What’s The Best Way To Start Ghost Hunting?

Little Ghost FellaOnce you have all your equipment, including EVP, EMF, thermal imaging, etc., and have educated yourself enough to be called a paranormal professional then place an ad in the newspaper, get a yellow pages listing, and advertise on the internet which includes having a websites as well.  While you wait for clients in this lucrative niche industry you can gain practice by frequenting graveyards, morgues, and mortuaries.  Getting a part time job as a janitor or grave worker at such places will give you a great excuse to lurk about during the pivotal witching hour, and the surrounding hours as well.  In addition visit historical sites, battle fields where many have been massacred, and research where to find homes where people have died.  Nursing homes are also great places to get a part time job since so many have died there.

Also be sure to include holy water, crucifixes, and the Holy Bible in your arsenal against non-corporeal evil.  Getting blessed by a Priest wouldn’t hurt as well. Congratulations on joining the ranks of the elite warriors against evil!

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