What Is The Apocalypse Clock?

The Apocalypse Clock is the supernatural equivalent of the infamous Doomsday Clock. The Doomsday Clock calculates the likelihood of human made global catastrophes. Especially nuclear war. Midnight is the hour of destruction. As of 2019 it was two minutes until Midnight! Our Apocalypse Clock calculates all risks to humankind. This includes all apocalyptic scenarios such as the Zombie Apocalypse and even the grand War Of Armageddon itself! The Supernatural Apocalypse Clock utilizes the 3:00 AM Devil’s Hour as the start of any given worldwide apocalypse.

Currently the time stands at 13 minutes to 3:00 AM or 2:47 AM! Interestingly enough, it technically became the Midnight Witching Hour the moment the first ape like creature evolved into a Human. It was then that the Heavenly human soul became a target for all manner of dark demonic forces! Thankfully, it is prophesied that future technology and a surge of righteousness will bring us to a 4:00 AM sunrise in the next 1000 years or so! A perfect paradise would set the clock at 12:00 PM High Noon! Read The Rest On Our Main Site…

What Happens To Mother Earth If Demons Win Armageddon?

Can Goddess Gaia, The Very Soul Of Our Planet Earth, Be Turned Into A Vampire? Perhaps A Demi-Demon  Or Demon-Goddess Hybrid?

If Demons win the final ultimate War Of Armageddon then the demonic collective consciousness of Hell, dictated by the Devil, will be freed. They most certainly will have the power to corrupt and possess the soul of our planet that is Mother Earth Goddess Gaia. Then her spirit will turn demonic and she’ll become a demonic Goddess whose personality will turn to the dark side.It will take one hell of an exorcism to save her! Thankfully she has souls in Parallel Universes and higher dimensional planes of reality just as human do. This includes her prized place as a Daughter Of The Omniverse God! Thankfully, her dark damnation in this Universe will not dictate her overall place in the greater Macroverse. Much the same as every one of us being less than stellar in some Universes while excellent in others.

The Terrifying Transformation Of Earths Environment

Mother Nature’s demonic transformation will result in the physical Earth becoming a place of dark damnation amid fire and brimstone! This includes the complete opening of all metaphysical portals and gates to Hell along with the physical Underworld!  All water in oceans, rivers, and lakes will transform into unholy crimson blood. A magical sweet nectar of Hell to reward Vampires and other blood suckers. Lava will continuously erupt from millions of volcanoes creating hot molten rivers of glowing orange annihilation. The Holy Sun will be filtered out by the ungodly dark smokey atmosphere composed of additional paranormal gasses. The Sun will become a dim unholy light that is an eerie Ultraviolet color like that of a black light. This will cause most things to glow in a spooky haunted house amusement way. The Moon will be a permanent blood red exuding the maximum unholy light at night. Thus ensuring only the most powerful and violent of Werewolves! Besides ominous shooting stars hanging heavy with flames the Moon will be the only other Heavenly body visible in the sinister skies. The air will be ripe with sulfur causing most places to smell like rotten eggs. There’s also the sickening stench of rotting corpses including the Walking Dead Zombies!

The Wayward Weather Of The Post-Apocalyptic Demon World

Violent storms will take place around this brave new wayward world! Many hurricanes and tornadoes will plague the planet. Often swirling with hell fire! Devastating winds will blow puny humans away as the Devil’s Lightning strikes the unworthy! Ground shaking lightning and thunder that will cause thousands of unholy fires every hour! Storms of stinging sulfuric acid and demonic blood may bring huge flaming hail made of excrement! All snow and ice will cease to exist on Earth as polar regions and high altitude mountains warm up to deep tropical temperatures! Equatorial regions would hit 666 degrees Fahrenheit! Apparently, this temperature was chosen to pay homage not only to the Devil’s number but also an honored soul selling guest of Hell Physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. The equator would be the ultimate vision of Hell with all life extinguished on barren rock and baked souls. Lava flows and pelting sanguine storms would disfigure the landscape further!

The End Of Life On Earth As We Know It!

All surviving life will be transformed into demonic based plants and animals. Thus creating an anti-paradise for biological demons who will escape Hell to claim their terrifying terraformed planet. You’d think that most humans would die during the Apocalypse. However, demons want to claim humans for themselves so most will be possessed as play things, turned into vampires or other creatures of the perpetual night.  Those with deep darkness dwelling in their hearts will get the gift of Demidemon status. Other humans will be demonically modified just enough to barely survive on Earth as slaves to be tortured and humiliated.  Unfortunately, death will elude them as an escape due to the Devil cruelly bestowing amortality upon them!

