Are The Celtic Goddess & Heavenly Angel Saint Brigid The Same Person?

Despite what you may have read our supernatural research has uncovered the ancient texts that indicate that the Celtic Irish Goddess Brigid, and the Christian Saint Brigid, an Irish Nun who ascended to Angelhood after death, are in fact the same person. In addition various high level Wicca Priestesses, Witches, and psychics have verified this data, and offered additions to it as well. It’s no coincidence that these supposedly two distinct women have their respective holidays of Imbolc (Celtic Spring), and Saint Brigid’s Day on February 1st. How can this be you say? Well the fact is that God, aka the God of our Omniverse (vast collection of Multiverses made up of parallel Universes), did not have a hand in creating the worlds religions including Christianity. However the Demigod Jesus Christ, Angels, and Heaven do exist.

In fact most Angels are deceased humans since all good humans ascend to Angelhood, and eventually Godhood in the higher dimensions to start their own Omniverses. Brigid, like all of us, was first born into Heaven as an Angelic soul. We describe it as an ascension to Angelhood after death because it’s easier to explain that way. However since Heaven exists outside of time it’s hard to say what came first. Our biological lives in the parallel Universes or our Angel self in Heaven where we’re born with all those memories from day one.  Read The Rest Of The Article…

What’s Supernatural About Hallowmas All Saint’s Day?

November 1st gives us the holiday of All Saints Day. It is also known as Hallowmas or All Hallow’s Day. The holiday is a celebration of all the dearly departed humans of holy faith who were elevated to Sainthood status. When humans die they ascend to the higher dimensional afterlife to become angels. Those who are ordained Saints have more power and some would say additional freedoms This includes being able to return to Earth at will while, of course, not making a spectacle of themselves. A lucky few also preside over various holidays and in turn hold the raw power of that Spirit. Saints are chosen by human religious organizations and accepted by a large mass of people. This supernatural status is enforced by the Heavenly hierarchy since human angels far outnumber that of the direct God created angels.

The Cleansing Of Metaphysical Messes

The real purpose of All Saints Day is for not only Saints, but also various angels, to swoop down from Heaven to clean up the many metaphysical messes of Halloween. This is in accordance with The Supernatural Secrecy Pact of 33 AD that attempts to keep the paranormal world a secret from most humans. It also looks to keep supernatural interference in human history to a minimum. On Halloween, a great deal of evil takes place that threatens exposure to the world. Especially in this era of mass media and smartphone cameras. In some cases, time travel is authorized to right various wrongs.

The Balance Between Good And Evil

The secondary purpose of Hallowmas is to balance out the energy of light and darkness. Halloween sends out massive dark energy into the world courtesy of the demon controlled Blood Moon and various practitioners of magic. The Angelic Saintly energies of enchantment radiating forth absorb some of this negative aura. Enough to aid in the ultimate mission of Halloween which is to balance the forces of evil and good in order to keep chaos and stagnation at bay. The final status of this is seen in The Hallowmas Balancing Ceremony held by Halloween Queen Shala on Halloween Island at the Witching Hour on All Souls Day Of The Dead! Witches who practice Enochian Angel Magic also take advantage of this day to create prolific spells that further stoke the forces of righteousness. All Saint’s Day is the best day to commune with your Guardian Angel as well.

What Happens When A Human Is Canonized As A Saint?

What Are Supernatural Saints?
Saint Patrick With Lucky LeprechaunWhen the religious process of Canonization takes place by a holy organization a deceased human of high moral character is declared to be a Saint.  Sainthood is a special honor bestowed by religions such as the Catholic Church to hold forth said person as the finest example of humankind.  A shining lesson in excellence to motivate religious followers to live a better live, and uphold the morals of their chosen life path. The most famous of Saints include, Saint Valentine, Saint Patrick, and of course Saint Nicholas. Nicholas being the only Saint still alive in the form of Santa Claus due to being a human-angel hybrid.  Since deceased Afterlife humans who ascend to Angelhood are far greater in number than Gods Heaven born Angels, the Sainthood process is respected, and accepted by the Archangel Hierarchy.  Saints are given extra special paranormal powers, and privileges in Heaven. They also get the fast track to higher dimensional ascension that includes exclusive access to the Omniverse God.

Saints are also given additional freedoms not normally available to average human angels. These include special exceptions in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact that shield humankind from the metaphysical world. Saints are able to return to Earth at will, usually in spirit form, and interact with certain people such as top officials of the religion that Canonized them.  Physical form may be taken on the anniversary of the day they were granted Sainthood. Especially if they’re the central figure of a major holiday.  Saints also act as emissaries delivering news from Heaven to those in the real paranormal community. In future Battles Of Armageddon Saints will act as peacekeepers when needed, and may instill hope into humankind as the planet becomes extremely chaotic!  They may also be the only hope of bridging the disagreements between Angels, and the Earthly Nature Deities.  A rivalry not nearly as bad as Angel animosity toward demons but none the less an aggressive mutual play for control of Earth.

Often the Heavenly Hierarchy will look the other way, or make acceptations to some of their rules when it comes to Saints.  This is due to the will of humans having great sway as their souls provide major metaphysical power for Heaven.  Saints can interact, and even cooperate with Earthly Nature Gods, and Goddesses along with other paranormal creatures as long as they don’t conspire against Heaven. This opens their eternal horizons to a variety of interests that can turn into personal missions. Saint Nicholas, aka Father Christmas, has been known to welcome Gods, Goddesses, Nymphs, Fairy’s, etc. Usually Winter related.  Of course Jack Frost, and the workers of the Gods, Elves, are the most famous.  Nicholas was responsible for turning the Demigod Jesus Christ’s (Son Of The Omniverse God) birth into the top holiday for fostering the forces of light on Earth!  Saint Valentine took up the mantle of fostering love on Valentines Day.  He took charge of the Cupid Angels, and works with Love Goddesses in his cause.  Saint Patrick decided Luck was his cause, and took charge of the top purveyors of Good Luck. That being the little Leprechauns of Ireland!  The plethora of other Saints who don’t have any real holidays on this Earth are widely celebrated in other Parallel Universes. | List Of Known Saints |

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