Is The Philosopher’s Stone Real?

Our extensive paranormal research leads us to believe that the Philosopher’s Stone is real! It is responsible for the birth of the ancient art of Alchemy that melded science and magic into one. In some respects, Alchemy was related to Wizardry. Alchemists sought to replicate the perplexing powers of the elusive Philosophers Stone in its long absence. The apex of Alchemy was considered the creation of a new Philosophers Stone. So whoever was to accomplish this would have immense personal power. Perhaps enough to take over entire civilizations! However, nobody possessing it was foolhardy enough to risk going up against the entire world of magic and the supernatural powers that be. It’s rumored that only one person accomplished the creation of a second Philosophers Stone. An Alchemist named Tobin who lived in the 16th century. Upon his supposed creation of the stone he promptly vanished from existence!

Where Did The Original Philosopher’s Stone Come From?

Studies of ancient records and secret government documents indicate the Philosophers Stone was a gift presented to an ancient advanced human civilization. We know there were at least a handful of these modern societies during our 100,000+ year history on Earth. In essence, we are living in the risen post-apocalypse of the last fallen civilization lost to the sands of time. The first recorded sighing of the Stone was 12,000 years ago on the ancient lost continent of Atlantis that eventually spawned the supernatural Mermaid species. The ancient civilization was known to advance greatly due to water world extraterrestrials who also mated with the Atlanteans. Undoubtedly, the stone played a major role as well!

What Is The Philosophers Stone?

The Philosophers Stone appears to be a large square or rectangular shaped stone with crystalline qualities. Its original size was thought to be equivalent to a stack of three average sized books. However, due to wear and tear it would be much smaller now. It shimmers in a number of colors depending on the users purpose. It has most often been observed as crimson with a white glow as a secondary color. The stone is a storehouse of knowledge from across the Galaxy. All accounts indicate it was actually an advanced super computer in the guise of a stone. A user could touch the device and ask a question with words or even thoughts. The answer would materialize in the users given language on the surface like a modern tablet. Placing objects upon the stone could transmute them into other substances. Common metals and stones could be turned into gold, silver, diamonds, and more! Its perpetual glowing power indicates an amazing eternal energy source. Plausibly tapping directly into an unlimited supply of metaphysical energy.

The Miraculous Properties Of The Supernatural Stone

The Philosophers Stone could be chiseled into pieces or powder without affecting the workings of the complex metaphysical mechanism.These pieces could create a perpetual light source while the powder was often used in various potions. When ingested it cured all disease, healed all injuries, and even reversed aging. This is why it’s often called The Elixir Of Life. Under the right circumstances it could make a person immortal. Plausibly even amortal and invincible! There is even anecdotal evidence of it resurrecting the dead in non-zombie form! By extension there was communication with the dead and higher dimensional deities. This could possibly lead to the opening of portals to said dimensions! The supernatural stone is a holy grail of unimaginable knowledge that could propel humankind to Godhood status is used properly!

Where Was The Philosopher’s Stone Last Seen?

According to legend it was last seen in the hands of the 13th-century alchemist, theologian, and philosopher Albertus Magnus who then supposedly passed it to his pupil, Thomas Aquinas, shortly before his death in 1280. Magnus recorded that he had witnessed the creation of gold through transmutation among other miracles. Naturally, his Christian belief attributed the power to God. Both men are rumored to have gained immortality through the stone. They then rose to higher planes of reality where the stone couldn’t go. Currently, it’s unknown where the Philosopher’s Stone resides. Is it buried in the sultry sands of a desolate desert?  Lost under the dark depths of the shimmering sea?  In the hands of the wealthy elite plutocrats that run our planet?  Sitting in a museum somewhere without anyone knowing what it is?  Maybe in someones dusty attic?  Or quite possibly reclaimed by the aliens who gave it to humankind to begin with?  Such knowledge in the wrong hands could destroy our Earth!💎

How Do Humans Turn Into Mermaids?

Sun Bathing MermaidsThere are various magical spells and potions that can accomplish the titanic task of transforming a human into a Mermaid. You would need to contact a professional witch, warlock, wizard, or sorcerer to look into your options. Otherwise, there are two easier methods of becoming a Mermaid.  Firstly, those who fall in love with a mermaid or merman can temporarily transform into one. This only occurs when entering the sea above the mystical confines of an undersea Mermaid community such as Atlantis.

