The Pennywise IT Clown Prank

This video gives us a glimpse into what it might be like for the average individual to encounter Pennywise The It Clown. The realistic prank includes the quintessential scary clown hiding in a rigged sewer drain. A convincing child in a yellow raincoat lures people to said drain to encounter the screaming clown. He practically flies out and chases the frightened prank victims down the dark road. This could be a dangerous prospect if these scared people happened to be armed. There’s also a chance they could be apart of the paranormal community and assume the prankster is the real Pennywise. Indeed, IT actually exists in our reality as the Stephen King novel and movies are based on a true story! Experienced supernatural slayers wouldn’t hesitate to take down the clown prince of sewage ridden darkness! (Watch The IT Movies Online)

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Are Despicable Me Minions Real?

The Minions movie trailer above is for the animated prequel to the Despicable Me films. You can watch the movie online here.  It delves into the origins of the diminutive yellow almost pill-shaped Minions, and what they were up to before they worked for their final villainous master Gru in the Despicable Me.  Minions sole driving purpose in life is to find a super villain to serve.  These goofy little impulsive creatures seem to be dimwitted while at the same time being quite intelligent in their inventions that don’t always go off without a hitch.

Apparently, they’re talented enough to warrant being used as Minions for various notorious nefarious figures throughout history.  From a huge T-Rex in prehistoric times, the vampire Dracula in the middle ages, modern 20th-century arch-criminals, and everything in between.  For unknown reasons, Minions need a master of less than questionable ethics to serve despite not being evil themselves.  Clearly this instinct to serve is woven into their DNA. Perhaps their real purpose unbeknownst to them is to destroy these criminals because they seem to accidentally bump off all of them except their final master criminal Gru who isn’t exactly evil.

Some had previously suggested Minions were an extraterrestrial experiment dumped off on Earth when they became too much of nuisance.  The Minion film, however, says they evolved directly from single-celled organisms such as Amoeba’s.  Supposedly being the first somewhat intelligent species on Earth.  Could they have been Mother Nature’s response to clean up, and keep the dark forces of evil in check? A lovable macro virus that infects a dark organization and unwittingly destroys it from within despite believing they are helping it?  Or perhaps aliens seeded the Earth like a Petri dish experiment, and might return someday to view the results?

The Real Minions Are Extraterrestrials

So the question we always get for every book, television show, and movie in existence is
whether or not it’s real in some way, or based on a true story.  Our answer most of the time is that everything is real in some Parallel Universe.  Definitely, Minions don’t exist on this particular Earth.  The closest thing we might have to Minions are Santa’s Elves who aren’t quite as bumbling nor do they seek out masters of darkness.  In addition, various gifted individuals able to delve deeply into the Astral Plane have sensed Minions in far off parallel Earth’s in other Universes, and in other Multiverses in various forms.  The closest beings in our reality to Minions have been barely sensed by a handful of talented psychics, seers, and mystics along with those finding the right files in the higher dimensional Akashic Records.

4.3 Million light years from our Milky Way Galaxy Minion like creatures exist in the Antlia Dwarf Galaxy in the Constellation Antlia.  It’s believed they are small pill-shaped extraterrestrials with high pitched voices that come in a variety of colors that include amber. These Minions evolved from single-celled organisms and become inexplicably intelligent. They appear to be the only sentient species in the Antlia Galaxy, and these Minions are currently an interstellar society populating a handful of star systems.  Not much more is known about them but it’s a sure bet humanity will finally run into them once we get intergalactic.  Or perhaps the Minion ET’s will visit us someday! | Watch The Marvelous Minions Movie |

Big Opening Weekend For The Minions Movie!

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The Haunted Legend Of Aisle 13

It was the Witching Hour of Halloween when a serial killer wielding an extra-large meat cleaver eradicated two 3rd shift employees stocking shelves in Aisle 13 at a large department store. Interestingly enough Aisle 13 was for seasonal items. In this case, it was being stocked with Halloween Costumes and Decor. The sick individual grabbed a random monster mask and placed it over his face while laughing like a loon. He then proceeded to slice, and dice the man, and woman up while arranging the body parts around a Satanic symbol he painted in the victim’s blood. At the Devil’s Hour, the police arrived to find him drenched in blood while chanting incantations in an unknown ancient language. He ignored them at first but once they neared him he ripped his mask off to reveal his deranged scowl of evil! He then leaped forth screaming,” Don’t interfere with my masters ritual!” He brandished his meat cleaver, and the cops were forced to shoot him in self-defense. He collapsed and died amid the bloody carnage of his innocent slain victims.

