Can Unicorns Have Babies?

Newborn Baby Unicorn
Both Immortal humans and animals usually can’t have kids. This is because Mother Nature has made our world firstly for mortals. Of course with free will and intelligence in the mix, it is only a matter of time before humankind finds immortality for itself. Until then there are always unseen paths or loopholes in this general policy. This to ensure supernatural species don’t perish from the Earth over the centuries. Unicorns are no different. Especially as the only Earthly creature created directly by the hand of the Omniverse God. Unicorns were his personal gift to humankind and his daughter Goddess Gaia. In the Garden Of Eden that became home to the Alpha Humans, the Holy Lord created three Unicorns representing himself, humankind, and Mother Earth. A special blessing of unconditional mating was guaranteed for one century before Immortal rules took natural hold.πŸ¦„

How A Unicorn Gets Pregnant?

Unicorn Procreation
Unicorns are often portrayed as having feminine qualities while at the same time some claim they’re all male. The truth is they were created without gender to maintain the absolute righteous purity Unicorns are known for. This is why it only seems virgins may get close to them and even ride them. Two or more Unicorns may touch their horns, called alicorns, together to cause one to become pregnant. The one whose alicorn was placed forth first is the one who carries the sainted Unicorn child. Clearly, after the first 100 years, our planet saw the largest Unicorn population it will ever have! Once Gods mating blessing expired there was a series of conditions that needed to be in place for a Unicorn pregnancy to occur.πŸ’«

The Conditions Necessary For Unicorn Conception

Unicorn Mother And Child
Firstly, The location of conception must be on a Chakra or enchanted energy point of our planet. These are secluded places Unicorns most often live in. A Unicorn Fairy must sprinkle their glittering rainbow Fairy Dust upon the noble beasts granting a procreation blessing from Mother Earth. It must take place during the Witching Hour of a 100% Full Blue Moon. This is a second Full Moon in any month. All Unicorns involved must also gaze up at the Constellation of Monoceros and commune with The Great Unicorn Spirit. Monoceros is the Unicorn Constellation. Lastly, a Great Comet must stream across the skies. Any comet that can be easily seen with the human eye.β˜„οΈUpon conception a dazzling nocturnal rainbow blazes across the starry skies!🌈

The Magical Unicorn Birth Ceremony

Rainbow Unicorn
As you can see Unicorn babies are rare! A Unicorn is only pregnant for one month before giving birth on the next Full Moon. You can spot a pregnant Unicorn as they will have a shimmering rainbow colored horn, mane, and tail for the entire month. Otherwise, this rainbow coloring only appears temporarily when they are creating rainbows to glide across. The blessed baby is born via a magical ceremony presided over by Goddess Gaia and the Unicorn Goddess. In attendance, there are also Unicorn Nymphs, Unicorn Fairies, Rainbow deities, and various other nature deities. There’s even invited honored guests from the supernatural world that usually include witches and other righteous Practitioners Of Magic. Witnessing the beautiful birth imbues good luck upon all! Additionally, Leprechauns will sense the impending birth and show up unannounced. Naturally, they are completely welcome! Leprechauns have always had a special kinship with Unicorns and their presence further blesses those present with good fortune!πŸ€πŸŒˆβ˜˜οΈ

The Birth Of Blessed Unicorn Baby

Unicorn Parents And Child
The baby more or less magically teleports from the Unicorn Mother’s body via magical means. A small rainbow shoots forth from the Mother and the very tiny baby appears fully capable of walking. Simultaneously, a rainbow shimmers in the skies above. It is said the baby grows within the Mother’s heart. If this ceremony didn’t take place then the baby would be absorbed into the Mother after one month! Fear not for the spirit of the baby would animate to eternal life in Mother Earth’s Paradise Plane. Not soon after the sacred ceremony, the little gleaming white tyke is then taken away by their parents. The Mother and Father(s) then raise the child to adulthood over the course of three years. The grown child will then leave to explore the world. Unicorns are solitary creatures and staying together too long puts them all at risk from those who would harm them. However, there are times throughout the year families unite and even form a herd for a short time in the heart of deep forests.🌲🌳🌲

Unicorn Hybrids

Unstable Unicorns Card Game
Some claim Unicorns can mate with horses and other equines. However, these are unsubstantiated rumors. Still, the fabled Unicorn-Horse Hybrid could be possible through powerful magic and deep nature deity support. What we do know is that Unicorns can definitely mate with the great flying horse known as the Pegasus. The Pegasus is the only known animal on Earth created directly by the hand of Archangels. The mating process between a Unicorn and Pegasus is a tightly held secret. In the end, it gives us the magical flying Unicorn-Pegasus Hybrid. A holy magical creature that can literally fly into outer space and even into higher dimensions that include Heaven!πŸ¦„

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