Children Of Parallel Universe Fight Playground Zombies

The Brave Kids Of A Parallel Universe Fight Of Rabid Child Zombies In An Awesome Playground Battle.
The psychokinetic artist who drew this disturbing yet awesome image of children battling zombie kids on a playground from Hell actually witnessed this horror in real life.  He’s a master of Hyperchronokinesis which is the manipulation of 5-D hyperspace thereby allowing for travel to alternate realities.  This person fell asleep one Halloween night after watching various Zombie Films, an episode of The Walking Dead, and greeting trick or treating kids in gruesome costumes.  After eating too much candy his dreaming subconscious mind warped the space around him thereby sending the man to the horrific reality pictured above.  A Parallel Universe where a unique zombie virus simply finished off just about all adults, and teens on Earth while only turning young children into zombies.  Older kids were in borderline territory, and would sometimes transform into zombies when directly exposed to the zombification virus while others would keel over never to rise again.  10-12 years is the gray area of the voracious paranormal virus.

In addition, this particular strain of the zombie virus was so
lethal that it also eradicated most other adult supernatural beings.  Generally, the zombie virus has little to no effect on paranormal beings. So in this nightmarish reality, there are also a handful of child vampires, werewolves, witches, and those with psychokinetic powers, etc.  Unfortunately, some of the more powerful forces of good such as the Demi-Angel Santa Claus, or Queen Of Halloween Shala, didn’t appear to exist there.  In addition, higher dimensionals such as Angels, Demons, Jinn, Nature Gods, etc. were either locked out of that Universe, chose to not interfere to play out the mathematical probabilities, or were still adhering to The Supernatural Secrecy Pact despite only kids being left.  Very young kids usually can witness the world of the supernatural that is invisible to adults most of the time. Those with magical potential that actually know how to use it are rare.  The vampire children, especially second generation, end up being the most helpful in battling the living dead cannibalistic scourge! Regrettably, first generation vampire children are the only ones to be birthed into this world, and therefore will grow into adults which would be a death sentence!

Once on their own, these small brave kids grew tough out of necessity and began fighting back against the living dead menace on the planet of the zombie children.  Usually under the guidance of the oldest kids in any given group. They survived on a lawless paranormal Earth devoid of adults, and full of deadly chaos which included flesh-eating walking dead little tykes. Thankfully they stood a chance against zombies their own size for the most part. Despite their rugged survival skills learned in the pages of school books, since schools were usually their base of operations, most managed to find time to return to their innocent past of playing on the jungle gym, swings, and slides. Unfortunately, the kiddie zombies can smell them a mile away, and eventually make a beeline to them.  Then the children beat them off with bats, sticks, slingshots, bricks, etc.  Since they know their school’s playground like the back of their hand they have the home turf advantage along with being faster than zombies as well.  Although these child zombies move somewhat quicker than the average zombie we know of in our reality.

So the human kids navigate their playground with superior agility thereby confusing the zombies.  They also always carry some manner of weapon with them. Fortunately, there is still innocence left in these poor kids to an extent because they beat away the zombies most of the time rather than killing them. This usually makes these zombie kids cry, and they stagger away to look for easier prey. Clearly, these zombies aren’t completely mindless if they can be made to weep. This zombie mercy, unfortunately, keeps the living dead populace thriving! It doesn’t really matter because their numbers are too large for the limited humans left to make a difference anyway. Another interesting detail is the fact that everyone on this parallel Earth carries a latent form of the zombie virus in their blood since it rapidly saturated the environment.  Those who perish immediately turn into zombies.  However a benefit of this is the fact that the virus grants the human kids complete immortality, and they will live forever if they don’t fall prey to the zombie kids.

Of course, they are frozen in time as children forever while the zombie kids eventually decompose over the course of three years or so. So at some point in their future, all the zombies should be dead, and the human children will inherit the Earth.  Perhaps making it into their own playground paradise.  A point would probably come when some manner of higher dimensionals would reveal themselves since the kids are immortal.  Maybe Goddess Gaia Mother Earth would reveal The Paradise Plane. The paranormal Plane is an Earthly Afterlife Of Nature Deities & Animals. Certainly, it would be a wonderful fantasy playground for the children to live in forever!

Adorable Zombie Doll For Your Kiddies! LOL!

The brave hyperchronokinetic artist himself woke up confused in a field of tall grass.  Actually, he was in the exact spot his bed was in but in a parallel Universe where his house didn’t exist.  He rose up to see a school nearby and saw kids on the playground screaming & frolicking about. He entered the school building to gain some clue to where he was.  It was empty, and he happened upon the library where he learned about what had happened on that parallel Earth.  He then went outside to the playground, and that’s when he saw the horrifying yet mesmerizing vision of kids fighting child zombies.  His first instinct was to help out but he thought it wise to return to his own Universe before he risked further zombie virus exposure. He mentally concentrated on his home Universe, and this nightmare of the wayward world faded around him as he returned to our Universe of only isolated zombie outbreaks containing mostly adults.  The type we here at Mystic Investigations fight in order to keep you safe from a full-blown zombie pandemic apocalypse!

PS: The Artist sought out a local witch who gave him a clean bill of health. He thankfully didn’t acquire the zombie virus while there.  He could have potentially been Patient Zero who set off a global child zombie apocalypse on our planet!

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