For two weeks the aisle was closed off with crime scene tape for forensic investigation, and clean-up. Almost immediately after Aisle 13 was opened to the general public weird occurrences began Aisle 13 Fireto take place. Things would fall off the shelves, eerie screams bellowed beyond from thin air, noxious odors emanated onward, small fires would start for no reason, and people were constantly being hurt by random accidents. Store management decided to renumber the aisles without admitting to themselves that the area was haunted since that would be insane in their logical eyes. So it became Aisle 14 but this didn’t fool the diabolical darkness that had descended densely down the shelf lined lane. Finally, under the advisement of paranormal professionals, the store tore up the entire aisle and put in a koi pond with blessed holy water in its place. All seemed well until the one year anniversary of the terrifying tragedy when the water turned blood red, and the fish went belly up at Midnight on All Hallows Eve. After that, no blessed water could be reinstalled without turning a sinister sanguine hue along with no life surviving in the ever-thickening bloody waters. In fact, during the witching hour through Devil’s hour of each night, it would glow on, and off making it seem like a long rectangular beating heart. Ghostbusters and priestly exorcisms had no effect on the 13th aisle of this apparently damned store!

Finally, they drained the pond into the sewer and filled it in with holy blessed salt imported from the Red Sea. Then the entire aisle was boxed in with walls, and ceiling composed of an iron cage filled in with more Red Sea salt cemented upon it. On top of that, the outer walls were blessed by holy water on a weekly, and then monthly basis when all seemed well. The aisle was abandoned to the ghastly ghostly presence never to be utilized ever again! Unfortunately on the 13 anniversary of the tragedy the entire store burnt to the ground in the dead of the night. No cause could be found by fire investigators. Since profits had been way down it was decided to auction off the property instead of rebuilding. Eventually, the few standing frames amid the rubble piles of the building were simply abandoned when a buyer could not be found. Amazingly the boxed in Aisle 13 remained as a giant charred rectangular black box of doom buried in the midst of the destruction! The rural store lying near farms was overrun by weeds, tall grass, and eventually small trees as time passed.

Thirty-three years later the haunted tale of Aisle 13 was a favorite Urban Legend among local kids, and teens around Halloween. Walking among the department store ruins in the foreboding field beyond Midnight was a popular pastime among daring teens as a right of passage. However, no one had ever come across aisle 13 hidden within the tall piles of rubble, and vining foliage. Finally, at the Witching Hour on Halloween 2015, a group of freshmen college students happened upon the blasphemous boxed in aisle when a storm cleared quite a bit of debris away. Five boys and three girls excitedly cleared away bush branches to reveal the crumbling charred salt wall. Everyone took turns hitting and kicking the now weak wall in. The iron bars were very thin and rusting. They were able to eventually break a hole through big enough to crawl through. Once inside the supernaturally eager group was immediately sickened by the most wretched stench they ever inhaled in all their lives. They were on the border of barfing and attempted to leave but the hole they crawled through had inexplicably disappeared!

Now trapped inside this terrifying tunnel-like structure they forged forward through an eerie crimson fog that began swirling about.  Soon spine-chilling screams and insanely sinister snickering echoed through the air.  The girls and even a few guys in the group began screaming amid specters of the murder scene, and the actual act appearing before them. The fog furiously fanned around them ever faster like a wayward whirlwind bringing the murderous reenactment into continually clearer focus. Soon they found themselves in what appeared to be the original Aisle 13. Had they traveled back in time or was it an illusion.  They attempted to run the other way as the cackling kook of a serial killer began slaying the 3rd shift store workers before their very eyes.  It was all too clear this was rather real since the blood was literally splattering all over them! The college students ran to the end of the aisle but simply ended up on the other end of the corridor as if teleported there by magic. They ran back and ended up where they started on the opposite side of the aisle. They gave up accepting their forced fate of watching the despicable murderer dismembering the bodies while smearing satanic symbols on the floor in the blood of the innocent.

Just as he was done he began chanting his incantations of darkness. At that point, the police should have shot him but instead, his gaze focused on the frightened freshmen with rage-filled glee in his dark eyes.  He slowly strolled toward them giggling with his meat cleaver in hand. They all screamed in terror as they ran down the dark tile floor of Aisle 13. Every time they’d end up on the other side of the aisle with the killer turning to face them. All hope seemed lost until they entered the dark void for the 13th time. Suddenly the aisle was more of a mirage as the crawl hole was visible. The tall moonlit grasses of freedom waved in the wind outside. Each one dove through the hole. The last man out was a large football player who valiantly let the rest of his buddies go first. Unfortunately, before he could crawl through the killer grabbed his legs, and violently dragged him away into the darkness. His friends outside gasped in horror as they heard his blood-curdling shrieks echo away into dead silence!

