Do Unicorns Kill People?

Every planet blessed with sentient life is said to have one animal created directly by the hand of the holy Omniverse God. On Earth that amazing animal is the sainted Unicorn! A glittering gleaming white horse like creature with a slender spiraling horn on its head that is generally gold in color. Unicorns are some the most magically imbued animals in existence full of good luck and iridescent rainbow light. They’re also beyond elusive, timid and gentle in their peaceful intelligence.🌈

The Killer Unicorns?

Despite their placid innocence they can kill if there is no other choice! If an exceptionally evil soul is endangering an innocent person then a Unicorn will bravely intervene. This could very well include a justified termination via its sharp horn! Such an act is considered a holy sacrifice that keeps the Unicorns innocence intact in the eyes of Heaven. There have also been rare instances of especially powerful beings or magical practitioners creating Dark Unicorns who kill without impunity! If you spot what appears to be a Unicorn without its trademark bright white coat, and a horn as black as coal, then run for your mortal life! Just remember it could have a magical Glamour upon it to remain white and trick you!🦄

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