What Happens If A Zombie Bites A Werewolf?

Or A Werewolf Bites A Zombie?

Werewolf ZombieAs may already know both Werewolves, and Zombies transform others into their own kind by the transmission of their bodily fluids.  Most often saliva due to their instinctual need to bite everything in sight. If a Zombie bites a Werewolf in it’s nocturnal full Moon wolfed out form nothing happens because the Zombie virus is far weaker than the Demonic based Lycanthrope virus that surges through the blood of Werewolves.  The Werewolf would tear the Zombie to shreds with it’s claws but would be disgusted as it bit into it’s rotten stinking dead flesh.  If it ingested a large enough chunk of flesh, or high quantity of blood, it could knock the Werewolf out cold the rest of the night.  If a Werewolf is bitten by a Zombie while in human diurnal form they will get sick for several hours as the latent living Lycanthrope virus fights off the living dead zombie virus.  They will recover completely, and won’t become a zombie.

If a Werewolf were to bite a Zombie, and it some how escaped then it would most likely disintegrate into ash as the Werewolf virus completely overwhelms the Zombie virus thereby tearing the Zombies cells to shreds.  However in rare cases a fresh strong Walking Dead corpse might turn into a Zombie-Werewolf Hybrid for the remaining hours of the night of the full moon.  There are only a handful of legends speaking of such a beast.  The sparse accounts indicate the unique creature is immune to silver bullets, and is only minimally repelled by religious artifacts.  It also gains exponentially more strength, speed, agility, and intelligence with each corpse it consumes.  If it existed it would completely rot at dawn never to see another night of terror again.

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