What Is Your Soul?

We’re All The Original First Soul

Souls, also called Spirits, are what separates us from being merely biological machines. Although referred to as the human soul this is only the case at the lowest dimensional level. These souls are the metaphysical energy and pure consciousness entities that vibrate at the same frequency as we do and are therefore connected to us. It’s what identifies you as being you! Long before we were ever humans we existed as higher dimensional souls. Everyone’s soul first came into existence from a sea of pure non-corporeal energy information waves that coalesced into infinite consciousness frequencies. These first original souls then formed a spontaneous Neural Network that became the Macroverse God. At this highest dimensional level, we are all Gods apart of the one infinite God who kicked off all that ever existed and ever will! There we are perfect 100% non-corporeal energy souls of pure consciousness.

The Enigma Of Simultaneously Being Born & Placing One’s Soul Into A Lower Vessel!

As Gods, our mission is to gain perfect enlightenment through infinite knowledge and wisdom via the realities we create. Within our own Universes, and that of other Gods, we exist in varying forms to play out all mathematical probabilities and gain the maximum plethora of experiences possible in any given reality. We exist as a multitude of Gods descending down the dimensional levels. This includes the Omniverse God level that is usually 12 dimensional in nature and is considered a pure 100% metaphysical energy entity. From the Macroverse perspective, we’ve placed ourselves willingly in ever lower states all the way down to that of physical-biological beings. Technically our 3-D physical body is considered a soul as it vibrates at the same frequency at the pure energy level just below that of the metaphysical energy souls. In that way, we can define a soul as a vessel for our consciousness that is our true self. All mere supernatural slivers of our Macroverse soul.

The Enlightened Purpose Of Gaining Knowledge And Wisdom

From the perspectives of our lower dimensional selves, it appears we ascended to Godhood status. From our view, it will seem we started out as physical beings in the various Parallel Universes and worked our way up the higher dimensional ladder after death. A certain level of knowledge acquisition takes us to the next level as we meld with all our souls from the last dimensional level. In essence, we are reborn as a seemingly new person. As a 5-D being, you would have all the memories of your parallel universe lives in this Multiverse. You eventually become an Omniverse God and someday you will finally phase into the highest dimensional realm of the Macroverse God where the source of your soul resides. There you will realize that you sent yourself on this most miraculous journey! It’s a hell of a lot better than just sitting in a dark void stewing in your own thoughts for eternity!

The Definition Of A Soul

So to sum up a soul is the vessel for your pure consciousness to occupy in any given plane of existence. A conduit to interact with reality and collect knowledge. That includes your Macroverse Soul that is pure consciousness and a vessel all in one. The frequency at which said soul vibrates identifies who you are. The Macroverse soul source broadcasts its frequency down to every one of its vessels to collect every last fragment of memory data. However, the vessels, or lower souls, themselves only gain a small working fragment of the Macroverse consciousness. A basic operating system with a blank disk to collect memory data. Data uploaded to the Macroverse cloud server via higher-dimensional WiFi. Unfortunately, downloads are blocked from the vessels to preserve the integrity of the life experience. From the souls perspective, it was born for the first time into its given environment completely ignorant of its previous existence. Just think how astronomical the odds are that this is the first time you ever existed in an infinite Universe? It’s far more likely you’ve existed a multitude of times before this! That you indeed currently exist as a God!

Your Many Souls And Infinite Lives!

At the lowest soul level, you could be an animal, human, alien, supernatural being, android, or even an AI program in a computer-simulated reality! This can also include future evolution into physical pure energy beings. Within any Universe, the same souls can exist simultaneously on the same planet as twins or over the course of its history by mere coincidental soul repeating or reincarnation. Then there’s existence on other planets as extraterrestrials or other beings as we speak! These souls exist in each frozen 3-D moment of our 4-D reality and into the 5-D Multiverse expanse of the Parallel Universes. Each our physical selves has a 3-D astral energy soul. The one that can become a ghost after death for some. Most ascend to a 4-D metaphysical energy status in which every moment of their life is like the present to them. This despite the growth from childhood to adulthood essentially creating varying degrees of new people with the same soul. It is often said that adulthood is the death of the child. A death so gradually transitional that nobody mourns for it except upon deep reflection. As you ascend the higher dimensions, among a multitude of parallel dimensions within, you gradually become a pure metaphysical energy entity and then continue to shed that to become more non-corporeal. In the end, you arrive full circle at the Macroverse point you began at. Your soul source continues to send its consciousness forth living out infinite lives and eternally collecting experiences through its everlasting souls!

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A Supernatural Thanksgiving Warning Is In Effect!

The Full Moon of November is often called the Beaver Moon or Frost Moon. This is due to a time in the past when this was the last time to set Beaver traps before the water froze over for the winter. Certainly, for many in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the first month where frost becomes a nightly occurrence. In the secret supernatural community, we usually call it the Dark Moon as the days grow noticeably shorter and the night grows longer thereby facilitating more sinister supernatural activity. The enchanted energies of this moon are usually riding high fresh off the frights of Halloween. This often results in more ferocious Werewolf activity!

