What Is The Exact Location Of Earth, And It’s Complete Address?

Paranormal Planet Earth
The exact location and complete address of our planet Earth is: Solar System, Local Interstellar Cloud, Local Bubble, Gould Belt, Orion–Cygnus Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Milky Way Sub-Group, Local Group (Local Galaxy Cluster), Virgo Supercluster, Laniakea Supercluster (Local Supercluster Group), Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex (Galaxy Filament), Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse, Macroverse, Mind Of God (Pure Thought Information Foundation Of Reality).

– The Solar System is our local planetary group.
The Local Interstellar Cloud
– A Supercluster is a giant group of galaxies.
– A Multiverse is six dimensional and made up of near infinite parallel 4-D Universes that encompass just about every scenario possible within a certain parameter set by God. A Multiverse starts off by an initial creation such as a Big Bang, and is only one Universe for a brief moment of time. Then new Universes skew off from it by the power of pure thought whether it be of God, higher beings, or humans.
– An Omniverse is a 10+ dimensional entity that may or may not be a God itself. It contains near infinite Multiverses encompassing just about every scenario within reason set by God.
– A Macroverse is the space in which all Omniverses, and other more complex structural entities, exist along with everything outside the sub-conscious equivalent areas of the original first Gods infinite non-corporeal mind. The Macroverse could also include those as well making it an alternate structural term for God.
– Ultimately everything that is exists within the infinite mind of God which is the only infinite non-corporeal thing there is. Everything is ultimately composed of Gods pure thought matrix. Our seemingly material reality has roots of pure energy strings embedded in supernatural soils of pure information that programs everything we experience in life!

We urge you not to relay this information to any Extraterrestrials unless you’re sure they’re friendly.  Foolishly Humankind has been lopping signals into outer space, and sending greeting messages outward into the unknown dark galactic expanse.  Illustrious Physicist Stephen Hawking has even warned us that blatantly giving away our location to the Cosmos isn’t wise. Yet of course his curiosity pushes that fear aside as he lends a hand to search for alien lifeforms.  Our society is currently very weak compared to possible advanced ET societies that may have already existed for millions of years!  Finding us would be like looking for a needle in a haystack but once a signal is detected it’s like leading them right to our front door! Hopefully a civilization that lasts long enough to achieve interstellar flight will be enlightened enough to preserve life, and embrace freedom.  We should hold off on actively giving out our location until we at least have interstellar capabilities, or are lucky enough for some friendly Extraterrestrials find us thereby acting as protective allies.

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