November 26, 2022

31 thoughts on “What Super Powers Allow For Travel To Parallel Universes?

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  2. Hi Xavier, Yess it is possible to astrally go back in time. I have done this on accident. While I was in astral. I ended up back in the early 60’s. I could tell since the older cars were new. I was on top of a building in a smaller town. I don’t know where it was. There was a bad deformed man .. he had a 21 yr old woman inside of a nasty dumpster. He had a wire mesh over it and stuck a steel pole in and stabbed her in the legs. So she couldn’t move or escape. This was before I knew I could wolf out! I then waited for him to leave… I was scared to say the least! I then ran over and looked in.

    She was crying. I told her please try not to scream. I pulled out the rod. OMG.. 🙁 That was so real and very bad. I lifted the top off. And helped her out of that dumpster. I told her shhh allot.. She was in so much pain and losing allot of blood. 🙁 I held her up best I could. she tried to hop down each step was agony for her. We finally made it to a parking lot. There was a parade going on or festival. I so happened to find a car with the keys inside. I helped her into the passenger side.. She was losing blood. I got in and drove to the highway. She said please don’t let them get me.. She told me it was a cops son who did this to her. We were almost on Empty.

    We got to the next town over. I found a hospital. I could feel I was going to leave soon. I told her if I disappear.. that I was from the future! She said no you are an angel. How did you find me? I told her I’m not an angel. I then put the car in park next to the emergency room and screamed someone was bleeding to death in the green car.. they came running. I felt that I was going to leave. And I did. I don’t know what ever happened to this woman. I hope to god I saved her life! I believe it might have been one of the first victims of that chainsaw massacre psycho. I’ll tell you what. This was very scary! My first experience to travel back in time. At least I did something good.

    I’ve done it again since. I’m not sure I should say.. I might have mentioned this before! Was a bad werewolf pack who owned a building in town. “Again in the late 70’s” or early “80’s” – They would make a maze and hunt and eat innocent people. Children etc. I had the power to go through the walls and I killed every single werewolf. One asked me to spare his life! He said I’ll change! I said what remorse did you give to your victims? He knew what was coming. Sorry but I was upset they were doing this to kids. If you had this power. What would you do? Let them die? I can’t do that. It’s not in me to allow it to happen.

    1. I forgot to mention astral projection as a method of travel to parallel realities. Of course it would take an advanced astral artist to know how to direct themselves to a parallel Universe.

      You did the right thing. Those bastards deserved to die.

      Did they ever capture the chainsaw massacre psycho? If not then we should get on the case. I hope the trail hasn’t run cold after 50 years?

  3. I’m sure whitewolf would help you out with the chainsaw massacre psycho if he wasn’t caught. whitewolf, do you think you’d be able to go back and see if I was transformed and if it was someone who did it or myself somehow? I think I was transformed sometime in 1977 possibly in May or June.

  4. Hello Xavier, Sorry I went on and on about my experiences about time travel. I wish it never had happened. It seriously had freaked me out! But it’s something that I should deal with. deep breath and out. Yes they deserved it. No they never captured the chainsaw massacre psycho. I know since when I lived in Nashua Iowa. I visited Charles City Iowa.. and when I entered Kmart there. I saw the bastard. He looked at me as if he wanted to re visit is psycho past of evil killing pleasure. Xavier this is so painful for me to talk about! I know I have to and this is the only place I seriously can. Well when he looked me in the eyes as I entered Kmart…. I looked him into his eye’s.. I esp’d him You MOTHER Fucker if you dare fucking try anything I will cut you up myself. As I st aired him down in a bad way. He looked to the side.

    This is the only thing I could do to a pure psycho. And trust me I meant it all. I wanted him to feel my wrath of punishment. To find out I resemble the last women or his “Victim” who sawed off his right arm. This older man had a prosthetic arm. I wanted to beat him with it. Trust me this was pure evil ..and a stair down from hell. He is in the vicinity of Charles City Iowa.. the last I seen of him was over 6 yrs ago! I hope when he dies he is in PURE HELL!!! ( I don’t want this anymore!!!) Why do I have to deal with all of these messed up psycho’s? Really? 🙁 No joke here. I’m tired.

