What’s Up With Always Running Into People You Know?

Chance MeetingsNo matter where you go it seems you run into people you know, or knew at some time in your life.  If you happen to live in a small town then it’s inevitable, and plausible to accept.  However when you live in a large city, county, or even run into people over the expanse of a tri-county area, and sometimes regions of States it causes some of us to question our reality.  Can there really be this many coincidences in a life?  If it only happened to a small number of people who could chalk it up to mere coincidence which in a way it is.  However it happens to everyone for one simple reason.  A roll of the dice, and the need for God to see every little scenario within the grand expanse of the parallel Universes of the Multiverse.  To an extent God is responsible for guiding our reality but for the most part it’s on automatic mathematically calculating every probability possible.  This includes us running to people we’re familiar with in all manner of places at various times in various ways that must be played out in the parallel Universes to further spawn new courses of life in some cases.   We even have reports of hermits who can’t seem to ever get away from everyone totally because they keep popping up even in the middle of nowhere.   Such people are driven to believe that this reality is fake in some way which it technically is I suppose since it all takes place within the mind of an intelligent being.  So next time you run into someone out of the blue just think of your gambling God who wants to see all the odds played on his casino table of life.

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