The Lucky Few Humans Who Manage To Escape The Demons

Some lucky humans will escape the Hell by fleeing into cooler underground caverns where technology will create adequate oxygen supplies as they grow crops under artificial lighting to survive. However such humans must take care that their cave doesn’t go so deep as to enter into the demonic dominions of the Underworld. There will be a plethora of openings to this physical inner Earth Hell releasing all manner of blasphemous behemoths upon the world including the deadly Manticores, and countless Dragons as well! If some are lucky they will connect with the hidden paradise realms of nature deities who manage to elude the demons and take pity on humankind!

The Fate Of The Nature Deities When Hell Arrives On Earth

All the Earthly Gods (Celtic, Greek, Roman, etc) will either have fled to their higher dimensional realms or their hidden afterlife realms in the Underworld. Some will be held helpless like humans and used as court jesters or simply be extinguished from existence! Others will be transformed into Demonic minions. Certainly not God-Demon Hybrids as this would be too powerful a creature. However, loyal Dark Gods and Goddesses may gain this honor. Such evil deities have had a long-standing relationship with demons. The various other supernatural beings of darkness will fit right in. Those that are of the light may lurk in the shadows, and wreak havoc where they can as the demons currently do. Shala Queen Of Halloween is a Demon-Angel Hybrid who would no doubt lead the insurrection to restore the balance between good, and evil. Her Halloween Island would be one of the few supernaturally cloaked places that the forces of good could retreat to if she allowed it. Meanwhile, anti-churches of demon worship would dominate the planet as everyone would be forced to bow before the Devil, or face his wrath!

What Will Become Of The Demi-Angel Saint Nicholas?

The Demi-Angel Santa Claus would no doubt go down with his North Pole City if it was overrun by Demons. Certainly, on a Hell Earth, its protective ice walls would melt and the cloaking spell that hides it would be weakened due to good magic, in general, being nearly extinguished! It’s also said that Santa’s evil twin brother, the Demi-Demon Anti-Claus, could have the power to transform him into a Demi-Demon. Just as an Angel win on Earth could give Santa the power to change the Anti-Claus back to his original form as a Demi-Angel. When asked about the potential nightmare about the Devil winning Armageddon Santa has said, “I would stay, and fight no matter how hopeless the cause of justice seems! I would never give up on humankind as I pray profusely for the Angels to regroup their forces in order to end such a nightmare!”

How Could The Angels Of Heaven Be Defeated To Begin With?

Hopefully, this worst-case scenario will never happen but there are so many unpredictable supernatural factional wildcards in play here. Unfortunately, it seems that the God of the Omniverse likes to play out mathematical probabilities since that’s what Gods do. So he’s left the non-human origin Archangels and Angels in charge of the forces of good while he takes a neutral stance. Even if it seems Angels should be easily victorious over all factions there are supernatural circumstances where things could go south. We also have the fact that Armageddon takes places over a wide array of Parallel Universes on billions of planets other than Earth. So mere luck or roll of the dice could net a demon victory in any given world! In addition, the forces of evil have said they shall not rest until they dominate all Universes, Multiverses and even possess the Omniverse God himself! Such an unimaginable defeat would put every human soul in Heaven at the mercy of the Devil and his denizens of darkness!

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What Will Happen To You In This Horrifying Hell?

What could you do if trapped on such an Earth? Believe it or not the sudden shock of the real world of the supernatural revealing itself along with a surge of planetary paranormal energies would open up some power potential in those who know what to do. Those with borderline psychokinetic powers might finally manifest them to the fullest in order to join the fight in the rebellion of good.  Although, if you manifest no powers and you’re looking to escape then Astral Projection would be the best shot for the average individual. In the new metaphysical energized climate of a Hell Earth, you may be able to astrally advance to the point of being able to permanently leave your biological body. You could then go anywhere in the Universe, another reality or even higher planes of existence! Click Here For More Information On Astral Projection Or Learn From An Astral Master Now!

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What Happened At The Third Battle Of Armageddon?

The Apocalypse Technically Began In 2013!

As some of you may know, The War Of Armageddon began on Halloween October 31, 2013. It was at The Devil’s Pentagram In Tobol, Kazakstan where the First Battle took place! Armageddon is the supernatural war for domination of Earth and humankind. The Archangels of Heaven have staked their claim on us in the name of God. However, everyone knows he is essentially neutral and loves to play out all scenario’s in his vast metaphysical mind that is our reality of Multiverses! The War will consist of countless battles over the course of the 21st century. Many of the initial battles will be fought secretly with little mainstream media coverage or it will be explained away as something logical. The major paranormal players include Angels, Demons, Nature Deities, Jinn, Extraterrestrials, and more! The final battles of the war could very well be an all-out global melee where we will see heavenly angelic soldiers fighting for supernatural supremacy!

