What Is The Disappearing Objects Phenomenon?

Why Do Things Sometimes Seem To Appear & Disappear?
Parallel RealityscapeHave you ever noticed small things appear, and disappear?  Maybe not blatantly in front of your very eyes.  However you may look away from a given area, and when you look back something is gone, or a new object is suddenly there.  You dismiss it as forgetfulness or unobservant behavior.  Often times what we’ve experienced is Disappearing Objects Phenomenon, sometimes called DOP for short. This is especially true when the object was right near you, and then you inexplicably can’t find it anywhere seconds later! From our perspective a great many times objects are in essence vanishing, and materializing seemingly out of thin air.  Although in reality it is us who are bobbing about the Cosmos! What you’re witnessing is your sapient consciousness interacting with the fabric of our reality as we move across five dimensional probability hyperspace.  Just as time marches forward into the future due to our movement across 4-D time-space so do we phase into slightly identical realities with our imperceptible 5-D treks.  As we constantly phase into a new parallel Universe at every Plank Unit there can be small differences.  In some cases it really is our less than perfect memories, or inability to take in every detail of our environment. In a smaller number of cases it could in fact be various paranormal entities performing the pilfering of our belongings.  Especially the minute, and invisible ones!

Next time something disappears assume it’s due to your five dimensional movement.  Since such movement is intertwined with your thoughts, as witnessed
in the Double Slit Experiment, you can possibly return the object in question to your reality-scape. Simply close your eyes, and concentrate on the belonging along with it’s last known location.  Remove all other thoughts from your mind for a good minute.  Thinking of a blank white sheet of paper is a good way to prep your mind for this task.  If all goes well your item should be returned when you open your eyes. Success is highly dependent on your will, and the time interval from it’s actual disappearance.  If you saw something a month ago, and you want it back now it’s not likely.  With each passing day of disappearance the odds grow exponentially slim that you’ll see your item ever again!  If you just turned your head for mere moments, and it was gone when you looked back then you have a good chance.  Most likely you will phase your self back into the previous parallel Universe, and in some cases you may actually will the object into your current Universe.  So next time that priceless heirloom goes missing don’t blame your roommate, friends, spouse, kids or the innocent doggy! 🙂

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