What Three Wishes Can’t A Genie Grant?

Genies are the most infamous supernatural wish granters in all the Universe! They are the nefarious Jinn from another dimension who are bottled or lamped up by the forces of good to protect our reality. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to return stubborn Jinn to their own plane of existence. Not to mention they are nearly impossible to kill! So magically trapping and binding them becomes the only option. Any person who releases a Genie from their lamp or bottle becomes the Master who is granted three wishes. After that is complete the Genie is forced back into their tiny prison once again. That being said it’s a merciful prison in which the Genie can use their own powers to indulge in a fantasy world of their own making. Something essential to prevent them from going crazy!🧞‍♂️

What’s The Purpose Of A Genie Granting Wishes?

Genies granting wishes can simply be seen as a scenario to be played out in the grand mathematical scheme of things within the mind of the Omniverse God.  Really though, Jinn have enormous metaphysical energies within them that can build up to explosive levels over time. The wish-granting releases that power in a safe controlled manner to prevent the equivalent of a supernatural nuke going off.  If a Genie bottle or lamp isn’t activated by a Master within 1000 years then the Genie gains enough power to destroy their own bottle and escape! At that point they are no longer bound to the bottle or lamp. However, they may be trapped again by a Genie Hunter or Jinnologist.

The Universal Limits For All Wish Granters

Genies are known as one of the few paranormal beings who can grant just about any wish. Others include Angels, Demons, and various Gods including some Nature Deities. Although, Leprechauns are the second most famous wish givers, their wishes are based on Luck. Most of these beings have limits on their wish granting abilities. Wishes that would affect things on a large scale, including the planet, or Universe, cause the wisher to be sent to a Parallel Universe where their wish is a reality.  Beyond that, there are three wishes nobody is allowed to make. A Genie is magically bound to never grant these wishes under the Universal authority of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact.  They are as follows:

The Three Wishes A Genie Cannot Grant

  1. No Death Wish – You cannot wish anyone directly dead. The Genie can’t kill people. They can’t work around this by casting Curses or other magical malevolence leading to death. You can’t wish for someone else to kill someone. However, you can wish to go to a Parallel Universe where a particular person died, or never existed, to begin with.⚰️
  2. No Higher Dimensional Transformation – You cannot wish to be a higher dimensional being such as a God, Angel, Demon, Genie, etc.  However, you can wish to change places with the Genie to free them thereby damning yourself to eternal imprisonment, and intermittent servitude. Utilizing the power of free will and the human soul there is a power transfer. The freed Jinn is effectively made a powerless human while you become a Genie!  In addition, you can wish to be certain biological paranormal beings in this dimension.  This may include being a superhuman, an immortal, vampire, werewolf, zombie, fairy, leprechaun, etc.  This doesn’t include various unique beings like Santa Claus who is half Angel, or some other fractional form of a higher dimensional being such as a Demigod. Consult your Genie for more information. They must tell you the truth but at the same time, they don’t have to volunteer any or all information.👼
  3. No Infinite Wishes – You cannot wish for more wishes otherwise known as Infinite Wishes.  You may not cheat by making your three wishes, disposing of the bottle or lamp, and then reclaiming it again. Nobody can become a “Master” a second time with the same Genie. And even if by some astronomical fluke you found another Genie, Universal rules would cause them to reject you! Making Genie wishes leaves a metaphysical imprint on your soul! Three wishes are your limit for life!  You can, however, wish the Genie to be your servant for life making you a perpetual master.∞

The Perpetual Master And Servant Wish

The Perpetual Master Clause in the Universal Genie Accords allows for continued release of a Jinns power. The Genie’s magic for this wish is confined to menial tasks such as cleaning up your home, making you dinner, repairing things, etc.  So in a way, you can get infinite wishes but they’re not anything that great. Of course, you are saving time, and money every day.  Many people don’t know about this loophole. The Genie will tell you what three wishes you can’t make but he or she will not share the “Servant Clause” with you because they loathe the servant scenario most of all. They’d rather be trapped alone in their prison for hundreds of years than serve you for life.  At least in their bottle, they can manufacture a rather realistic dream world to live in. There’s also the fact that virtually every Genie hates humankind and blames them for being trapped in their prison! Naturally, they brought it upon themselves by bringing chaos to our dimension and drawing attention to themselves to begin with!

