Does Peter Pan And Neverland Exist?

Peter PanIt’s been said that everything imaginable exists in some parallel reality within our grand Omniverse.  Only a handful of verified genuine five dimensional thinking psychics have given sparse details of their visions related to the supposedly fictional eternal child Peter Pan, and his Neverland home.  Neverland is actually one of nearly infinite bubble Universe’s residing in the Astral Dream Plane between life, and death.  It’s basically an island amid a seemingly infinite sea. However it’s said if you sail long enough you’ll end up back at Neverland Island.  There is some indication that submerging to a certain depth in the ocean, or flying high enough into the sky will allow you to escape into the astral plane, or end up in a random parallel Universe.  There may also be deep caves leading to the so called “Real World”.  Coming across Neverland is like finding a needle in a Earth sized haystack.  Residents of Neverland are mainly those who died, and got stuck there instead of going to their respective Afterlives. Others came across it while astral projecting, and were unable or unwilling to ever leave.  This eventually leads to the death of their physical body.  In some cases beings living there are in a coma in the physical world.  In addition some were banished there by practitioners of magic who know about the paranormal place directly. Captain Hook is one such entity banished to Neverland.

Peter Pan was a real human boy in a parallel Universe who fell into a coma at a young age after a tragic ice skating accident. However his fate was reliant on Peter Pan’s author J. M. Barrie.  It’s thought that Barrie’s Neverland based writings may have been due to coming across it once while dreaming as a child.  Everyone astral projects when dreaming.  Barrie was able to leave, and probably remembered it subconsciously later on when he wrote Peter Pan. The character of Peter Pan is truly his creation based on his brother David who died in an ice skating accident at age 14. So he always imagined him as an eternal child. After Barrie died in June of 1937 he began the journey through the astral plane into the Heavenly Afterlife.  Along the way he came across the wandering spirit of Peter Pan who was physically lying a coma in a hospital in some parallel Universe. Their astral spirits briefly melded. Most likely due to the coincidence of his character having the same name, and the related ice skating accident.  Barrie unintentionally imbued Peter Pan with the characteristics of his fictional character.  To some extent this was a form of Author Authority. So Peter Pan became the real Peter Pan from Barrie’s books. This immediately sent Peter’s spirit to the Neverland bubble reality, and the rest is history!  At some point his physical body died as a child in the hospital he was in.  Also he attained flight powers when he accidentally walked through Tinker Bell’s fairy dust trail.

Despite the bubble Universe being an astral creation Neverland itself is a physical reality. When Peter, and the others enter it’s confines their astral bodies transform into a biological form.  It’s unknown how this paranormal process takes place, or how Neverland was created to begin with. If one is able to leave by flight or deep sea diving they run the risk of tumbling out into the astral plane as physical entities left helplessly adrift in the infinite 5th dimension. The trick is to find a doorway to a parallel Universe. Something Peter Pan has done thereby meeting Wendy, and the Darling Family.  Beyond these detail nothing else is known about Peter Pan, or his ultimate fate!

Peter Pan Neverland

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