November 30, 2022

24 thoughts on “What Is The Most Common Psychokinetic Power?

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  2. Julia I admit it. the whole time I was scared of what you guys might think of me. that’s why I’ve been complianing about in this website. It’s just who I am. I think that Xavier and all if us in truth have a better life because you teach the supernatural phenomena more effectively because if your own efforts. P.s supernaturalbeliver I was jealous of people who are demigods until now & Julia is there any chances that I can escape using Gnostickinesis or not?

  3. Do you see me using the power or truly weilding the power of Gnostickinesis, because usually I’m a very strong believer but ever since your prediction about me, I’ve been wondering if it was true if Gnostickinesis ever existed n would you mind telling me the difference between Gnostickinesis & Astral Projection? Thank you for your support

    1. Gnostickinesis is the release of your spirit from your physical body at will. You completely control your spirit so you can take form in other Universes, and higher dimensions. You can even insert your spirit into other people, animals, plants, and objects. Astral Projection is projecting your spirit to other places, and the astral plane. You can generally only observe things, and interact with other astral beings. Your astral travels, and time away form your body is quite limited. There is a possibility you could develop such a power if my vision of you making it to the Siberian camp comes true.

      1. like what kind of power? i know that i actually asking a lot of questions but it”s still very intresting to know and do you see me using astral projection or gnostickinesis in the future?

          1. will there some obstcales along my escape? is that the reason why that”s not set in stone

    1. can any of you prevent this from happing I’m only just a high school student who could barely gain acess to any power execpt for the ones i listed out

      1. Yes you have at least a decade before the police state comes to tyrannical fruition. Things are uncertain because I told you what was going to happen, and now you can change things. Before you had no idea so your future was set in stone. So already you have an advantage. Like I said if you see roadway checkpoints, and law enforcement is just randomly coming into people’s homes then it’s time to leave. I have one final vision for you. If you end up in the FEMA camp there will be a small window of opportunity for you to escape. Your transport truck taking you in to the camp will accidentally hit a bread truck on the way out. The guard inside the truck with you, and other prisoners will go out to see what’s going on, and accidentally leave the door unlocked. Count to 5 after he leaves, and then go out the door, crawl underneath the truck, and then underneath the bread truck. Crawl to the back of it, and look to see that no one is around. Then get up slowly, and open the back door of the bread truck which will be unlocked. Get inside, and close the door silently. Go to the center of the storage compartment, and crouch down making sure the empty crates are surrounding you so you remain hidden. Within 8 minutes the truck will leave the FEMA camp. You will then feel the truck stop four times. On the fourth stop open the door cautiously, and look around to make sure the coast is clear. Then make a dash to the woods on your left. From there continue north to the Canadian border. All should be well from that point onward. At this point my visions of you have been exhausted.

  4. xavier i think that you were dead wrong about a there are at least 3 signs of a wish manifesting once you submit a wish: seeing 8 more than ever and i did see julia say 8 minutes inany from, seeing 11:11 more than ever or a rare one which usually means is qucikly manifesting the number 22. what do you think of that?

    1. I don’t know the particulars of that series but it sounds like the character has the power of Essokinesis. If the power was great enough then I suppose she could call herself a Goddess. A Demigoddess needs to have a parent who is a God.

  5. The question(s) are for Julia and Rebecca.
    First of all, sorry for the bother.

    Is psychic shielding really that important?
    Is learning to control psychic energy important?
    What is the point of the Astral planes if the powers you gain while there do not manifest on the material plane?
    What are psychic abilities (empathy, clairvoyance, aura reading etc) useful for?
    You have such potential, why do choose to stay here, instead of taking yourself to higher places?

    1. If you mean ascending to higher dimensions by “higher places” then it’s not that we don’t want to but rather it’s beyond difficult even for those of us with supernatural powers. First, and foremost is one simple fact. If you can’t visualize a four dimensional object in your head you’re not going to enter the fifth dimension in which the 4-D exist.

      The Astral Plane is about feeling unbridled freedom, and inspiring creativity in your real life. Creativity that could lead to greater power. Of course it’s also a great place to practice things you could never do in real life. You also connect with people, and spirits you’d never meet in our world.

    2. Psychic abilities are the 6th sense for gathering data about our world. Nobody can ever have too much information because information is power. In my line of work we need all the help we can get when going up against the forces of evil.

      Psychic Shielding is extremely important to someone fighting paranormal evil. Once someone has access to your mind it’s all over. Even worse they can turn you into a puppet to do their bidding,and bring harm to others. For the average person there’s always the risk of various supernatural intrusions, and even various mind control technologies.

      Psychic energy is important because it can affect the health of your mind, and body. Controlling it can keep you healthy even if your diet isn’t what it should be.

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