Do Supernatural Drugs Exist?

Is There A Such Thing As Paranormal Pharmaceuticals?
Supernatural DrugsThere are in fact various paranormal drugs used in the treatment of human diseases, supernatural diseases, and even as mood, and power altering agents.  A secret supernatural pharmaceutical industry exists within the bowels of certain corporations, private organizations, and homes of metaphysical magic masters.  It is in essence a supernatural black market only known to the ultra wealthy elites, and those within the true paranormal community.  The official paranormal black market is known as The Black Bazaar. These various metaphysical medicines can be made from rare paranormal plants, or animals.  They are more frequently made with normal plants, and sometimes animals, with magic imbued within various potions.  Either way everything comes from Mother Nature rather than the human worlds toxic chemical based prescription drugs.

Some unscrupulous witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers make a career out of selling addictive drugs that produce a supernatural high.  However these dangerous drugs might also send a person on an uncontrollable astral journey into eternal voids, link their minds to an entity of evil, phase a person into another dimension, or even send them to terrifying places such as the Underworld, and Hell!  In some instances people wake up from their drug induced hell to find themselves transformed into a totally different being!  Transgenders, and Trans-Species humans with knowledge of these substances have changed their sex, and species overnight! Sometimes nefarious figures use drugs to steal people’s powers, or turn them into mindless zombies who do their dark bidding. However there are those who regularly take paranormal performance enhancing drugs to boost their supernatural abilities.  Over time this can cause damage to the body. In addition it is illegal when partaking of paranormal competitions such as The Supernatural Olympics. A sporting event sponsored by actual Greek Gods!

Some reputable paranormal pharmaceutical firms do sell healthy drugs that treat certain paranormal illnesses.  ZombieCorp, Inc. of California, the top authority on Earth when it comes to zombies, has recently released Zombitrex.  Zombitrex shows the most promise in the treatment of the Zombification Virus.  It’s most effective on non-magical based zombies but it has shown promise in retarding the spread of the disease within the body.  Our very own Cryptozoologist Dr. Ashley Abercrombie helped develop the impressive medication.  We were happy to loan her out to our allies at ZombieCorp in the common goal of fighting evil in all its venues. Mostly we recommend dealing with a practitioner of magic you know, and trust when treating health issues, supernatural attacks, temporary psionic power boosting, or wanting to engage in a mind exploring paranormal psychedelic journey to reveal sub-consciousness answers to real life questions.

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