The Second Battle Of Armageddon Struck At The Heart Of The Nature Gods!

The Second Battle Of Armageddon took place on February 21, 2014, At The Demigod Camp Semideum In Siberia, Russia. The central Earthly encampment of God-Human Hybrids in training for war. It was a heavy loss for nature deities at the hands of Hell itself! The odd couple of Slenderman and The Devil were more than a match for the hundreds of supernatural beings living there! Slenderman’s power lies in him being a player off the game board as he’s from an alternate dimension. His mind control powers overwhelmed the Demigods and all were tragically lost! Apparently, Slenderman was promised the souls of a certain number of children. Technically the Devil and his demonic minions can’t touch said souls that possess pure innocence. Such a thing is repellent to most demonic entities. This is why handing them over to Slender was no big woof! Thankfully, Slenderman is a loner and this was hopefully a one time deal.

The Third Battle Shrouded In Secrecy Is Finally Revealed!

The Third Battle took place on the Super Blood Moon Night Of September 27th, 2015 In The Mystical Forest Of Woodland Springs, Colorado. However, as a favor to the Greek God Zeus we here at Mystic Investigations, along with others in the supernatural know, promised not to reveal what happened until now. He feared his defeat at the hands of the Devil would not only represent a personal embarrassment but would destroy morale for all the Earthly Gods and Goddesses pledging to fight in his armies. This also included the ones he was still negotiating with. Although nobody expected Zeus to go up against a former Archangel and win! Still, he needs every advantage he can get when large scale battles start to spill into the mainstream populace. Although it is said a number of these battles will be amid the chaos of standard human wars so they won’t be noticed as being paranormal. Interestingly enough The Supernatural Secrecy Pact makes an exception for Armageddon revealing elements of the paranormal world to humankind.

This particular battle stemmed from vengeance. Zeus sought revenge for the loss of his Demigod Camp in the Second Battle Of Armageddon at the hands of the Devil, his demonic minions, and Slenderman. Unfortunately, Slenderman was out of reach due to his unique nature. He’s also not considered a major player in the apocalypse as he has no minions. Zeus wanted the real culprit for the godly genocide! That being the ArchDemon Satan! Local Nymphs and Fairies alerted Zeus that the Devil was in a human looking form in the Heart of The Mystical Forest. That location contains unique paranormal powers linked to Mother Earth Goddess Gaia. The Devil had an ancient tablet with him that he recently unearthed in the Middle East. He was there with his baby Anti-Christ son who was providing some unique enchanted element. Satan recited a spell in an unknown language written on the supposed holy stone. Zeus and a garrison of Gods and Goddesses surprised the diabolical duo before they could complete their dark ritual.

The Devil quickly teleported his son to safety as Zeus physically tackled him. It appeared the Devil was alone until a troop of demons appeared. In reality, they were demon-possessed humans who had been training for battle. Actual manifestation of pure physical demons quickly alerts Angels who swoop down in droves. Such a sight will not be seen until the later no holds barred battles of Armageddon. The denizens of darkness attacked the Godly garrison with a female Demi-Demon named Tory acting as General. As Zeus and Satan tussled about the ground, Zeus shot a lightning bolt into the tablet. It crumbled as a kaleidoscope of iridescent lights appeared everywhere. Goddess Gaia, thought to be locked away dormant in her own sub-conscious for unknown reasons, was released and appeared in white angelic garb. Mystic Investigations showed up as that happened. A local Fairy informed our very own Demi-Mermaid Witch Rebecca Abernathy that the Battle was going down in our own backyard!

The Gods were losing so we aided them while a few of us collected pieces of the magical tablet and fled away with it. The Goddess Gaia stood there staring confused in biological form and did not interfere as per her non-intervention orders from the Omniverse Lord. King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo, and nemesis of the Devil, appeared with his own loyal demons who actually aided the Gods. A sort of enemy of my enemy is my friend thing I guess! That’s when the Mystic Investigations team backed away to deal with several Zombies caused by humans and animals rising from the grounds of the forest. They were headed for town so we dealt with that threat. It’s thought the immense supernatural energy release, coupled with the Super Blood Moon, reanimated every shred of dead matter in a mile radius! There were also the horrifying Werewolves of the Blood Moon attracted to the demons flocking from miles around so we had to fight through them as well! Even the most rabid Werewolf will fall under the spell of a demon!

