June 18, 2024
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12 years ago

I have NO IDEA where to ask questions… but I have an important one. Can a person have a poltergist follow with them their whole lives… which I suppose they can since people create them from unresolved, deep seated issues that they subconsciously turn into energy that somehow creates these,,,, At any rate, once a poltergiest is created, can it stay an entire livetime quietly causing very very bad luck? Like a curse is following them? Thanks for any and all info you can supply me.

12 years ago

you’re right poltergeist are created with energy usually negative energy. it exist because the mind believes
it is there always haunting you, i used to always have nightmares and always was scared to sleep at night
because i thought something was there, but when i stop believing it, it stop bothering me, not to say i don’t
still have nightmares, it’s just my nightmares are rare and not every motherfucking night like they used to be.

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