The Perpetual Protection And Immortality Loophole

You can gain great advantage by holding off on making all three wishes and enjoying the protection of the Genie. He or she is bound by Universal Law to protect you from all harm until you complete all three wishes. However, they can’t kill anyone even if it is to protect you. All they can do is neutralize the threat for any given situation. Interestingly enough, they must prevent your death so you may carry out the wishes. Theoretically, you could never make the wishes and live forever! You would gain immortality by default without the risk of making wishes! That being said there’s nothing compelling them into keeping you youthful. Still, you may live long enough to see the medical science and technology find the cure for aging thereby saving you a wish!

Genies Love To Twist Wishes In A Malicious Way!

Now you know how to fully utilize your wishes if you’re lucky enough to happen upon a Genie in your lifetime. Just remember to carefully word your wishes because Genies are notorious for twisting your words in a diabolical way. For instance, we have the quintessential wish for money. If you just ask for a billion dollars then it could very well be stolen from a bank or even worse dangerous criminals! It could also be stolen from you or somehow be lost once you get it! There was a notorious case some years ago where the money of a Genie’s wish came from a major drug cartel. The Genie purposely created a paper trail leading back to their Master.  Naturally, a hit was placed on the person. They had already used up their three wishes and at that point the Genie was no longer obligated to protect them!  The Genie got revenge by proxy and went back into their bottle with a smug superiority! There’s also an issue if someone discovers you all of the sudden have this money and the IRS becomes involved along with other governmental agencies investigating you!

Wish Wording Is Essential To Keeping A Genie In Line

Clearly, making a Genies wish isn’t just a one sentence thing. It often needs to be a paragraph or more! Even wishing for simple immortality can put you into situations of perpetual never-ending hell! Such as getting locked away somewhere for centuries. You must also take care to include youth in the wish so you won’t be an eternal decrepit entity. Also it must be done in a way so it isn’t considered two wishes. Saying, “I want to be young and immortal forever” is two wishes! The correct maximum phrasing would be,”I wish to be a youthful amortal” You just wished to be not only young for eternity but also incapable of being killed! Amortal is always better than Immoral! Naturally there would be further sentences to thwart potential warping of this wish.

The Bad Luck Brewed By Genie Wishes

Genies wishes have a nasty way of bringing bad luck your way through a perplexing series of domino effect events or even by Karma. There’s also that aforementioned metaphysical imprint the wishes leave on your soul. It naturally attracts dark fortune! That’s why avoiding Genies is best! However, adding a phrase like,”I make this wish with good luck”, is essential to having things turn out in your favor. You need to spend several days, if not weeks, studying your wishes to think of every possible consequence or twist that could be perpetrated upon you. Then word everything perfectly. There’s no time limit or word size on wishes. Also, saving one wish for the future is always a prudent move.

Consult A Certified Genie Specialist Or Paranormal Professional Before Making A Wish!

We recommend contacting a reputable paranormal investigations firm or Genie specialist before making these wishes.  In ancient times people didn’t have such help but in the modern world you can turn to paranormal professionals. They can guide you through the perils of making wishes with unruly angry Genies who detest their forced confinement to bottles, and lamps. Feel free to reply to this post with any Genie related questions. 🧞‍♀️Learn More About Genies & Jinn

Those who came here under the search term “wish you all genies” must realize you can’t wish everyone was a Genie because that violates number two above.  You can wish somebody was something else but that would simply transport you to a parallel Universe where that person is that way already.  For instance, you can say that you wish everyone on Earth was a vampire, and then you’d be transported to a parallel Earth where everyone is, in fact, a vampire.  Perhaps there was a major vampire uprising, and the planet was overrun with every human ending up transformed or dead. The quintessential Vampire Apocalypse! 

