Mystic Auto-Destruct Activated!

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Auto Destruct SequenceWell no not really!  We only had to do that once in April 2011, and we clearly lived to tell the tale! However if you ever see the Alert flashing on an empty page rest assured everything is about to go all Armageddon! After hearing about our totally awesome high tech office fortress many have asked if our headquarters has an Auto-Destruct Sequence like star ships in the Star Trek Franchise as seen in the video above.  The Star Trek Next Generation one at 3:05 in the video is the one most similair to ours. The Auto-Destruct is used in Star Trek to destroy the ship, and commit mass suicide rather then allow themselves, and their technology to fall into enemy hands.  It’s interesting we’re asked this since being informed years ago that we supposedly travel about the Milky Way Galaxy in the future in our own ship hundreds of years in the future. A beyond gifted Psychic told us this, and indicated each one of us would still be alive as the next millennium approached!  However we’re not sure if we fully believe this even though some of us are already confirmed Immortals like the vampire Drake Alexander.  Our own Psychic Julia Hathaway simply can’t see that far into the future.  Read More On Our Paranormal Stories Blog About Our Auto-Destruct Mechanism & The One Time We Actually Activated It…

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