How Does The Weather Affect Zombies?

What Temperatures, and Weather Conditions Do Zombies Like?
Zombie HoardsFirstly, Zombies don’t technically like anything as we humans do. They’re mindless biological machines programmed to attack us in order to consume our flesh.  A instinctual need linked to the zombie virus that feeds primarily off live human DNA, and RNA. This quintessence of human biology energizes the virus which in turn slows the rate of cellular decay within the walking dead corpse.  There are weather conditions more favorable than others when it comes to preservation of the zombies decaying form.

Temperature wise zombies will rot faster in Equatorial zones, and hot summers around the world.  While in Arctic zones, and areas of winter the rate of necrosis is greatly decreased even without consuming flesh.  In fact they remain immortally preserved at temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit.  At this literal freezer temperature the necrosis of their cells ceases, and they could theoretically stagger about the cold wastelands of the far north forever.  However the urge to find humans outweighs the natural draw to cold, and dark.  Of course you can always get too much of a good thing when moisture enters the equation.

The older a zombie is the less moisture they have within them.  The oldest zombies are virtually desiccated to the point of one blunt blow turning them into dust.  Presuming they haven’t eaten a human recently thereby introducing some temporary moisture into their cells. Such moisture, whether internal, or externally introduced through precipitation, or bodies of water, can cause them to freeze standing in place at temperatures reaching 25 below zero Fahrenheit, or colder.  They can keep going to this temperature due to the supernatural anti-freeze nature of the zombification virus that composes their paranormal DNA.  It’s not unheard of to find a hoard of zombies frozen in a graveyard due to the sudden onset of an Polar Vortex blizzard.  Paranormal Archeologists have also found zombies frozen in polar ice.  In some cases right next to completely intact Wooly Mammoth’s.  Unfortunately when the normal Archeologists take the corpses back to their lab for study the results are quite disastrous!

Zombies will decay more quickly in situations where there is excessive heat, and rain.  So tropical rainforests are the worst place for them to exist when considering this factor.  On the other hand such places are abundant with life to eat.  Animals will tide them over but their meat isn’t anywhere near as potent for the zombie virus as human meat.  A zombie will naturally retreat from the sun if only due to the blinding glare upon their delicate decaying eyes.  In a desert they have no choice but to bask in the sun whose heat simultaneously serves to accelerate necrosis while at the same time dehydrating their body thereby preserving them.  The two generally cancel each other out causing no greater than average decline in cellular cohesion.   That is assuming they haven’t consumed any flesh thereby introducing moisture into their body.

The safest weather for humans when it comes to zombies would be any manner ofPC Download Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare
excessive snowfall, and/or extreme Arctic cold.  Any measurable snow will collect on a slow moving zombie who doesn’t know to shake himself off.  Once blinded by snow, and ice, or frozen in place they become harmless to humans.  Even excessive rains can blind them along with tornado, or hurricane force winds blowing them away. Those who have Zombiphobia, a deep fear of zombies, either stay locked indoors living in the middle of nowhere, or stick to direct sunlight while outdoors.

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  2. Have you noticed that on the Talking Dead show, right before they advertise the zombie survival tips, the host says something like “Zombies will come” or “Hope your prepared for when the Zombie Apocalypse happens” its rather suspicious, or it might just be part of the show…

    • The concept of the zombie apocalypse has become very popular in recent years. Sure it’s part of the show but also the plutocratic elites that control all aspects of our society do enjoy seeing their dreams take shape in entertainment mediums. Certainly their plans for population reduction could include releasing a virus that could become a deadly global pandemic. I think sub-consciously the general public has a sense that our society is self-destructive, and an apocalyptic ending could very well happen. Most civilizations in our galaxy have most likely destroyed themselves before acquiring star travel which is why so few extraterrestrial species exist.

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