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27 thoughts on “What Three Wishes Can’t A Genie Grant?

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  2. I liked this. Not that I’d ever find a genie. If the genie was good I would probably release him after my first two wishes. I wonder if there would be a genie lamp at some antique shop somewhere? I go to allot of those. But some of the objects have weird vibrations when I pick them up. Some are good and some make me feel shaky. So I try not to touch anything unless if I’m gong to buy it. The old dolls are creepy.. I bought a set of Japanese antique dolls. Everyday they would move. lol It doesn’t matter where I’m sitting in the room.. I’d look at them on the shelf and they would be in different position there head looking at me. So I have not unpacked them since the last move. Well they creep me out. I should just sell them back to an antique dealer. Have you ever had this happen? Also I had an antique peter man music doll and in the middle of the night he would wind up and play. So I had to get rid of that too. lol I thought maybe ghosts were messing with it.

    • Jinn basically are an evil, and malicious species from another dimension. Similar to demons in many ways. Jinn who manage to find their way into this dimension always wreak havoc which is why they end up being lamped or bottled. The majority of Genies came into existence thousands of years ago during a great Jinn rebellion where many flooded across into our dimension. A rare few might be good but there’s no way to know for sure. Some say the color of the smoke coming out of the lamp or bottle might be an indicator but the only color identified for sure is that of black which indicates a pure evil entity that should be avoided at all costs. Ultimately you can never know for sure if the Genie is good because they are very devious, and manipulative. However with your abilities you might be able to sense their true persona.

      It sounds like you may have come across some cursed or possibly possessed dolls. Such items need to be burned in holy fire to fully eradicate the item, and the evil within. If the items won’t burn in normal fire then you know you’re dealing with some real bad mojo. It they do burn in regular fire then all you’ve done is release the evil, and then God only knows where it will end up.

  3. I have a question. If you were to use up all your three wishes from one genie and then somehow got hold of another genie artifact would you get three more wishes, it being a new genie and all?

    • That’s a good question that we never addressed it seems. Mainly due to the fact that it would be beyond astronomical to find a second Genie lamp or bottle. The odds are already out of this world for you ever finding such a thing once in your life. Yes you can get another three wishes with a new Genie. Or at least we would assume so since there’s no record of such a thing happening. You’d have to have some magical good luck on your side.

  4. Hi Xavier. 🙂 Then I won’t burn the dolls. Since if they are of evil nature. I shouldn’t release them into this world. I’ll sell them back to the antique dealer. Maybe this is why I’ve been having the worse luck of my life! Wow I never thought of it before… I forgot I even had them. Until reading this. Thanks for reminding me. Tomorrow I am going to find them in the boxes and get ride of them out of my house. I also have been known to be very clumsy.. Not saying they are for sure to blame. But since I got them I have had bad falls.. felt as if I was pushed. I thought it was a ghost or demon. Even Greg witnessed this as I was getting off the Amtrak Train I fell off lol.. I was more embarrassed than anything. I also fell before I left to the train lol. And when I returned I fell down the steps again. Yeah I was like what the heck is going on? I took it as a bad omen to go to NY. As if someone did not want me there with Greg. Felt hexed. I have spouts of very good luck and bad. What’s this mean? I figured being born with the gift of Medium maybe why? I see ghosts while I’m awake and they don’t like it when I notice them. Now I ignore them as if I didn’t see anything and my luck isn’t as bad. The dolls are going. Thanks.

    And I’m sure I won’t find a genie. If I did. I would just make 3 simple wishes. (For Good Luck) lol -Yeah I watch all the wish masters movies made by Cris Angel. 😉 I love the wicked humor of the Jin in that movie. Makes me wonder if Criss’s family ever came across one. Since he has such power over magic & loves to make movies about the Jin. I loved the last movie he made. Where she made a wish that turned the tables upon the Jin. lol “I wish I could love the real you”. This is the kind of turns in movies I love. 😉 I also write like this in my stories. Not sure if you’ve watched it? Why I also love Stephan King’s Novels. They throw me for a loop most the time.. If I can figure it out I am disappointed. If they trick me. I’m impressed lol But If I do find a Jin in a bottle. I probably would sens him and not open it. lol If the Jin is anything like Criss Angel’s Jin in the movie. No Thank you! I’m so glad you posted this..

