Does The New World Order Use The Power Of The Paranormal?

Illuminati All Seeing EyeYes, in fact, the evil folks behind the New World Order aka Illuminati (top 1% wealthy elite) got to where they are thanks to the world of the supernatural.  At the top of the New World Order conspiracy are various royalty, including a handful of international bankers and corporate titans. Together these megalomaniacal maniacs control the major nations of the world along with manipulating the economy and society in general through their vast network of business holdings, power players, and media outlets.

At the very paranormal peak is the Devil himself who they worship along with his son, the Anti-Christ, who will be bred from the wealthy elites.  Most likely from royal blood.  He will be a Demidemon more powerful than the handful who already exist. Once born and grown to adulthood this nefarious figure will be ready to aid the Illuminati in their clandestine quest to bring darkness to the Earth for eternity.  Also, various demons sent by the Devil aid them in their perplexing plans for global damnation, enslavement of humankind, and ultimately mass human extermination. These demonic powers also work in conjunction with dark witches and warlocks who practice black magic.  The Illuminati can also channel poltergeists to do their bidding and they employ vampires as well. In fact, the vampire royals of Transylvania are major power players in the New World Order and the coming War Of Armageddon! Werewolves and zombies are sometimes used to cause seemingly mindless havoc that has a purpose in the big picture they envision. There’s also misguided superhumans at their beck and call as well.

The New World Order also has aliens working with them!  A rogue group of Dinosauroid’s from the Andromeda Galaxy aid them for their own reasons.  The reason being that the Dinosauroid species was actually the first intelligent humanoid species to evolve on Earth millions of years ago.  They left due to the meteor that caused the dinosaur extinction and eventually found a home in the Milky Way’s neighboring galaxy.   A large group returned in Ancient Egyptian times as explorers to see what had become of their world. After observing humankind for a time they left but a small unauthorized group secretly remained, hell-bent on reclaiming their planet.  They possess extraordinary technology and knowledge that compliments the power of the paranormal.  They want to exterminate every human on Earth, except for their Illuminati allies, along with wiping out all paranormal beings not in their service. In the end, all human functions will be replaced by artificial intelligence, robots, and magic.

There’s also the Anti-Claus wild card.  Santa’s Demidemon brother who some once thought might be the Anti-Christ.  Despite being a loyal disciple of the Devil, he refuses to completely throw in with the New World Order. Although, he works within their control system at times to accomplish his diabolical goals. The Devil supports him as a denizen of darkness and doesn’t favor either party over the other as he stands behind all evil due to it ultimately meeting his master plan.  So the AntiClaus has the same kind of supernatural power behind him including a complete marshaling of dark forces on Halloween and Dark Christmas.  Hopefully, the Anti-Claus, aliens, and Illuminati will clash someday and unintentionally help the forces of good defeat them and wipe their hellish regime off the face of the Earth for all eternity!

Posted By Mystic Investigations President Xavier Remington.

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3 thoughts on “Does The New World Order Use The Power Of The Paranormal?

  1. I have NO IDEA where to ask questions… but I have an important one. Can a person have a poltergist follow with them their whole lives… which I suppose they can since people create them from unresolved, deep seated issues that they subconsciously turn into energy that somehow creates these,,,, At any rate, once a poltergiest is created, can it stay an entire livetime quietly causing very very bad luck? Like a curse is following them? Thanks for any and all info you can supply me.

    • There are two types of poltergeists. The most common are actual independent sentient entities that could be demonic, an unknown inter-dimensional being, or dead human spirit in origin. A more rare type is one actually created by the human consciousness. Since we all are created in the image of God we have the capacity to create life in varying forms whether we mean to do so or not.

  2. @Albertagirl

    you’re right poltergeist are created with energy usually negative energy. it exist because the mind believes
    it is there always haunting you, i used to always have nightmares and always was scared to sleep at night
    because i thought something was there, but when i stop believing it, it stop bothering me, not to say i don’t
    still have nightmares, it’s just my nightmares are rare and not every motherfracking night like they used to be.

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