What Do Rainbows Taste Like?

Mystical RainbowWould you believe rainbows in fact taste something like Skittles hard candy?  Paranormal researchers have spent over three decades looking for the answer to this question via painstaking field study, and lab analysis.  They’ve located Leprechauns, Clurichauns, Unicorns, Rainbow Nymphs, and Fairies along with the handful of other paranormal beings that can actually taste a rainbow.  Naturally these various creatures are very secretive, and hard to get in contact with.  Usually offering a Leprechaun some gold gets them to agree to an interview with a paranormal investigator.  Unicorns are more difficult, and require the presence of special psychic mind readers since they don’t speak.  Nymphs, and Fairies are often lured in by extremely handsome human men, and beyond alluring women. Clurichauns can be tricked into thinking you want to make a dark deal with them.

After nearly 30 years of extensive metaphysical research the supernatural science wizards finallySkittles narrowed the potential tastes down, and fed Skittles to the various beings at their disposal. The supernatural creatures verified that the chewy candy was the closest thing to rainbow flavor.  Basically a pleasant sugary sweet citrus orange lemon lime kind of taste with a hint of strawberry, and grape.  So in fact the good folks down at Skittles are correct when they say “Taste The Rainbow”.  We’re not sure if they have a window into the world of the supernatural? Perhaps they have a Leprechaun consultant working on staff?!?

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