    • A Gremlin might have sensed your power, and pushed you off so it could wreak havoc with the train free of your interference.

      Naturally angry spirits can cause bad luck along with peaceful spirits bringing about good luck. Also your bouts of rotating good, and bad luck might be the world of the paranormal sensing your power, and engaging in a tug of war with each other to win your allegiance. This sends various vibes of luck your way. Or by some fluke you inadvertently made a deal with a rare half-Leprechaun half-Clurichaun causing your perpetual unbalanced luck.

      I’ve never seen the Wishmaster films however 3 and 4 are available to watch online at Netflix so maybe Rebecca, and I will power up our full wall projection TV with streaming Netflix player, break out the popcorn, and watch them.

      It’s such a rare find to get hold of Genie so it would be a shame to pass the wishes up. Despite the danger it’s worth the risk but you must seek the wisdom of ancient texts, and paranormal professionals who can help you perfectly word your wishes so the Genie can twist them into diabolical deeds.

      After quickly reading a short summary the movies seem to be Djinn trapped in jewels who get your soul after you get your wishes, and then the soul powers the jewel to open a porthole to let all the evil Djinn into our reality. We’ve heard rumors about these special breed of rare Genies. They say the Jewels were cast by the Devil himself. However we’ve seen no evidence that they exist.

      Perhaps Criss Angel did come across a Genie, and turned the tables on him or her.

  5. Also here are some names. I did research on this through google. 😉
    Theologians of the Arabic language have given a variety of names to jinn.

    Jinni: used to refer to one type of jinn.
    Amir: (Resident jinn): used to mean that he is one of those who live with people.
    Shaytan: used for jinni that has become malicious and wicked.
    Ifrit: used for a jinni that is more powerful and stronger than a Shaytan.


  6. Perhaps it was something evil following me. I have not fallen since. So that’s good. As for those dolls, I can’t seem to find that box. Strange. What should I do with them? Should I place them into a bottle? No I’ve never made a deal with a Leprechaun. lol Not that I know of. I know some red heads but never made any deals. Other than an Irish red headed man has been after me. He’s been wanting me to meet with him alone! He is interested in a romance. I was nice about it and told him no. Since he’s way younger than me. He’s 24. lol He told me he doesn’t care about our age difference or that I have kids. I said well what about the fact I’m still married? He’s like well you can leave him. I’m like I’m not ready for anything as of now.

    You’re probably right though about the strange occurrences with good and evil. I didn’t understand it myself. I always feel like I’m in the middle. Although, over all. I always fight for the innocents. That won’t ever change.. Even if I ever did become a Vampire like Drake. I would remain good and stand for what I believe to be right. You are right about the Djinn, I never thought it was real when I would watch it. But after reading this I wonder. I hope I never come across one. They aren’t very nice if they do exist. At least from Criss Angel’s movies. I know he has a dark gift. I wonder where he got it.. if he was born with it or not? Xavier I truly am happy for you all. I want you guys to stay safe!! The world needs you! I did send energy after Elizabeth told me what happened. I’ll send more protection tonight. It’s already 1am. I guess I should get to sleep. Good night Everyone! 🙂 Thank god you’re all okay!

    • The dolls may have moved themselves, and are hiding from you as they sense their eventual entrapment or demise. I’d bury the boxes in hallowed Earth within a church cemetery. Then dump holy water on to the soil as well to seal the evil into the Earth.

      The Irish red head could be a Leprechaun in disguise. They can magically cloak their real appearance. Criss Angel may have made a deal with a demon, or perhaps there are latent magical genes in his family long dormant for centuries until now.

