The Legend Of The Murderously Haunted Aisle 13!

Haunted Aisle 13It was the Witching Hour of Halloween when a serial killer wielding an extra large meat cleaver eradicated two 3rd shift employees stocking shelves in Aisle 13 at a large department store. Interestingly enough Aisle 13 was for seasonal items. In this case it was being stocked with Halloween Costumes, and Decor. The sick individual grabbed a random monster mask, and placed it over his face while laughing like a loon. He then proceeded to slice and dice the man and woman up while arranging the body parts around a Satanic symbol he painted in the victim’s blood.

At the Devil’s Hour the police arrived to find him drenched in blood while chanting incantations in an unknown ancient language. He ignored them at first but once they neared him he ripped his mask off to reveal his deranged scowl of evil! He then leaped forth screaming,”Don’t interfere with my masters ritual!” He brandished his meat cleaver, and the cops were forced to shoot him in self-defense. He collapsed, and died amid the bloody carnage of his innocent slayed victims. Read The Rest Of This Urban Legend On Our Halloween Blog…

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