August 14, 2022

12 thoughts on “What Happens After Armageddon?

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    1. The Bavarian Illuminati was hijacked by the New World Order top .0001% plutocratic elites. They stole the secrets of enlightenment for themselves, and fight to keep their secrets so they can continue to reign as false Gods over us. Elements of the original Illuminati have been rolled into the Anti-Illuminati which fights against the NWO’s global reign of darkness. Someday they will reclaim the Illuminati name as their own once again.

    1. So far nobody has existed with enough author authority to do decide the outcome of such a large war. I also suspect the Omniverse God wouldn’t allow it since he’s the ultimate author, and wants to explore all scenarios naturally rather than someone painting their own story on his canvas. They can do that when they become an Omniverse God themselves.

    1. The Omniverse God is the ultimate author of this Omniverse. Of course nothing trumps the Macroverse God. Since a great deal of humanity actually have an Omniverse God soul already in existence in the higher dimensions outside time there are inadvertent acts of author authority. It’s known that writers stories come true in parallel Universes. In fact since there are so many near identical Universes where they’ve made up the same story it can aid in giving it life. What really does it though is the human collective consciousness. Stories that the global masses believe in, or just think about most certainly come into other realities. Some with latent author authority powers inadvertently cause events in this reality. Such as Morgan Robertson who wrote a novel in 1898 featuring a story almost identical to the Titanic that actually sunk in 1912.

  2. This is the reason why my ultimate goal is to reincarnated into a person with author authority Powers. you write the story, it comes true. I thought I had this power though

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