September 30, 2022

2 thoughts on “Is The Greatest American Hero Based On A True Story?

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  2. This is very interesting. It’s a good thing the soldier was a good person. Superman in the comics could rest in the sun, and after that he could fry entire planets with heat vision. It would be bad if the suit got into the wrong hands. Why Didn’t the Genie Trick him into wishing her free?

    1. If someone wished for the Genie to be free they would be bound by Universal Law to inform the Master that they would have to trade places with them for eternity! The Genie is bound to explain it without playing games. Although there are some ancient bottles, and lamps that might still exist before this newer clause was introduced to protect humankind. Someday the Superman suit will be found when we have the technology to explore all the deep depths of the ocean.

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