if that man was indeed a real serial killer out for flesh, and blood?  A set up similar to the video proved to have deadly consequences when a lone nefarious figure set his sights on those out for a leisurely Friday night on the town.  Our paranormal investigations uncovered the existence of a top secret underground government facility in Iowa under the guise of a working farm on the surface.  A variety of genetic experiments were taking place in which humans were injected with supernatural DNA to enhance strength, speed, agility, and senses.  However it generally drove both the willing & unwilling subjects quite nuts! On Halloween Night sometime it the early 1990’s one sadistic subject gone mad escaped to partake of a diabolical serial killing spree.  This is The Horror Movie Hackers hellish story!  Some details like the location, and exact date of the incident have been so thoroughly wiped from top secret records that not even our insider government sources could provide it. Also gleaming more clues than the general urban legend could alert the government to a mole in its midst.  In the end the public has a right to know the various terrors that paint a sanguine path across the American landscape!  Read The Rest Of The Legend On Our Halloween Blog…

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