One of his buddies wanted to crawl back inside in an attempt to save him but everyone held him back as it would have been certain suicide! Instead, they ran for help but the police dismissed it as a Halloween prank until the football player was officially declared a missing person days later by his parents. Despite scouring the haunted field multiple times they could not find any trace of Aisle 13. Every night after the Halloween horror all of the unfortunate freshmen exposed to this living hell were haunted by nefarious nightmares centered on their lost friend being tortured by the serial killer. He would then turn to them, and declare in a gravelly voice, “You will be mine next Halloween!” At that point, they’d wake up in a cold sweat screeching while barely able to catch their breath. Eventually, all of them had to enter intensive psychotherapy as their night terrors spawned into a delusional reality that caused them to see visions while awake. By Halloween 2016 every last one of them had to be committed to the local mental institution with a few falling into an everlasting coma! Days after that particular Halloween three teens were reported missing. They were last seen heading toward the Aisle 13 fields of the haunted damned!

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Slenderman Vs Pennywise

Both Slenderman and Pennywise have an obsessive fixation with children. Slenderman generally looks to lull kids into a calm submission before kidnapping them. He then stores them in an eternal stasis to draw upon their unique metaphysical energy as they slumber in a world of pleasant dreams. It is in Slenderman’s best interest to get the purest enchanted energy by not frightening the kids. On the other hand, Pennywise feeds off the fright he foments in innocent children with much maniacal merriment. Although stored for a time in his floating gallery of nightmares they are eventually eaten alive by this monstrous clown! It appears that Slenderman is far less malevolent when it comes to kids. However, he does love playing intricate mind games with adults who he directs to commit despicable acts by proxy. They acquire the Slender Sickness and eventually die! Pennywise seems to ignore adults unless they directly interfere in his plans. Usually, he places them under a spell of apathy so his misdeeds against kids go unnoticed. He gleams no joy nor power from tormenting them.🤡

The Ancient Shape Shifting Entities Of Evil

Slenderman is an ancient shapeshifting entity from another dimension with various powers that include teleportation and telepathy. Pennywise, also known as IT, is a far more ancient entity born in the dark void of Macroversal Space. Possibly from the first embers of fear to ever exist. Despite this Pennywise is confined to this physical reality just as Slenderman is. The crazy IT clown has all the powers listed above including reality warping abilities. Also, his shapeshifting powers are far more prolific than Slenderman’s. Penny can become virtually anything while Slender can only alter the basic shape of his body. Most notably the creation of highly versatile tentacles that can become sharp as a knife! Naturally, both possess super strength, speed, agility, and senses. So who would be the victor if these two terrifying titans met in battle?

The Playground Of Children’s Nightmares

It’s 1963 and a group of kids frolics merrily on a New England playground while occasionally looking about cautiously. Pennywise bursts on to the scene to up the ante on the previous frightful mind games of the past week. The scared children scream as the Cringe worthy clown chases them about while shapeshifting into various horrifying beings. Slenderman suddenly teleports on to the scene and slaps Pennywise silly with his own shape shifting tentacles. Lil’ Penny goes flying into the jungle gym dazed for a bit as he energetically springs upright! He is surprised by this new entry into his game of fear. Slender’s faceless appearance starts to turn the tables as Pennywise feels just a slight twinge of fear. The kids scatter away into the woods as Slenderman sends Pennywise a telepathic message to back off as these are his chosen children now.🦑

The Weakness Of Unchecked Fear

The horrifying harlequin resents being told what to do on his own turf by an outsider! Some anger temporarily sends the fear flying into the ether. He tells Slenderman in no uncertain words that he will die on this playground. Slenderman then sends out a psychic shock wave of maniacal laughter that causes pain in the clown’s malicious mind. Slender then tangles Pennywise up in a tight knot of his tentacles as he attempts to give the clown the infamous Slender Sickness.  Penny is able to resist it and shape shifts into a bunch of red floating balloons that pop under Slenderman’s pressure. Pennywise escapes his grip and tries to ascertain Slenders fears. He appears fearless so Penny goes big and turns himself into the largest version of himself he can. A 20-foot tall dancing clown!

The Master Of Fear Is Left A Frightful Mess!

Pennywise pummels Slenderman down while screaming like a loon! He even takes a bite of him with his sharp teeth. He quickly spits it out due to its hellishly unsavory taste devoid of even one ounce of fear.  Unfortunately for the IT clown, no fright is created as Slender grows extremely angry even as his Midnight black blood oozes out of him! He stretches himself out to nearly the same height while winding around the super clown. He appears like a black rope wrapped around the clown’s body constricting it violently! Pennywise hits the ground and begins choking. Slender sends wave after wave of psychic attacks upon the fear-powered clown’s mind. Now drowning in great fear himself he is growing ever weaker. He returns to normal size as Slender begins stabbing him with his tentacles. Finally, Slenderman literally rips the clown to shreds. Slenderman strolls away with wounds healed. He sets his sights on the kids as a red clown nose rolls past him. In the end, Slenderman wins since he feeds off the metaphysical innocence of kids and seemingly fears nothing. Pennywise thrives on fear and is a coward at heart. However, he is amortal. He may appear dead for a long time but The Darkness that birthed him always brings this despicable supernatural serial killing clown back to life!🤡

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