The Thanksgiving Werewolves

Since the Full Moon of November 2018 falls on Thanksgiving it is called The Thanksgiving Moon! Thanksgiving is the transitional holiday between Halloween and Christmas that leans a lot more toward the Xmas end. Its connection with the Spirit Of Christmas and the Spirit Of Autumn brings calmer lunar energies. This means the Werewolves of Thanksgiving will be meeker and less monstrous. As long as you don’t provoke them the hairy horrors should steer clear of you. Feel free to enjoy the cool moonlit nights in this final swan song of fall! Just to be safe wear silver, a sprig of Wolfsbane, or carry holy water with you. Read The Rest Of This Paranormal Activity Forecast…Including Dark Native American Spirits, Gobbler Ghouls, And Turkey Zombies…

Why Returning Spirits Of The Dead Don’t Remember Heaven?

The Return Of The Dead

Sometimes the dead do return or at least communicate with the living. Contact in communication form can happen with Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), within dreams, or through a professional Medium who speaks with the dead. Mostly this supernatural communication is with those who have already moved on into the light of the Heavenly afterlife. However, it can also be with Ghosts who have unfinished business and have yet to ascend to a higher dimension. The dead themselves occasionally return in a metaphysical energy form we would call spirits but the term ghosts can also be used. Some may perform self-resurrections or be resurrected by magical practitioner’s as sapient zombies. A possession of a human is even possible!  Even rarer is a complete reconstruction into a metaphysical matter matrix! Halloween and Day Of The Dead are the biggest days for visiting spirits.

Metaphysical Memory Loss

In all the encounters in the paranormal record of the returning dead, there is often a convenient memory loss. They don’t seem to remember the Heaven, Hell, Underworld, or other Afterlife they just came from seconds earlier. Or if they do it can only be described in abstract terms that don’t really yield the full extent of its secrets. There’s no evidence they’re lying as Mediums and other psychics could sense that. In addition, many only seem to remember the good times in their former life on Earth with little memory of the bad events. Some find this irritating as they want a detailed description of the afterlife for their own reassurance. Others want to discuss negative issues they had with the deceased spirit in their former life. Yet the spirit appears to avoid such issues unless a pressing matter of life and death is at hand. So what is the cause of this memory loss?

You Don’t Go To Heaven Until You’re Permanently Dead!

We see the same thing with dead frozen people who may be alive again someday. Many become ghosts with no hope of seeing the portal of light to Heaven. Once thawed out they have no memory of being a ghost! It’s the old you can’t trick the Universe into thinking you’re dead just to take a peek at the afterlife. From a higher dimensional view, the person isn’t dead until their last point of existence here. Of course, that doesn’t apply to those returning or communicating directly from the afterlife. In those cases, there isn’t some nefarious force censoring things. There is a logical explanation for the memory loss.

The Veil Between Life And Death

The fact is that even a simple communication with the dead is a return of their spirit to an extent. Certainly a lot lower level than mustering up the enchanting energy to appear as a ghost or focusing their spirit into possessing someone’s mind. Still, communication can only be achieved by the spirit crossing the vexing veil between life and death. Mingling metaphysically in the chaotic astral dream plane itself can cause confusion! Something that takes place when one is first born as a biological human on Earth. We most certainly existed as a spirit before and may have existed forever into the past as apart of the Macroverse God. When dealing with higher dimensional temporal mechanics all logic from our limited three-dimensional viewpoint goes out the window!

Dimensional Jumping Causes Memory Loss

The higher dimensional memory loss of biological birth has more to do with the physical brain itself. Our soul only uses it as an interactive conduit with this world and all previous existence is filtered out. However, any crossing between higher dimensions is a re-birth and the great veil of life and death is a memory filter of sorts. In addition, descending to a different dimensional form causes temporary loss of memories in the lesser body. Even as a metaphysical energy being there is a still a physical geometry and only so many memories it can contain. Only the completely non-corporeal Macroverse God can have infinite memories.

It Was All Just A Dream…

When one ascends to Heaven after death they exist in a fantasy realm of pure love and joy. They are reborn there and see their life as a dream. It’s just like waking up from a vivid realistic dream that quickly fades. Although you remember the best parts…well, of course, you also remember the horror of a nightmare. Unfortunately, here you’re in this imperfect harsh world and not the 100% positive protective energy of Heaven. We must also remember that many negative things might be associated with physical pain imprinted on our biological brain. In Heaven, we have a metaphysical energy mind that can no longer feel such pain and on top of that can directly absorb loving energies! This ethereal mind also explains how a deceased spirit acts somewhat different than you remembered them as a human. When a spirit returns here they don’t really regain the negative memories unless you really repeatedly remind them. The memories still exist deep down. The longer they reside here the more likely they will emerge.

Memory Of Heaven

The memory of a complex higher-dimensional Heaven, on the other hand, is an information overload with indescribable qualities. Between the dimensional descent and astral plane veil filtering there is very little detailed memory of the afterlife left. Even Near Death Experiences are often hallucinations of our brain based on what we think the afterlife is or what we feel we deserve at a sub-conscious level. When it comes to Heaven all we get are warm fuzzy descriptions of being greeted by family and floating about a white light that is God. No details on what is actually going on there and what the grand plan is for all existence. Still, those of us in the supernatural know are aware that the purpose of life is to acquire knowledge and wisdom through our experiences here and in other Parallel Universes. We continually ascend to higher dimensions combining with our parallel selves in each dimension. Eventually, we ascend to varying levels of Godhood to create our own Universes and sentient species who in turn ascend as well someday. The cycle culminates within the source of everything in the Macroverse God.