Why Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Hate The World Of The Paranormal?

In their unimaginative eyes, if it’s not written about in the Bible then it doesn’t exist. Somewhat the same as close-minded scientists who won’t even entertain the existence of something unless they can touch, taste, and feel it deep within their theoretical bowels.  If it’s deemed evil by not adhering to the Bible then it’s must be Satanic in nature. Naturally magic is thought to be evil as well and is in defiance of Gods power which they refuse to call magic. Even if said powers are used for good. Apparently, only God, Jesus, and the Angels can have superpowers!  Basically, anything remotely thought to be linked to evil yet harmless like movies, Halloween, or any talk of paranormal entities such as ghosts is Satanic and must be avoided.  All such things are expressly forbidden by the Jehovah’s Witness religion as they look forward to their boring Amish paradise after Armageddon.

Posted By Father Thomas Davis (Resident Exorcist & Religious Expert For Mystic Investigations).

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  2. Hello Admin, You are correct! I know because my aunt is a Jehovah’s witness. They never stop! Very irritating! Another reason I moved far away from my family. One side are Catholics, Christians, The other Jehovah’s Witness. That was just my mother’s side. Although my mother and grandmother were Christians, they were also secretly Wiccan Witches. The secret was out this year. Did not surprise me. My father was Pagan. He told my family to back off! Let me walk my own path! Let me choose my own religion once I am older. He would not allow for me to become baptized. I am thankful to him for that. My Aunt keeps saying I am going to hell. And the the Devil has his claws in me. I looked her in the eyes.. I told her. You know what Kim.. If I were Satan I would come after YOU! Her jaw dropped open. Why? She said. I said you blame him for all your bs problems. And publicly at restaurants I would go to with her. She’s like the Devil is to blame for this and that. She really sickens me. I told her to deal with her life problems and stop pointing her damn finger at anyone else. That was the last time I ever talked to her. I have warned her of her death twice. She has never thanked me. It is the highly Religious people in this world that scare me. Not the Devil. I feel these hypocrites have caused wars with the Nature guardians. etc. I get the chills when I walk into churches. This is me. I speak only for myself. I mean no religion harm. I just feel they judge everyone and yet do not look in the mirror. They sort of live in there own bubble’s. Thank you Admin.

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