The Story Of Hallowmas

Hallowmas, otherwise known as All Saints Day, falls on November 1st. This holiday sees Saints and Angels hailing from Heaven with a mission to clean up the metaphysical messes of Halloween. It plays into the ultimate purpose of All Hallows Eve. That being to balance out the energy of light and darkness. Halloween sends out massive dark energy into the world courtesy of the demon-controlled Blood Moon and various practitioners of magic. The Angelic Saintly energies of enchantment radiating forth absorb some of this negative aura. Enough to aid in equalizing the forces of evil and good in order to keep chaos and stagnation at bay. A perfect paradise or hell can never exist without catastrophic results!

The final status of Hallowmas is seen in The Hallowmas Balancing Ceremony held by Halloween Queen Shala on Halloween Island. It occurs at the Witching Hour on All Souls Day Of The Dead! This is despite the fact that neither Angels nor Demons approve of Shala due to her being an Angel-Demon Hybrid. However, a number of Saints, who were once humans, aren’t as judgmental. In the end, there is cooperation for the greater good as they push back against the demonic and dark deity factions. Read More…

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