What Is A Reverse Ghost?

Little Ghost FellaA ghost is generally a deceased person who has refused to move on due to the trauma of their death, or a major unresolved issue.  In some cases they’re just plain stubborn people with the will to live on in this life even if it’s as a non-corporeal apparition.    Usually ghosts haunt the future after their death.  Although it’s almost always a short period of time later.  However since ghosts are four dimensional they have been known to travel to other time periods but it’s rare.

A reverse ghost is a living person who refuses to accept the expanse of time as they sympathize with a trauma, or major injustice of one, or more people in the past.  Many times these people are now ghosts who may be still haunting a building, or have already moved on to the after life.  The reverse ghost, or living human, almost always is in that building where they learn of a history full of atrocities.  Without even trying they are trust backward in time but only appear as an apparition.  Many times they are only seen by the living humans who were the subject of a trauma, or injustice.  Those who will later die, and become ghosts themselves.   In some cases the reverse ghost takes brief physical form as he or she feels a deep desire to fully interact with the subject of their sympathies.  They may even try to change history.  Although it’s difficult since they tend to randomly jump back, and forth in time.  If they manage to resolve the issues that tugged at their very soul then they will return to a future with a different history.  A future that is actually a parallel Universe since all forms of time travel are actually travels to near identical parallel realities.

An example of a reverse ghost in entertainment is seen in the movie “From Time To Time” where a kid is deeply interested in the fate of two ancestors who lived in the family home he resides in. He ends up leaping back to key moments in their lives of the past.  Once he’s back in the future at the end of the movie the two ancestors visit him in ghost form despite not previously haunting the house when he was there. Ghosts, and Reverse Ghosts are naturally drawn to each other.    The movie “Somewhere In Time” is a borderline case of highly advanced Reverse Ghostism.  Especially since the time traveler willed his travel to the past, and was able to maintain it until he was faced with a penny from his future that snapped him right back again.  He also never appeared as an apparition, and was always in physical form.

Reverse Ghosthood is quite rare, and is related to astral projection.  Some can astrally project themselves to the past while their body is still in the future.  A true reverse ghost has his body sent to the  past but it’s out of phase with our reality in the same way a ghosts 4-D body is.  So we classify it as non-corporeal in this reality.  In addition out of body experiences are simply cases of temporary ghosthood.  We advise against attempting to purposely induce yourself in to a reverse ghost state since the results can be unpredictable, and might be lost in time, or even between dimensions forever!

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