Why Are So Many Ghosts From The 19th Century?

ghostsGhosts are the product of an overly traumatic life, and/or death.  In some cases there can simply be an overwhelming unresolved issue that isn’t necessarily horrifying. The vast majority of the time these lost souls are spiritually anchored to a building, the place they died in, a person, or anything that was the epicenter of their angst in life, or the cause of their death! Most ghosts usually resolve their issues, or have gotten past the confusion of being trapped in the realm between life, and death after hundreds of years at the most. If not then generally one’s own Guardian Angel will intervene. Intervention isn’t immediate because being a ghost in various parallel Universes is simply a scenario each of us must experience at some point in this Multiverse. So the Angel is ordered to stand down for a time. The most extreme cases could include the rare ghost that lags on for thousands of years or even until the end of Earth itself!

We see so many ghosts from the 19th century because it was a time of great hardship, turmoil, and premature death for many. There are also a number of structures with 19th century origins still around so their haunting base has been left intact.  A ghost merely losing the building they’re tied to via demolishing, or even just dwindling into the sands of time sends the ghost away to the great beyond.  Naturally this doesn’t include spirits haunting antique objects that have survived until present day. One such case is that of a medieval Plague Doctor who haunts his bird beak mask! Of course we also have those who haunt a family member, or even their murderer. Once justice is served they move on into the white light of the Afterlife. Even rarer are people who died in nature, and ended up haunting a certain area that is delineated via Goddess Gaia’s metaphysical energy fields. In some cases psychically tied to a tree, or an animal.

There are far less cases of ghosts in nature, or those tied to the smaller amount of ancient buildings that remain at least partially intact.  Some of the rarest, and oldest recorded ghosts are that of Cavemen And woman in the caves they called their home.  Haunted spirits who are the products of brutal murders via Caveman club, or even by the dreaded Saber-Toothed Tiger! Thankfully the 20th century brought about an unprecedented surge of supernatural saviors to aid ghosts in their quest to move on to Heaven, and beyond!

Where Innocent Cavemen & Women Heartlessly Hunted, And Murdered By Evil Saber-Toothed Tigers Out For Territorial Blood?

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