Secondly, there is a method some can do on their own.  However, you must be a descendant of the lost continent of Atlantis as this is where all Mermaid’s originated. Even if it is an extremely distant relation the magic will work. You can determine this with a supernatural status spell. You can activate your latent mermaid genes by drinking a potion made of Atlantic seawater, Atlantic Dolphin milk, Atlantic Seahorse oil, Sea Grape Juice ( Caulerpa lentillifera ), Irish Moss ( Chondrus crispus ), Red Seaweed (Palmaria palmata), andmarine eelgrass (Zostera). The potion must fill a large conch shell, be mixed completely, and be drunk directly from said shell.  The shell must be from the Atlantic ocean or an Atlantic seaside beach.  In addition, the mermaid potion must be drunk while immersed in the ocean at least up to your neck under the light of a 100% full moon. The Atlantic Ocean seems to bear better results.  Within an hour you should transform into a mermaid or merman.  If nothing happens within two hours then you have no Atlantean heritage in your genetics or some unknown factor is blocking the magic. Most likely the ingredients weren’t exact. Substitutions will not work!

What Does Mermaid Milk Taste Like?

Mermaids-Sun-BathingMilk Of Mermaid is considered one of the most sought-after sumptuous supernatural beverages on Earth! In the human world, breast milk is considered disgusting for anyone but babies to drink. Yet many people eagerly consume animal milk with glee. In the Mermaid world, and other metaphysical circles, such milk is considered magnificent magic! In fact, during the past when Mermen were on the front lines of epic battles defending Atlantis, brave Mermaids were there supplying much needed renewable nourishment. Necessary nutrients in a convenient liquid form freshly suckled directly from the titanic teat! Mermaid mammaries produce copious quantities of continuous milk regardless of pregnancy. As the milk supply is depleted from the breasts it almost instantly replenishes itself at super speed! This makes it ideal for export as a consumable product.

Milk Of Mermaid is one of the few things Atlantis, and other undersea Mermaid societies share due to their mostly xenophobic royal rulers. Often they work with paranormal intermediaries such as Leprechauns who can convert all manner of human currency into lucky mystical gold coins. Indeed the mystical milk is a valuable commodity in the paranormal community, and even among human royal elites who closely guard its secrets from the rest of the world. It drastically increases energy, healing, and extends life. In fact, it’s rumored that former President Jimmy Carter’s recent cancer scare was averted by drinking Mermaid milk for a month at a cost of millions of dollars! Seriously when is the last time you heard about a 90 something surviving cancer?!

Mermaid milk is known to be used in various witchcraft, and wizardry spells. However first, and foremost it’s enjoyed for its incredible taste and restoration of vitality! Mermaid MilkThe most common description of its taste is that of the sweetest cream ever savored with pleasant hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and other qualities that are indescribable to most. It washes over the palate in waves of subtle tastes that bring about visions of the most beguiling Mermaids and Mermen on this paranormal planet! These visions are inexplicably guided by sexual orientation. The magical milk is ultra-sweet yet it doesn’t bring about unpleasant sugar rushes, upset stomachs, or headaches. It is completely lactose-free as well! After one gulp hits the stomach all evidence of hunger is washed away making it ideal for weight loss. There’s also the added health benefit of getting all your Omega essential fatty acids in one fell swoop!

Humans who drink large quantities for extended periods of time will begin to see enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, and senses. Of course, the millions of dollars that would cost is impossible for most folks to keep up on a regular basis! A good thing about this is it doesn’t work on those with evil intent. There is a metaphysical aspect to the milk in which the spirit of the Mother Mermaid is infused within the milk. It can sense if a person has dark intentions. Although it will still give them energy, extra healing, and plausibly slow down the aging process without superhuman status bestowed upon them. If you’re ever lucky enough to spot a mermaid on a beach or at sea don’t be afraid to ask for some of their milk. Unlike the human world, it’s no big deal to ask for a refreshing and nutritious nipple of breast milk! Many lost sailors throughout history have been saved by these brave and caring Mermaids!