  5. Supernaturalbeliever I don’t truly know if I can completely help you in this. When I astral to the past. I can’t control it. I try hard to deal with what I’ve been dealt with. As you can see I am not dealing with it well enough’. After all, I am only human so far. If I could control this gift or curse better I would help you. Since this is all in the air so far. I can’t say or make any promises to you about helping. I do care about your concerns. Don’t think I have tossed you off! I have not or won’t. I will try to focus on you Supernaturalbeliever. But I will say one thing to you! I also have had a last life of being a man. Which I am now woman. And to b this or that now or then. You must learn from your life experiences.

    Not saying you should love it. When I was a man from what I remember. I was a good one. And I did my best to make a woman happy and myself. Not saying I succeeded. And now that I am a woman.. all I want is to make a man happy and be happy myself. This is me. To change your sex through magic or whatever. Is purely allot of will power on your part and others. “I can never guarantee”.. that I can fully succeed in making you a girl again! But I will say’ I will try to help you. Just promise me you will not get your hopes up so much! I don’t want you to feel that I made a promise or that I will succeed. I do want to help you as I always want to do good in this world no matter what.

    I will meditate on it. Just do me a favor. and try to be as happy with whom you are are in this life as you possibly can. “Life is worth cherishing”. 🙂

  6. You’re right that life is worth cherishing whitewolf. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was actually born a boy but deep down I know I wasn’t. I know that somehow I will be a girl again. If you’re the one to do it that would be great but if not then there will be something else. Maybe I’ll slip into a universe where either someone has the power to change me or the technology exists to do that.

  7. Oh whitewolf, I don’t want you to feel bad if you can’t help me. That would make me feel bad. Like I said before if you can help me that’s great but if you can’t that’s ok. If you try to help me all I ask is that you do your best. From your other post I gather that you live in Iowa, so do I.

    1. Xavier is sound asleep still since I kept him up all night. 😉 I guess the mermaid, and witch within me don’t require as much sleep. Yes that despicable deranged cannibal Thomas Hewitt, aka Leatherface, still walks among us. Despite him being 73 years old now we still hear of isolated incidents which are clearly him. We suspect he’s transforming into something supernatural. Most likely a Ghoul. Ghouls often form from cannibals who relish in the kill. Most likely the demonic DNA is already forming within him. Even if he’s apprehended he may still turn into a Ghoul upon death. If I ever ran into that bastard I’d take that chain saw away from him, and telekinetically attack him with it. I think any of us individually could take him down. Although if he’s already a Ghoul it would be more difficult.

  8. Do you think he was in Colorado recently? I’m thinking about Jessica Ridgeway. She was dismembered and I have this feeling that the sicko that did it started dismembering her while she was still alive. I really hope I’m wrong on that part though.

  9. Lol Rebecca. 😉 Hey that’s awesome! Yeah I also have been feeling an enormous amount of energy! I agree with you about Leather face. I wish the woman “Victim” who sawed off his right arm.. kept on going and sawed off his head. I would have. He’d better know to stay away from me. I learned I resemble her allot! Why he was looking at me that way. Scared me.. I won’t ever forget that look he gave me. I have no idea where he is now.. I hope I never see him again!

    Rebecca you and Xavier are such an amazing couple. 🙂 Cheers to your happiness.

  10. I hope the sicko gets caught soon too though I have a feeling it wasn’t a normal human. Hence why I was wondering if that guy was in Colorado recently. Like I said I sincerely hope she wasn’t alive when she was being dismembered though I have this feeling that she was alive at least at the start.

  11. supernaturalbeliever:
    Oh whitewolf, I don’t want you to feel bad if you can’t help me. That would make me feel bad. Like I said before if you can help me that’s great but if you can’t that’s ok. If you try to help me all I ask is that you do your best. From your other post I gather that you live in Iowa, so do I.

    Hello Supernaturalbeliever, 🙂 I just found something online on how to Biokinesis change your appearance. They state it works. I also am willing to try this. Give myself a few more inches in height. 😉 I’ll let everyone know if it works. I do believe in will power!
    – Here’s the link: I hope this works for you! 🙂
    Casting Instructions for ‘Biokinesis (Really Works!) Spell’

  12. Hello,
    I was wondering why arn’t we conscious of parallel/alternative realities? And if we were conscious of them would we be able to comprehend it? Ok, say that the world of the supernatural/paranormal were to be exposed on a massive scale, why would angelic forces swoop in and clear away the memories and occurrences of it ever happening, why don’t they want us to know the truth, they don’t trust us? Keeping it for themselves, leaving us in ignorance? I’ve read the secrecy pact, does that mean the supernatural will never meet the public eye, I think the general populace won’t freak out and jump over a cliff. What do you think?

