What Is A White Demon?

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white-demonA White Demon usually refers to a low level Demon.  A Demon so low that they can’t even gain entry to Hell itself.  In some cases they were in Hell but were expelled by the Archdemons, or the Devil himself.  These low level Demons usually exist in the Underworld which is the physical extension of the higher dimensional non-corporeal Hell ruled over by Earthly Gods such as Hades.  Sometimes these demons can escape, or come from a family of demons already living among us in a human looking form.  The term white in no way denotes that they are good since they are usually evil.  In rare cases they might be good however.

Their powers can be slightly above a Demi-Demon who is the product of a Demon, and human mating.  White Demon possession usually occurs when a white demon in the Underworld gains enough energy to anchor on to a vulnerable human as toe hold into the world.  Most of the time they can only cause mild physical, and mental health issues.  A number of alien abduction victims have such white demons since a possession puts them on the radar of extraterrestrials, and other paranormal beings.  The lowly demon might jump from body to body until it can find someone of weak will to totally possess, and therefore interact in the real world.  Simply drinking purified holy water in large quantities will expel these white demons.   An exorcism isn’t usually necessary unless full possession has occurred.  In such cases the exorcism expels the demon in only a few minutes without few issues.  If you suspect various physical, mental, and emotional issues might be caused by a white demon then contact your local church, witch, or paranormal investigations firm for help.

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