Am I Crazy Or Am I Traveling Through Parallel Universes?

I find things in places I didn’t leave them, and permanent things in other people’s places that are suddenly different.  Like a door handle being on the wrong side of the door, a door bell in a different position, and support post in a home in a slightly different location.  There’s also conversations that apparently never happened, and even past history of my life recalled differently by others.  Everyone acts like all these things are the way they always were.  Should I consult a mental health professional, or a quantum physicist?

parallel-worldsSure you could be nuttier than a loon, and twice as high but the truth is that we all travel through parallel Universes.  Just as we all travel through time four dimensionally into the future we also zigzag travel five dimensionally through near identical parallel Universes.  However the process isn’t perfect, and is effected by us the observers making the journey.  Unidentifiable factors of individual minds make time go by slower, or faster along with causing us to leap into realities that may have subtle differences we would only notice since we’re the 5-D traveler in a new Universe.  Some might be small enough differences that you merely dismiss them as mental lapses while others are undeniably disturbing thereby challenging your sanity.  If all else is normal in your life then most likely the oddities you are noticing in your reality may in fact be above average shifting into parallel Universes.

Clearly some unique properties of your mind, the source of our quantum jumping through realities, is contributing to this.  You may even have undeveloped kinetic powers of parallel Universe manipulation that are manifesting themselves.  These include Hyperchronokinesis, Tychokinesis, and Quantum Ergokinesis.  If you notice an ever escalating degree of what we call “Parallel Reality Incidents” or PRI’s then consult a psychic, telekinetic professional, practitioner of real magic, or the nearest paranormal professional for help on taming your talents so you don’t end up in some reality from hell.  Otherwise if the PRI’s are random, and rather inconsequential, then don’t worry about it because it’s the nature of our existence as physical beings in this Multiverse where we exist simultaneously on trillions of parallel worlds.

Even if you lack various powers to access parallel Universes there is a unique program called Quantum Jumping which can allow anyone to work toward the goal of accessing the knowledge, skills, wisdom, and energy of your successful parallel selves in other realities.  Learn more about Quantum Jumping.

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16 thoughts on “Am I Crazy Or Am I Traveling Through Parallel Universes?

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  2. Hello Xavier,..Very interesting! 🙂 My son recently has told me about something that has been happening to him. He told me he was not my son. That he’s from a different Parallel Universe. That I was different, much nicer in this parallel. He told me some disturbing things about my other self. That I was more dark or evil. My other dark self raised him. He seriously freaked me out! At first I did question him.. Thinking perhaps he was messing with me, or trying to get a rise out of me. I notice he has been acting differently. What if my son is a leaper? Or another Tyler is a gifted leaper and took my Tyler over? Trying to get my mind to wrap around it all.. is not easy!

    I was thinking perhaps he’s going through some phase. But what if there’s any truth to this? After reading this article Xavier,.. Made me realize perhaps there is some truth to what Ty was telling me. Now what do I do? I did tell the other Tyler. I am sorry for whatever I was like in the other Parallel. And that I am not like her at all. That I love him very much! I believe I told him the right things while he was here. He began to tear up! Why I thought maybe this was really happening. Xavier,.. so do you believe there very well could have an evil one of us somewhere in the parallel universes? How scary is that?

    How is Drake? Have you guys found him? 🙁 I miss you terribly!

    • I’m sure Drake already told you we’re on our way to the Grand Canyon to stop the resurrection of the Archdemon Dagon by the hand of the Dark Witch Belladonna who was resurrected herself in Las Vegas. I’m actually typing this from the Mysticopter as we blaze at approximately 257 mph over the Colorado River. Amazingly the internet connection is pretty damn decent traveling hundreds of miles per hour in the middle of nowhere. Just minutes ago I had Hunter land the helicopter in a Burger King parking lot, and picked up some French Toast Sticks for breakfast. Usually I eat healthy but when we’re on a case I just want to shove some crap down my throat to stop the hunger. Oh crap! Hunter just swerved the Mysticopter around a cliff, and I spilled my maple syrup everywhere!

      Yes we can be evil in other realities but we ultimately have one soul that connects all those lives. If that soul is good then the extent of our evils is limited. For instance we shouldn’t become a serial killer, or something monstrous even if we’re born with the worst DNA, and are raised in the most horrid environment imaginable. In the end our soul should override all of that. However in some cases, such as mental incapacity, we are given a pass on major atrocities.

      Your son could very well be possessed by his own consciousness from another parallel Universe. Perhaps he was born with a talent, acquired one, or got involved with powerful magics in that reality which allowed him to push his consciousness five dimensionally into other realities. Has he ever mentioned being in other realities other than the one he originated from? Also has he ever mentioned traveling through time? If he can move 5-D then he should be able to push his mind to his body of the past, and future as well. The movement of his consciousness thought the interconnected conduit of his 4-D, and 5-D soul is much more likely than his parallel self physically traveling here, and then doing something with your son here thereby taking his place. Let us know if he needs help returning to his Universe of origin.

    • Five dimensional space, the realm of parallel Universes, is known as probability space because all mathematical probabilities work themselves out in the various Universes. Although we all naturally travel five dimensionally with each thought a person with tychokinesis can amplify that process beyond their own personal actions. Those with hypertychokinesis can directly bend the 5-D probability space directly visualizing what Universe they want to travel to rather than manipulating a sting of probabilities through tychokinesis, and hoping they end up the intended reality. Of course mere tychokinesis only provides a limited set of Universes one could end up in while those with hypertychokinesis could end up in any Universe imaginable.

    • Traveling to parallel Universes via Tychokinesis would be limited to Universes that grow from this particular parent Universe. So you can’t go to the Universe where Hitler was a humanitarian, or Obama was the savior of humankind.

    • We’re living just fine. We’ll be flying off to the Devil’s Pentagram in Kazakhstan next week to join other paranormal teams from around the world looking to stop the resurrection of the Devil, and the birth of the Anti-Christ. We’re going to leave some people behind such as Zack Powers because this will be an extremely dangerous mission. Also we need someone to take care of the horrors of Halloween here in Woodland Springs while we’re gone.

  3. is there a power that lets you communicate with you doppleganger through writing? if it’s possible I think I may have that power along with latent tychokinesis

  4. is there a power that lets you communicate with your parallel doppleganger through writing? if it’s possible I think I may have that power along with latent tychokinesis

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