Is Game Of Thrones Real? What Planet Does It Take Place?

Game Of Thrones is an HBO fantasy television series about the battle for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. It features the political intrigue and dangerous lives of key characters who identify themselves as being members of noble Houses. It appears to take place in medieval times here on Earth at first glance. However, the map shown during the shows introduction clearly points to another planet or an Earth in a Parallel Universe with drastically differing geography. The Known World of the GOT reality appears to be what we would know as Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East with a hint of Africa. Most of the action in Game of Thrones takes place in Westeros. Author of the series George R.R. Martin has stated that the continent of Westeros, meant to be an enlarged Great Britain, is roughly the same size as our continent of South America.  There are also three other continents mentioned: Essos, Sothoryos, and Ulthos. It’s unknown if the GOT planet has an equivalent for The Americas, or The New World.

The Magical Game Of Thrones World

There are also blatant supernatural aspects to Game Of Thrones that wouldn’t have been seen so openly in our own medieval history. This is courtesy of our Supernatural Secrecy Pact that more or less moved the paranormal world “underground”. Dragons had been slain from their planet much like ours until the birth of three new ones. The rebirth of dragons in our world would have caused Dragon Slayers to flock forth, and eradicate them with extreme prejudice. The Mother Of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, cannot be burnt by fire which was witnessed by numerous people as she takes control of the dragons. The witchcraft of their world seems to stay below the radar of the general public but the Alchemists produce paranormal substances like Wildfire. There’s also the powerful paranormal creatures, known as The White Walkers, who are zombies of snow, and ice.  In addition, the seasons of their planet last several years, and their length is unpredictable. It’s been suggested the cause is magical rather than astronomical in nature (Here are some non-mystical explanations for long erratic seasons).

Is Game Of Thrones Based On A True Story?

As with most works of fiction, they are real in various Parallel Universes, and Game Of Thrones is no exception. The similarities to our own middle ages culture suggest it’s an Earth in a parallel Universe where our planet’s geography and possibly cosmological standing evolved differently. You can also take into consideration the vastness of our own Universe. With 100 billion galaxies, septillions of stars, and even more planets it’s quite plausible that another world could coincidentally be somewhat similar to ours complete with humans. To get to the bottom of this mystery we consulted some of the top psychics, seers, mystics, extraterrestrial communicators, and Parallel Universe vision quest masters. In the end, we have found that Game Of Thrones actually exists not only in parallel Universes on alternate Earths but also in our reality as well!

Game Of Thrones Is Real!

It seems The Game Of Thrones as we know it took place approximately 3 million years ago on a planet called Zemlja. The planet Zemlja is not only in a galaxy far far away but also in a different Galactic Supercluster as well.  The Hercules Superclusters (Within The Hercules Cluster – A2151) some 500 million lights years away to be exact. The Supercluster Map above gives you an idea where the cluster is based on our own Virgo Galaxy Supercluster in the center of it. Coincidentally Star Wars is real as well and takes place nearby in the Ophiuchus Supercluster. Our supernatural sources indicate that the GOT society advanced to the point of creating a grand galactic federation cooperating with other extraterrestrials in their region of space. Eventually ascending to higher dimensional Godhood at least one million years ago.

Did Aliens Inspire Martin To Create Game Of Thrones?

It’s also thought that these technologically ascended ET Gods may have influenced George R.R. Martin, and inspired him to create Game Of Thrones. All in order to tell the story of a pivotal point in their ancient history. It’s thought that a variety of ascended alien societies psychically influence writers on various planets to tell their stories throughout the Universe! This was the case with George Lucus and Star Wars. Interestingly enough, it’s rumored that Martin lost his link to the ascended aliens which explains why he’s taking so long to finish the remaining GOT novels. This is also why the last season and the finale blew big time as they ran out of Martins material. In reality, Daenerys Targaryen became Queen of the Six Kingdoms rather than going violently nuts in the end. The Seventh Kingdom of the North continued to be under the rule of King Jon Snow.

Games Of Thrones Spin-Off Idea…GOT: Arya At Atlantis

🧜‍♀️I’d like to see a Game Of Thrones spin-off with Arya Stark discovering the New World. Clearly, that was the intent with her setting sail into the great unknown of The Sunset Sea west of Westeros. Rather than finding only primitive indigenous people, Arya discovers a much more advanced civilization. Something akin to a pre-sunken human Atlantis who are at odds with the indigenous people they enslave. There are also Mermaids in the seas who are captured and experimented upon. Atlantis is a deeply xenophobic society which is why their explorers have never been heard of. Still, they have secretly infiltrated Westeros & other societies to make sure they don’t become a threat to Atlantis. And yes this is actually what happened according to The Reality Recognition Guild and their top-flight psychics!⛵️

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