What’s The Last Day To Eat Halloween Candy?

By the enchanted edict of supernatural law, and that of luck itself, the last day to eat Halloween candy is Thanksgiving Day. This is also the day to remove Halloween Decor as well. What if by some fantastical fluke you have such a marvelous monster load of luscious loot that you simply can’t finish it by then. At that point, you must donate the rest to charity, or give it to someone not related to you. Otherwise, you should chuck it in the crapper to avoid the specter of dark luck descending upon you. This happens courtesy of greedy gluttony building up a diabolical form of metaphysical energy. Beware for you can’t fool The Spirit Of Halloween! If you give it away to someone they can’t give it back to you in the guise of generosity.

Halloween Candy Is No Longer Hallowed After Thanksgiving!

This is the Spirit Of Halloween’s way of preventing its balanced purity from being compromised by those not respecting the holiday. An imbalance can easily weaken this force of good thereby nullifying the courageous efforts of those who fight against the forces of darkness. Some try to re-christen the candy as Thanksgiving or Christmas candy but we recommend not taking a chance! Heed this warning next Halloween, and allow the hallowed holiday of horror to end, and blend naturally into Thanksgiving! Happy Halloween And Thanksgiving To All!🍬

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