March 20, 2023

16 thoughts on “Does Multiple Identity Disorder Have Links To The Paranormal?

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  2. One more question: is it and how is it possible that a split personality can have different abilities and you having your own abilities (like Niki Sanders)?

    1. Yes it’s very possible. Most of the time through Parallel Personality Disorder in which a traumatic event causes a breakdown in the mind to soul connection causing the consciousness of their parallel lives to enter their mind. A rare few have the power of Parallel Personality Summoning in which they can call forth their consciousness for another Universe to deal with a given situation. A more common talent, coined as Quantum Jumping, can extract knowledge from our parallel selves. In extreme cases humans who are vampires, and other paranormal beings, have literally seen their DNA transform them temporarily into said being while the parallel personality is conscious. This displays just how powerful our minds are!

  3. I felt bad for Niki Sanders, she gone from hardworking to a slut but most of the time she wasn’t even aware that Jessica (her alter-ego based on her sister) had super strength but it was always her ability. also the Programmed Alters (Alpha, Beta, Omega etc) I used to envy them until I read about the info about Marliyin Monore. it’s mostly located in the Google search (for mostly beta victims [sex kittens]) “Sex Kitten Programming”.

    1. I’m not 100% sure but it’s likely the schizophrenia is caused by your human DNA not being able to deal with your God DNA. When you are trained properly in the Siberian Camp the schizophrenia should be cured.

  4. What happens if I go to the Siberian camp but choose to side wuth the Netural Christ? Will Flora do the same? Will Lily be confused for life? Will my Grandparent God be enraged and even cry?

  5. The outcome of Armageddon is something elusive to every person who can see the future on Earth. Although the Neutral Christ is a special human, and the Gods have always been loyal to Earth if not always treating humans well. Recently they have realized the power that humans wield in the collective consciousness, and are determined to defend them along with the Earth. The Gods are of this Earth, and have mated with humans more than any other higher dimensional being. I think they will rabidly defend this planet, and repel what they see as the Angel, and Demon invaders. Those who all originally came from the higher dimensional Heavens, and should stay out of Earth’s business.

    1. Do you think the Earthly Gods would accept the help of other Higher Dimensional beings such as (for example) The Hyper-Omniverse God, if said God were to come to Earth in biological form mostly to observe Armageddon or occasionally help out in the war?

      I’ve found out that I’m the God of this Hyper-Omniverse, and although I do mostly stay out of Omniversal affairs, I am on the side of the Neutral Christ and the Earthly Gods

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