The Devil was about to Kill Zeus when Diablo entered the fray directly. The wounded Zeus was taken away by Fairy Medics and ended up healing completely later on. As the Emperor and King Of Hell Fought via fists, kicks, and magical energy assaults Goddess Gaia began closing the high energy Heart Of The Mystical Forest. However, the battle crashed into it causing a giant explosion. Gaia’s astral body merged into her physical body that is the planet itself. Diablo teleported away in the nick of time and the Devil’s biological body exploded! His pure metaphysical Arch-Demon spirit returned to Hell to personally lead the raging Civil War against Diablo. The Devil’s Earthly body was made from the Anti-Claus’s form in 2013 at the First Battle. Once the Devil’s body was destroyed and combined with some odd interaction via the energy of the Mystical Heart he reappeared from a long stay with Ice Demons in Purgatory. It had been previously thought the Dark Claus was rewarded with Demonhood in Hell.

The Demi-ArchDemon Anti-Claus gazed about confused and weak as he muttered, “Ah yes Merry Dark Christmas you bastards!” He then absorbed the last embers of healing energy from the Heart before it closed. He sped away at super speed while cackling like a loon, “I’m back bitches!” The Demi-Demon Tory yelled at the Anti-Claus to stay and fight but he ignored her. Since then the Dark Claus has gone back to his usual attempts to stop Christmas and cause supernatural insurrections around the world. Thankfully, he’s a big failure most of the time! He seriously didn’t take kindly to Tory giving him orders in a disrespectful tone and it’s said he ate her whole to restore his complete compliment of powers. It was reported Satan was somewhat annoyed by this but he always gives the Anti-Claus a free pass due to being the most powerful Demi-Demon next to the Anti-Christ. There’s also the intertwined link with his twin brother Santa Claus, the most powerful Demi-Angel in the world! Technically his act of cannibalism is a Satanic sacrifice and Tory’s dark spirit is in Hell. Unfortunately for the Devil, her unique power as a Demi-Demon that can go undetected by Angels has come to a permanent close!

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The Battle between demons and nature deities raged on for hours causing quite a bit of destruction to the center of the Mystical Forest. That in addition to the earlier explosion! Luckily, the paranormal power of said forest coupled with Goddess Gaia’s grace restored it to its former glory within a year!  In the end, the Gods won as several Nymphs, Fairies, Elves, and other nature deities swarmed in from as far as two states away! Even a parade of animals such as bears, wolves, and killer bees entered the fray as they obey Earthly God commands. Mystic Investigation successfully protected Woodland Springs from the living dead until the holy light of dawn repelled the supernatural scourge! Tory the Demi-Demon fled on foot with the remaining demons. Some of which we exorcized thereby restoring the human vessel to conscious control.

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Sometime during the chaos Goddess Gaia vanished but since then seers, psychics, mystics, witches, and other supernaturals have felt her conscious presence everywhere! We now know that the Devil was attempting to possess her and the very soul of the planet Earth. If he’d succeeded he would have had the home-field advantage in the final fights of Armageddon! Despite this win for the forces of righteousness, we learned that the Civil War in Hell ended in early 2018 with a stalemate. There is a truce between Diablo and the Devil. Now the Demons of Hell are united in their quest to damn the Earth to eternal darkness!

When Will The Fourth Battle Of Armageddon Take Place?

Since the first three annual apocalyptic battles, we have seen a lull for over three years now. In fact, several top-flight psychics, seers, and mystics see the next potential battle during the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024. Although when it comes to predicting these battles even the best soothsayers can’t say for sure as there are so many perplexing paranormal parts that include higher and parallel dimensional dominoes! Previously the Fourth Battle was slated to happen during the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. Although, a small skirmish involving the young son of the Devil, The Anti-Christ, took place. There the Little Devil decimated a merry band of innocent Nymphs and Fairies with diabolical glee!

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Some say the lull is due to the Emperor Devil working to recover from the Civil War in Hell. Others say he’s been infiltrating Heaven to recruit Angels. His King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo is said to be traversing inter-Omniversal space to find hyper-powerful allies to defeat all adversaries in the ultimate quest to possess our entire Omniverse and the mind of its God! Diablo’s rise to power from Sorcerer to King Of Hell happened in part by his ability to traverse Parallel Universes and alternate planes of reality to collect enchanted energy from a variety of souls. This included melding with his own Parallel Universe selves. Let’s hope the Omniverse God has calculated this probability and has countermeasures in place to prevent Hell from existing everywhere for eternity!

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