August 14, 2022

3 thoughts on “The Hare & Dark Moon Werewolf Watch

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  2. Good to know.I don’t go out much at night,not usually unless someone invites me out somewhere.What are the chances of a werewolf,vampire or other creature of the night just randomly showing up at someones place to devour them?

    1. Odds are slim for the average human when it comes to running across a dangerous supernatural entity. Werewolves tend to stick to rural areas with woods nearby. Although if someone doesn’t know they’re a Werewolf then they could pop up anywhere even in the middle of a city. Vampires tend to case social nocturnal venues for desirable victims.

      1. I live somewhere rural with woods nearby.On the bright side I don’t have to worry at all about vampires while I live out here – the handful of small,rustic pubs in my local small town are probably not much of an attraction 😀

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