What Is The Most Common Psychokinetic Power?

psionicsIn reality everyone on Earth has a infinitesimal ability in every psi power there is.   Although most will never display them.  Some can to a minor level display at least one power with rigorous practice, and belief in themselves.  A rare few are born with an active power or more which can display amazing power naturally or with some level of development.  The unseen micro powers in the average human are a product of our very soul which has the potential for unlimited power but is blocked by the programmed illusion of our biological existence.  Those with greater psychokinetic powers are usually of supernatural parentage.

So the most common psi power would be one displayed among humans of no paranormal parentage.  After much research that power appears to be Cronopathy which is the ability to perceive time without a clock or any other device.  Perhaps you’re one of those who can wake up at the exact time they choose to the exact minute.  Or you automatically finish a task or arrive somewhere at the exact time you should without a time piece.  In essence your sub-conscious mind is measuring each 3-D bubble of space you pass through on your journey through 4-D space-time.  That sense is measured up to the clocks of our modern civilization by a visualization of a working clock in your mind.  Those with this power often do it with no thought.  They merely picture the time, and forget about it until their internal alarm goes off. Various psychic abilities such as empathy come in second place.  Active telekinetic powers allowing for hands off manipulation of the environment around us are extremely rare.

What Are Psychic Vampires?

What Are PSI Vampires?

psychic-vampirePsychic vampires, also called psi, or energy vampire, are quite different from the standard sanguine (blood) vampires the world knows very well from various television, motion picture, and literary incarnations.  Energy vampires are more or less supernaturally enhanced humans.  Their origins lie in first generation vampires mating with powerful psychic humans.  Usually witches or warlocks born with various energy based powers.  Normally when a first generation vampire mates with a human it yields a demi-vampire, or half-vampire.  During the rare mating with special psychics a psi-vampire is born.  They have none of the limitations of a vampire such as not being able to go into sunlight, aversion to holy artifacts, etc.  They also don’t have any special physical abilities at first.  However after several decades of sucking energy from humans they will exhibit enhanced strength, speed, and agility.

They look very human, and seem perfectly normal except for their psychic energy abilities which can begin manifesting anywhere from their early childhood to early adulthood .  They may communicate with the spirits of the dead, and other higher dimensional beings.  They can sense various energy fields including human electromagnetic fields, and even the energy of the human soul itself.  They can see the past, future, and read people’s minds along with manipulating them.  Their powers vary greatly, and can include various forms of telekinesis.  The power will begin to decline if they don’t feed off the energy of humans which can include mere biological energy, electromagnetic, or that of the soul.  Each time they drain energy from a human they gain more psychic power, and continuing to do so will guarantee them immortality, and eternal youth if they do it in the correct manner.  Some grow so powerful that they have the power to kill by draining a body of energy right down to the soul.  These individuals may feed off animal or even plant energy but they will not attain immortality  Rather they will only maintain their current powers.

Unlike sanguine vampires one cannot be transformed into a psi-vampire but rather they must come from a family line containing the gene which is usually latent.  There are very few first generation energy vampires so they almost always mate with humans which dilutes the power base.  Eventually normal humans are born with the latent gene always existing in descendent’s for all eternity.  For reasons unknown it will randomly become active in certain people so you might be a psychic vampire, and have no known ancestors who were one as well.  Although somewhere in the past they exist, and may in fact still be alive on this Earth.