    1. In order to be conscious of parallel Universes we’d need five dimensional brains which would mean we had 5-D bodies with 5-D eyes to see the parallel Universes among us. These alternate realities exist in the same space as us yet they’re slightly out of phase at the pure energy level. Of course some with special powers, or even amazing will power, can find a way to travel to another Universe. Under the Universal Law of Free Will anyone has a chance to do this. Although it’s quite slim since our physical minds act as a veil hiding the full extent of our reality from us.

      This reality was made to be an illusion in order to play out various scenarios in preparation for the afterlife, and eventual ascension to Godhood if one chooses. Our 3-D bodies, and minds allow that illusion to exist. However these bodies, and our physical mind are an illusion themselves. We have a 4-D body, or spirit, we could access which binds all our 3-D selves together. We also have our unified 5-D soul, and ones above that as well. With the right of free will we can access our other selves since they’re all connected. Anything is possible thanks to free will. However there’s nothing that says any information has to be shared by the Heavenly powers that be. Again this is on purpose to play out all probable scenarios within reason. Realistically that’s all a God has to do along with interacting with other Gods I suppose. I’d prefer to be a Traveler in the afterlife, and just go about exploring all there is transitioning my body into any form I like, and being indestructible. Gods, I’m referring to Omniverse Gods, and any Gods higher than that, seem anchored down but they can send their consciousness anywhere in a body in the same way we day dream we’re somewhere else while our mind still functions on automatic.

      I think a good portion of the public would panic at the revelation that various forces of paranormal evil exist in large portions. Even an alien invasion would cause mass heart attacks, puking episodes, panic attacks, and accidents everywhere. People would go wacko, and riots would ensue. It would be quite a shock for the majority of the populace, especially in the modern nations, who live sedentary lives mostly free of violent threats. Watching this stuff on TV, and having it be real are two different things. I was shivering greatly, and sweating like a pig when I first dealt with a poltergeist. I may have puked as well but that thing messed with my mind so I can’t remember. My first vampire, and werewolf attack caused me to barf big time. Luckily I waited until the danger was over since the vomiting could have got in the way of me defending myself. Of course after dealing with the supernatural everything is easy. A gang of street punks doesn’t even phase me anymore. It would take a long time for the populace to adjust but I think a great deal of damage would happen by then. The thing is that shock will happen when Armageddon comes to pass. That is when the Supernatural Secrecy Pact officially expires. I guess it’s okay at that point for the populace to descend into madness. Although there is a clause that states it will be re-instituted if the Neutral Christ can destroy the Anti-Christ. All memories will be wiped so humankind can go forth to populate the entire Universe, and discover the supernatural gradually on their own.

      Personally I think the supernatural should have always been exposed, and humankind should not have had blinders put on them along with having such weak bodies, and 3-D minds made to be easily fooled. Then people would be used to things from day one. Unfortunately when you’re the Omniverse God you need to have the maximum number of TV channels for your entertainment, and of course to teach your children, aka your lower creations, lessons.

    1. While tychokinesis is a general manipulation of probabilities within ones own reality Hypertychokinesis directly manipulates five dimensional probability space. In other words you’re bending 5-D space to your will thereby delivering you to any parallel Universe you can imagine. All of us are already naturally flowing into subtlety different Universes five dimensionally. Tychokinesis increases that journey greatly but Hypertychokinesis allows for complete 5-D movement to the Universe of your dreams, or even nightmares.

  13. I’ve been going to this website ( and I’ve been wondering why I’ve got this headache & the strange feeling everytime I come to that website. does anybody know why?

      1. Is this also the case with those that have other advanced forms of an ability. Such as a person with parallel hypertelepathy also having hypertelepathy and simple telepathy?

        1. It depends if they power becomes active gradually or all at once. If gradually then they usually have the lesser or sub-powers, and work their way up to their maximum power. If at once then they have to work to weed out the sub-powers.

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