The Halloween Season Ends…

The once alarmingly active Halloween Fields lie in a cloak of dark silence devoid of any Trick-O-Treaters hunting for candy amid blasphemous beasts. The vampires, werewolves, zombies, dark witches, and an armada of monsters have vanished into the sinister shadows. They await a blanket of snow to seal their hibernation as a chilly breeze blasts forth thus signaling the start of the Christmas Season. Technically this is on November 3rd after All Souls Day Of The Dead. From there the two supernatural seasons magically mix.

Thanksgiving acts as the final transition between the two hallowed seasons of holiday magic. On this day one must let go of the Halloween Spirit and embrace that of The Spirit Of Christmas to prevent the specter of bad luck. This includes finishing off your Halloween Candy and taking down your All Hallows Decor. Fear not for the Spirit Of Halloween remains alive in a watchful dormancy as it rests in solitary contentment within the Halloween Fields. If you look carefully you can find the lone Jack-O-Lantern that is a macabre manifestation of that Spirit. It keeps the enchanted embers of Halloween hope burning softly throughout the cold nights of winter and the warmth of summer. The lanterns light illuminating forth again amid the spooky resurgence of Halloween 2023!🎃

The Reanimated Fields Of Halloween

Don’t worry…or maybe you should really worry? The fun frights and spooky sights will return in less than a year’s time as Autumn’s allure reappears…

The Christmas Fields

Santa Claus pays homage to Halloween by strolling through the Halloween Fields on his way to the Christmas Fields…🎄