What Is The Difference Between Frankenstein’s And Zombies?

Both Frankenstein’s and Zombies are monstrous reanimated corpses derived from deceased humans. Zombies are dead humans brought back to life by the Zombie Virus or magical means. When magic is employed they are often used as mindless slaves who serve their magical master as malevolent minions of mayhem. Frankenstein’s may be used in the same manner but without an underlying paranormal virus for quick duplication an army is nearly impossible to raise. Especially considering that the Frankenstein’s are composed of multiple dead body parts sewn together via science, alchemy, and sometimes magic. Most often these heinous creatures are the work of mad scientists who know not the full scope of the supernatural world. Necromancers have been known to dabble in the Frankenstein arts as well!

Both creatures are mindless but Frankenstein’s have the potential to learn and gain intelligence to some extent. Zombies, on the other hand, only run on instinctive cannibalistic needs that feed the supernatural virus within. When a Magician or Necromancer is in control the zombie can perform basic tasks but most often are directed to attack enemies! Frankenstein’s may also eat human remains from an already dead human but have been known to eat other types of meat as well. The precise mechanisms of their existence are mysterious after being sparked to life by an extreme electrical charge or metaphysical energy surge.

While Zombies are soulless, the Frankenstein draws upon the multiple souls of its many body parts. It is said this plays a role in animating the abomination. Zombies are technically immortal yet slowly decay to a skeleton in under a decade. The length of their existence is dependent on how much human flesh they consume. The flesh slows down the necrotic rotting by feeding the power of the protective paranormal virus. Frankenstein’s are immortal as well and won’t rot like a zombie as they are in a living dead stasis. Unfortunately, they can be damaged and don’t heal without intervention from their creator. Mostly, body parts need to be replaced.

Zombies are the same size as their former human selves while Frankenstein’s are huge behemoths of well over 7 feet tall. Sometimes up to 9 feet! Their size is about the ease of working with organs in larger spaces along with brute force capability! As the zombie virus keeps things going in the Walking Dead there is sometimes a need for mechanical parts in the Frankenstein’s. Mainly for the purpose of the limbs functioning properly or at higher than normal capacity. Limited brain activity and stunted nerve pathways are another reason for this. While unheard of to add bionic parts to zombies there are indeed high tech Cyborg Frankenstein’s in the 21st century!

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