August 14, 2022

5 thoughts on “How Does The Weather Affect Zombies?

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  2. Have you noticed that on the Talking Dead show, right before they advertise the zombie survival tips, the host says something like “Zombies will come” or “Hope your prepared for when the Zombie Apocalypse happens” its rather suspicious, or it might just be part of the show…

    1. The concept of the zombie apocalypse has become very popular in recent years. Sure it’s part of the show but also the plutocratic elites that control all aspects of our society do enjoy seeing their dreams take shape in entertainment mediums. Certainly their plans for population reduction could include releasing a virus that could become a deadly global pandemic. I think sub-consciously the general public has a sense that our society is self-destructive, and an apocalyptic ending could very well happen. Most civilizations in our galaxy have most likely destroyed themselves before acquiring star travel which is why so few extraterrestrial species exist.

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