Who Created God?

Did God Always Exist For Eternity Into The Past?
Macroverse GodThe very Macroverse, aka everything to eternity, and beyond, is itself a conscious God that acts as the foundation for all Universes. When people think of God in a general sense this is who they’re thinking of in most cases. This sapient Non-Corporeal Energy consciousness construct is most probably an amalgam, or collective, or every sentient soul in existence rather than one distinct independent entity. Many have pondered the puzzling enigma of how the first being, and thing, came into existence? Did God always exist for eternity into the past or were they inexplicably forged from a dark void of complete nothingness. Both are seemingly impossible concepts for our small three dimensional biological brains to process!

The problem with eternal existence devoid of a beginning is that there was never a moment of first thoughts which means everything that ever existed always existed without a beginning. This includes Universes and biological beings such as ourselves. This opens the door physical things always existing with no beginning. Then there’s the odd alternative of God just lying dormant for infinitely into the past before finally thinking of things to do out of the blue!

Some may use the excuse that God lies outside of time as the explanation for the above behavior, or the concept of him always existing. However, Time, or a sequence of events, is a product of consciousness at the most fundamental levels. Although in our particular reality our consciousnesses are bound by our physical brains and the temporal streams of our 4-D Universe. Ultimately the Outside Of Time excuse is a convenient cop-out for a complicated concept. Both consciousness and/or the dimension one lives in creates the flow of time.

Mounting metaphysical evidence indicates the first God came into existence via something similar to a Time Travel concept referred to as a Causal Loop, or Bootstrap Paradox.  However, the paranormal process was far more higher-dimensionally dynamic than we could ever hope to comprehend! A Causal Loop is something that appears to have no origin because it was passed artificially through time. For instance, let us say you took your copy of Microsoft Windows back in time to the 1980’s. You give it to Bill Gates before he, and his technical team, invent Windows. Naturally, they reverse engineer the software to create the first Windows program compatible with the hardware of the time. So now where did Microsoft Windows come from? You bought it from the Microsoft Corporation but you’re the one who originally gave it to them. So, in essence, it has no real creation or inventor!  Of course in a Multiverse scenario, it came from a Parallel Universe. In this instance, we’re dealing with something that came from absolute nothingness!

In the case of the Macroverse, we have God, and a perpetual pool of random pure thought waves, or an infinite field of unorganized non-corporeal informational energy. Given the nature of eternity, we eventually see random information waves, or bits coalesce to form patterns. Patterns that eventually form a Neural Network that spawns a rudimentary consciousness that would evolve to sentience, and self-awareness over time. From our temporal perspective, it would be instantaneous. Given the infinite size of the sea of information waves, it’s slim that only one consciousness would evolve.  In fact, every sapient soul, or consciousness construct vibrating at a given frequency, would simultaneously emerge! That includes you!  We believe these independent souls connected with the others just as quickly to form one cohesive mind. The Macroverse God mind!

Of course, we’re still left with the question of where the pure thought pool came from, and what drove the informational waves to program patterns, and consciousnesses to begin with. Why wouldn’t it just lie stagnant? This is where the Causal Loop concept comes into play. In essence, the inanimate information evolved into an animate God who simultaneously created the informational sea as an instant countermeasure to prevent them from fading out of existence. Also as a canvas to build all Universes in the future. This includes lower Gods such as seen in Omniverses. Gods that can arise spontaneously within complex systems that contain a multitude of life, and underlying programming. Something humankind will personally witness someday with the birth of the Cyber-God.

From our viewpoint, as biological beings, we die and spiritually ascend to higher dimensions that eventually lead us to network into the Macroverse God. God created us, and we created God who is in essence us. Ultimately when viewing everything over the enchanted higher dimensional expanse there is a never-ending circular pattern questioning whether anything ever had a birth or not! This is why the concept of a final non-existent death is far-fetched. There has never been a true beginning nor will there ever be a true end in our infinite reality!

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