  7. Xavier that’s so freaky! lol seriously. I have been wondering if I lost that box. But if it moved itself. That is so scary. I want it out of my possession. Once I find them I definitely will be burring them at a church.

    As for the man, he looks like a Leprechaun but just allot bigger. He’s 6’2. I believe he’s 25 now. But he has been after me since before I moved here. He’s nice and polite etc. I have no reason to dislike him. I told him when I ever become single I would let him know. But he shouldn’t wait! He should find a woman and be happy. I met him through a friend. He brought him over one night to watch movies. Right before I moved. So it’s good I live further away! He’s not a bad person. Just lonely. Only fair that I told him no. Since I am not single at the moment.

    Criss Angel is mysterious either way! lol I also have met him astrally. He wanted me to put on those g strings. I laughed and said heck no! Are you crazy? He said why not? I told him I have a little belly pudge. He put his hands on my belly and it was gone! I’m like wow! will it stay this way? He’s like no.. when you wake it won’t be gone. lol. I said I’m still not wearing that. He then tried to hypnotise me with his eyes. I chanted Shanty shanty shanty Ommmmm.. over and over. He didn’t like it one bit. Since he couldn’t control me. I felt his power. I didn’t want him to gain control over me and have his way.. rape etc.

    I am not sure what he wanted to do. But I had an idea since he was begging me to wear sexy lingerie for him. What would you think if u were me? seriously? 😉 That was the last I seen of him. I’m sure he doesn’t like me now. I seem to have a talent of ticking off men. With my NO’s. I just am very cautious with whom I give myself to. I am always the one who gets my heart broken. So I back away! I’ve said enough. Good night everyone! Sweetest dreams to you all.

    • Criss sounds like a pervert. We’ve heard rumors that he regularly hypnotizes women to create personal one night stand Harems for himself. Naturally the women can’t remember what happened the next morning otherwise Angel would have many lawsuits, and criminal charges against him.

  8. Doesn’t surprise me. I wonder how many he’s done this to. And gotten away with. I was right not to trust him then. He told me that we have the same guardian etc. I said great so that makes us brother & sister right? lol 😉 He didn’t say anything. Sorry for the late response. Thank you for responding. Also, I just got my pc back. had a virus on my laptop. Been fighting it since 7pm. Was called Avast .. what a bugger. 😉

  9. Hi, Mystic Investigations. My first time here. So very happy! 🙂 🙂
    About the djinn subject, if i wish a djinn to serve me for life but somehow did not wish for myself to become immortal, then what would happen to him/her when i died?

  10. When I read the part that says a person cannot become a master a second time, it confuses me. Does that mean a person can be a master of a Genie only once, but cannot be a master of another Genie if the person had the chance of finding a different lamp or bottle?

    • I’m not an Admin here but I believe your question was answered already on the above comment. Check out Magusstar’s comment. It was posted 3 years ago…

  11. When I read the part that says a person cannot become a master a second time, it confuses me. Does that mean a person can be a master of a Genie only once, but cannot be a master of another Genie if the person had the chance of finding a different lamp or bottle? What if the new master wishes the Genie to serve the previous master again?

    • Yes if you found another Genie bottle or lamp you could be a Master again. I guess we didn’t mention that because the odds of ever finding one Genie are greater than you finding a particular grain of sand on a big beach. It’s unheard of for a previous Master to find another Genie in their lifetime! Even the few Immortals who came across a Genie, and became a Master, never found one again after hundreds, and in another case thousands of years. That would be like finding a particular grain of sand on the entire planet!

    • There’s some ambiguity in making such a wish. It’s unknown to what extent a Genie might have free will even though they are bound to supernatural servitude. Also the request itself may ironically be twisted. In addition you’ve wasted one wish. Unless of course it’s worth it to perfect the other two wishes.

  12. So you can essentially wish to be any kind of Supernatural being as long as that being isn’t a direct offspring of a higher Dimensional entity? Also how could you word a wish like I wish I was a Leprechaun so the Genie couldn’t bend it?

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