The Frightening Forked Lake Lusus Naturae

Frightening Forked LakeForked Lake is a large picturesque body of water located in the Adirondack Park within the State of New York. As with many large bodies of water there are always at least a scattering of odd supernatural sightings, and paranormal phenomenon.  With each passing year there have been more reports of the Forked Lake Monster, aka Forked Lake Lusus Naturae, as the locals call it.  The creature is said to be at least 12-15 feet in length with a unique greenish-black coloring.  At night it’s eyes are believed to glow an ominous orange.  Witnesses describe the blasphemous behemoth as resembling a cross between a giant squid, and a killer whale with two Narwhal like horns on the top of it’s head.

The Forked Lake Lusus Naturae is notorious for capsizing boats, and scaring local tourists.  Especially when it scoops swimmers down into the murky depths before catapulting them back to the surface while letting out a hyena like laugh.  It’s almost as if it’s sentient, and toying with people for kicks.  So far it hasn’t seriously injured or killed anyone. However some blame the monstrosity for missing persons in the area.  Cryptid Researchers are relatively sure the Forked Lake Monster is a vegetarian that subsists off plants growing on the lake bed, and along the shores.  Various sulfurous gasses bubbling to the waters surface every so often are suspected to be the monsters doing.  This wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary for any herbivore.

The origins of the Forked Lake Monstrosity are rumored to lie at a now abandoned secret Adirondack Mountains magical experimentation facility run by dark wizard masters. Possibly Level 9 or greater!  The first sightings coincide with the forced closing of the facility in the late 1990’s by paranormal crime fighters. These despicable masters of maligned magic were looking for ways to magically combine, and enhance animal species to create the perfect supernatural being to be utilized in a mystical army.  A deadly attack beast that would follow telepathic commands at will.  There was even whisperings of human brains being used in the dark enchanted experiments.  It’s plausible the Forked Lake Lusus Naturae was an innocent human whose brain was transplanted into a horrifying hybrid body via supernatural surgery!  Now trapped as a monster all they have to live for is tormenting people! Yet they retain enough of their humanity so as not to cause too much harm.  Various Practitioners Of Magic, and Cryptozoologists have said they could work together to transplant the human brain back into a male or female human form.  If you spot the Forked Lake Fright then contact Mystic Investigations or the Adirondack Mountain Monster Society ASAP so we can help it, and remove any future potential threat it might possess!

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