What Is A Werezombie?

ZombiewolfIt’s a common misconception that a Werezombie is a Werewolf-Zombie Hybrid.  In most cases the Werewolf virus trumps the Zombie virus so such a creature won’t exist.  However a fresh zombie created from a live human could become a Zombie-Werewolf Hybrid for the remainder of the full Moon night it was bitten.  By dawn it would be completely rotted, or turned to ash as it became ravaged by the demonic Lycanthrope virus.  This extremely temporary creature would technically be called a Zombiewolf.

The term “Were” indicates a supernatural being that changes form rather than pointing only to a transforming wolf.  So a Werezombie is a human that can change into zombie form at will, or by the power of certain stimulus.  Despite our Cryptologist Ashley Abercrombie being a Demi-Zombie, aka a rare stable human-zombie hybrid, she has never turned into a full zombie.  She looks completely human.  Although she has the palest skin you’ll ever see, and can’t seem to ever get a sun tan.

In actuality there was no recorded entity known as a Werezombie that we knew of.  That is until this week when Ashley accidentally created one at Mystic Investigations headquarters.  She had been working on an immortality elixir based on her unique blood.  Actually trying to find a way to tap into a zombies immortality potential if only it didn’t rot.  Ashley unfortunately ages, or in essence slowly rots at the cellular level, so she wants to somehow correct that.  Unfortunately she has been unsuccessful thus far.  We had an incident at Mystic Investigations where someone died accidentally, and we contemplated a number of ways to bring them back including witchcraft, turning him into a vampire, and utilizing Zack Powers nanobots to resurrect the individual.  Witchcraft resurrection has deep consequences, Drake our vampire will only be responsible for those choosing to be a member of the living dead, and Zack’s nanobots only work on him. We decided on Ashley’s experimental immortality elixir.  He came back to life, and we thought all was well until a human got close to him.  He then suddenly transformed into a zombie, and took a bite out of them.  Thankfully we were there to stop him. Once locked away in our sub-basement vault he turned back to a human again.

WerezombieSo we believe we accidentally created the worlds first Werezombie!  A person who appears to be human but then transforms into a blood thirsty flesh eating zombie upon close contact with humans.  We’re currently experimenting to see if anything can be done that would allow him to not be a danger to society.  It seems blocking his olfactory receptors with special nostril filters works to an extent.  We’re still fine tuning these custom devices for him. Unfortunately when someone touches him he still transforms into a hellish living dead creature.  Ashley is currently working on a type of supernatural lotion he could wear.  If we release him he seems to understand the need to wear the nostril filters along with being completely covered in clothing including the wearing of gloves.  Thankfully he isn’t married, has no girlfriend, and has no kids so things should be fine for now.  His only options for a future relationship may be with another supernatural being that is half human at the most.

We’ve also called in our local Native American Comanche tribe that happens to be a pack of Werewolves who can transform at will without a full Moon.  They are mentally training him in the hopes that he can control his transformations as they do along with keeping their human wits about them. In other words he could be a superhero zombie that only attacks evil doers!  He was angry at first about what we did to him but now he’s excited by the prospect of being a member of the supernatural community! At present he wishes to keep his identity private. We will keep you updated on future developments in the creation of a new supernatural creature on this Earth!

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